Monday: An International Affair
By Kickntrue on 8/25/08 is being represented at the World Amateur Handicap Championships in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, from August 25-29. Due to a scheduling conflict, Kevin and I couldn't go so we found the next best thing. John McDowell operates Rocky Spring Golf Course in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and he has agreed to make the trip down to Myrtle Beach on our behalf and log reports of all the going-ons.

Monday: An International Affair

Arriving at Brick Landing I exited the rental to the high pitched "ting" of about 60 guys hitting balls on the driving range. There were two or three on the practice green which is where I headed after checking in. After tapping a few putts I moved to the cart and prepared for the 1st of 4 rounds.

At the first tee the foursome greeted one another. Dodd Brook from Virginia was riding in a cart with Victor Arena from Argentina. I was riding with Gabriele Porcari of Italy. Neither International player spoke English so Dodd and I tried to communication with gestures and facial expressions which worked about 10% of the time. Heavy rain started pelting us on our third hole and lasted for four holes. We got a break from the elements for a bout six holes and then the skies opened up again for our finishing holes.

We played from the championship tees which measured 6581 yards with a course and slope rating of 71.1 and 133, respectively. Twelve of the eighteen holes had some form of water (l'acqua in Italian) come into play. The course itself is a demanding layout and is very tight. From the tee to green the course is in average condition but the greens themselves leave a lot to be desired. There were several greens with areas that had no grass and several that had been over seeded recently and had a couple lines of sprouts emerging. The driver stayed in the bag all day long. The 3 wood was hit one time and most of the irons were hit several times other than the 3 iron. The two hybrid was used off every tee except the par 3's. All in all, with the rain and demanding shot making and less than stellar greens, I was happy with my round of 95. My playing partners shot a 94, 103 and 133 respectively. I'm looking forward to second round action at Myrtle Beach National, Southcreek tomorrow morning. For now we are heading down to the World's Largest 19th Tee to eat and see if I can't line a playing partner for tomorrow, from let's say, Lithuanian.

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possingk says:
Great round, sounds like a great time. Hope it continues for you.
TaylorFade says:
Holy crap. 133? That's a long day. I like the conservative approach, but sooner or later you are going to have to hit driver. Especially in the rain where it wouldn't roll into too much trouble and you could use the extra carry.
Snyper says:
Good work JMac! Solid first round and excellent approach. Stay with it and stay smart. How'd the putter treat ya?
enviroman22 says:
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