World Am Day 1 - Brutal
By Kickntrue on 8/31/09
From oob'er Jeff Brittain at the World Am; Here is todayGÇÖs update... brutal, is the key word.

Ok fellow OOBGOLFGÇÖers... remember all that talk about strategy? Well... scratch that when itGÇÖs a torrential downpour! Good Golly...

My buddy and I arrived yesterday at MartinGÇÖs PGA Super Store and registered, got the freebies and then checked in the hotel. Knowing we both had a long day of golf ahead, we hit some balls, ate a nice dinner and chilled out for the evening. A good nightGÇÖs rest would be the competitive advantage, right? I mean, cGÇÖmon... 3100 guys and 100 gals, at Myrtle Beach, for a golf event... surely most of them would be out late?

As I lay my head on the pillow, the storms roll in! I start to run through my mental checklist... rain gear? Check. New grips? Check. Rain game? Not on your life... I go to sleep, hoping that itGÇÖll be nice and sunny when I wake up. Well... that was a dream.

My best friend headed to his golf clinic and I headed to the course. After debriefing with him today, he said the proGÇÖs first words were...GÇ¥I can see why youGÇÖre frustrated...GÇ¥ Hilarious! But, heGÇÖs on the road to recovery.

I got to my first course today, Waterway Hills, in the middle of a nice thunder storm. It was POURING rain. They started lining them up two-by-two I think while we were getting shuttled to our carts. After a nice delay, we teeGÇÖd off in a total down pour. NICE. The great equalizer... I may have a shot at this! Once again, having a strategy is one thing... executing a strategy is another! I draw a great pair of guys to play with today. I played with Larry from Virginia and Tom from Delaware. Everyone I met today was great. After all, weGÇÖre playing golf in the rain. WeGÇÖre all in this together!

We head to the 1st hole and I start the event with a sweet triple-bogey. I never really recovered. I had my share of pars, bogey and doubles as well. I ended the day with an 89. My partners had an 86 & 87. So, I donGÇÖt think IGÇÖm in last place! IGÇÖm looking forward to the 19th hole tonight to see where I stand.

I was the only 1st timer that I came across today. Most of the people have been here 4+ times. That speaks for itself. This is an awesome event and I encourage anyone whoGÇÖs on the fence to sign up in 2010. ItGÇÖs very well organized, the folks are friendly and the competition is a blast.

TomorrowGÇÖs course is up in NC. Farmstead.

GIDDY UP! Stay tuned...

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Kickntrue says:
3100 guys and 100 females? Sounds like a Cougar's dream.
PingRhoda says:
lol @ Kickntrue. I wish the bankaccount would've supported me going this year. Oh well. Maybe next year
H2Okie says:
Look at you Mr. Brittain. Once again, your welcome for promoting your addiction here.
Glen Morris says:
Shake n bake!! You write as good as you golf!
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