Practicing For the World Am
By Kickntrue on 8/12/08 will be represented at the World Amateur Handicap Championships in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, from August 25-29. Due to a scheduling conflict, Kevin and I couldn't go so we found the next best thing. John McDowell operates Rocky Spring Golf Course in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and he has agreed to make the trip down to Myrtle Beach on our behalf and log reports of all the going-ons.


On my return trip from vacation in Myrtle Beach in July I got the call from Matt Snyder, OOBGolf contributor and purveyor of fine cigars, asking if I would want to take a trip back down to Myrtle. My initial thought was that Matt was planning a dude outing at the Golf Capital of the United States. After listening to his reply to my question of "what for?", I knew this was not just another man outing. He wanted me to represent OOBGolf at the World Amateur Handicap Championship Tournament that takes place in Myrtle Beach each year during the last week of August. Obviously, I needed more details, but my initial thought after telling me I get to play four rounds of golf on some of the most famous tracks in the world on the Grand Strand was a resounding "yes, I'll do it!" The only problem was making sure the "BOSS" was on board with the idea. Now I am not a very serious golfer, and I think some of that stems from owning and operating a golf course for the last seven years. On my day off, I don't really want to be at a golf course, so my rounds are limited each year and my playing ability is even more limited. Scrambles and the occasional round of golf are dotted throughout the calendar each summer. I enjoy the one or two good drives I have and the one or two smoothed irons I hit each round, but what it is really about for me is the layout and setup of the course itself.

After giving the "BOSS" the sales pitch, the first words out of her mouth were "that sounds like a really great opportunity and my initial reaction is to go for it." My initial reaction to her statement I can only sum up with a Defense Department quote of "Shock and Awe." So now it is time to get serious about the game, cause God knows I can't go down there and embarrass myself let alone OOBGolf and all its members. In the weeks since agreeing to participate I have found myself behind the counter at the golf course practicing my putting stroke, reviewing the scorecard to see how I would strategically attack each hole, and last but not least, shopping for outfits. I have been putting together an outfit for each day. Hats, shoes, socks, slacks and shirts have become more important than practicing with that darn 60* wedge I can't hit. I have two full weeks left to work on the game, but for now I am just happy to finally have all my outfits ready to go so I can move on to the less important things like hitting a solid 5 iron. Advice I received from a friend about 10 years ago while playing football in college went something like this "If you look good, you feel good, you play good." Right now I hope those words of advice ring true because those outfits are 'off the hook.' We'll see!!

Here is a sneak peak out the gear. You can't see the "oobgolf" logos but they are there!

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klangdon says:
Good luck john, looks like it will be a lot of fun.
Kickntrue says:
yah- Kevin and I are going to be in Vegas- but I think I'm more jealous of you. Wish we were playing!
ToddRobb says:
How do I sign up to represent oobgolf next year???
furrier says:
"Outfits"? Dude, guys wear "clothes", not "outfits". :)
TaylorFade says:
Look good, feel good, play good. I like it. I'm more of the be comfortable, play good school though.

What's your handicap? It's always like an 11 that wins this thing. Is there anyway to follow this live or will we be getting updates or what?
wcu42 says:
Kevin and Andrew...Vegas vs. Golf, tough call for me, but I know I would leave Vegas a lot POORER!! ToddRobb....I think they are taking BIDS as we speak to represent OOB next year. Actually, if all works out I think this would be a great way to run a "what would you do?" to represent OOB in 2009 essay contest! Furrier...great point about the "outfits" vs. "clothes" thing, but shouldn't you be on the practice range rather than surfing OOB....with a 120.4 average score and all! Bravo to you for counting EVERY stroke and playing the game as it was meant to be played. TaylorFade...Glad you like the me, I told OOB I would pick my own shirts and hats etc. so I made sure I was comfortable. My official handicap for the tournament at this point is 24.1 Index and I will be updateing OOB each week leading to the tournament as well as each day during the tournament.
Eddy Whitaker says:
next time you need someone to go..i'd love to go
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