Practice... Coming Slowly
By Kickntrue on 8/24/08 will be represented at the World Amateur Handicap Championships in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, from August 25-29. Due to a scheduling conflict, Kevin and I couldn't go so we found the next best thing. John McDowell operates Rocky Spring Golf Course in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and he has agreed to make the trip down to Myrtle Beach on our behalf and log reports of all the going-ons.


Well, I haven't gotten as much practice in the last week as I'd hoped. I'm still working on the short stick with a little luck in the accuracy category but lots of issues still with the speed category. I figured if I concentrated heavily on the putting I could realistically take 5-10 strokes off my score per round, which would be huge for me. The only problem is the World Am has already taken 6 strokes off my index which has reduced it to an 18. Thanks a million!!! The reasoning behind the reduction centered on my lack of tournament play and my lack of rounds in the last calendar year. All in all - I am just happy to be participating and representing oobgolf next week.

My course assignments were posted at the beginning of this week. As I was looking over them I recognized two of the four as having been courses I played before. The other two will be new experiences. On Monday my round begins an hour north of Myrtle Beach at Brick Landing in Ocean Isle. This course has been rated one of the bottom 5 in the area for the last number of years. Sounds like it will be a chore finding a good lie, even in the fairway. Tuesday I tee it up at Myrtle Beach National - Southcreek, a course I played about a year ago. A decent track but it wouldn't make it in the top 100 in the northeast. I'm looking forward to Wednesday's round at Barefoot - Dye. It's not one of the top two at Barefoot Resort, but definitely a top-notch links-style course by anyone's measure. The Gary Player designed Blackmoor Course will be the bookend on a week of golf Thursday morning. I remember the greens at this course being huge and fairly flat, with shot making at a premium from the green. If I am lucky enough to play in the championship flight Friday we will tee it up at one of the nicest and highly rated courses in the nation, Dunes Resort & Country Club. I won't extend my hotel reservation just yet.

I will update the OOB faithful Sunday after check-in and registration, until then I will get back to keeping that short stick in my fingers and focusing on the shoulders as a pendulum. I'm getting tired of walking to the other end of the room to retrieve my golf balls, if I start making them, the directions said the machine would return them to me!

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M.Nugent says:
Cool. Have some good rounds and do not hit any O.O.B
danielsbradley says:
My first game of golf was last year on Labor Day weekend. With a blazing 38 over I started this journey. I am now a 10.8 over and that came mostly from the short game. Don't over think it. If the hole was two feet in diamater we could hit it 9 out of 10 times. So why do we ever have more than a two foot putt to finish? Do your pre-shot routine, look at the hole once, pull the trigger and stay down till you hear it drop!!!!! Best of luck!!!!!
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