World Am Buildup
By Kickntrue on 8/31/09
The World Am Handicap Championships start today. We'll have reports all week from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Unfortunately, Kevin and I had something come up last minute so we had to give up our spots (BRUTAL). Fortunately our winner from earlier this year, Jeff Brittain has agreed to send us his thoughts and updates along the way.

Here are Jeff's thoughts as he prepares to tee off today.

GPS programmed...check
Golf balls marked...check
Shoes cleaned...check
Golf bag prepped...check
Clubs cleaned...check
Golfer ready...check
Golfer nervous...double check!

So, I'm standing on the 1st tee last weekend, preparing to tee off for my club championship. I can barely tee the ball up because I'm so jacked up inside. I pause, grab the ball with both hands, tee it up and proceed to birdie the first hole. I'm thinking..."Yeah can't birdie them all, unless you birdie the first hole!" EIGHTY SEVEN shots later, I tap in on 18, mentally exhausted and scarily enough, tied for 4th place in my flight, with a 91. That round was infamous due to a 10 I took on a par 4, complete with a sweet double hit. "Real nice, Clark...really nice." Holy in the world can I compete in the World-Am if I can't even play 9 other guys at my club?!?!

Day two rolls around and I light up the front with a nice 46. The last nine of the event, I ask my playing partners if they'd like to play for something on the side. We agree on skins and I proceed to shoot a 39 and take their money! The WAHC strategy has been discovered!!! I was so focused on playing 9 guys that I couldn't even focus on the guys I was playing against. So, I'm hoping to roll up on the 1st tee, ask the guys if they want to play for something and let the games begin. Based on what I read from last year's tourney...I may need an interpreter!

So, tournament strategy in hand, off I go on Sunday to represent OOBGOLF in the World-Am. I've completed all the pre-tourney webinars, forms and requirements. Yes...a webinar...on the rules of golf. Now...that was an interesting thing. Totally has me freaked out about drops, hazards, declaring provisionals and lost balls. I encourage you to go to their website and watch that 75 minute webinar. ( I've been doing a lot of drops the wrong way. As have many of the people I play with. Already, this has been worth it!

My best friend, Garland Hall, will be accompanying me down there. I offered the trip up to my wife and kids to join me, but school starting interfered with that. Garland's an OOBGOLF'er who's going down to hone in his game at a 3-day clinic thru Grande Dunes Resort. I'm going to mooch off of him for golf tips each day!

The outfits are planned, the courses have been assigned and the suitcases are almost packed. The only thing left to do is bang some balls before Monday morning and make the trip to Myrtle Beach. I was placed in the 5th flight (7.5 to 8.4 handicap). I'll be playing Waterway Hills, Farmstead, Legends: Moorland & True Blue Plantation. And then hopefully, The Dunes on Friday for the championship! Honestly, I just want to go and represent OOBGOLF in the best way and have a respectable finish. I have a vision of this thing being 7.5-8.4's who shoot scratch. Unfortunately, that's not me! But, it'll be a blast either way.

I'll keep everyone posted as the events unfold. My scores will be on my profile, daily. (jeffbnva) Thanks again to Andrew and Kevin for putting on the contest which is allowing me to attend. Also, thanks to them for having the best darn golf website on the internet!

Let the games begin and bring on the 19th hole!!!

World Am Handicap Championship Home

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Banker85 says:
good luck! one day i will do this I cant wait............
greendevil says:
Good luck and have fun Jeff.
revhawks says:
good luck bro-in-law. Hoping you light it up, great blog btw.
Captain Selly says:
Big Head Todd say "You da man JB"! Play well bud!
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