World Am Day 2 - The Love Of The Game
By Kickntrue on 9/1/09
From oob'er Jeff Brittain at the World Am; Here is todayGÇÖs update... Rock Bottom.

Well sports fans, it seems IGÇÖve hit rock bottom and IGÇÖve started to dig! Here are a couple of swing thoughts I had todayGǪ

GÇ£DonGÇÖt shank it againGǪGÇ¥
GÇ£For HeavenGÇÖs sakeGǪdonGÇÖt top it hereGǪGÇ¥
GÇ£I wonder how many times I can knock it short and suck it back?GÇ¥
GÇ£Does this visor make my head look fat?GÇ¥
GÇ£What in the heck am I going to do on the Dye course tomorrow?GÇ¥
GÇ£Anyone want to buy a Nike driver?GÇ¥
GÇ£If I double bogey this hole, will I be in last place?GÇ¥
GÇ£Are we there yet, daddy?GÇ¥

WOWGǪI have a new respect for those who play seriously competitive golf. ItGÇÖs definitely not the Saturday morning round at the club! I donGÇÖt say that because of the people IGÇÖm playing with, the staff of the World Am or the kind folks operating the courses. ItGÇÖs purely because I have a severe deficiency in confidence when something bigGÇÖs on the line! IGÇÖm a real mental giantGǪnot.

Anyways, no more chatter about the super sweet 94 I shot todayGǪIGÇÖd prefer to fill you in on how cool the 19th hole was last night! IGÇÖve figured out that golf is the excuse for the all-out, all you could ever want, 19th hole at the convention center! Is too much of a good thing, bad? If so, there was a lot of GÇ£badGÇ¥ last night! I canGÇÖt even do the event justice by description, but trust meGǪall the food, drinks, music, golf gear, on-stage shows and demo clubs that you could ever want. All coupled with 6500 people who are there under the common bond of the love for the game. It was like watching a huge family reunion. I even ran into people from my hometown, 3 home towns ago, that I havenGÇÖt seen in 20 years!

NowGǪdonGÇÖt get me wrongGǪitGÇÖs not an all-out, golfers-gone-wild event. Depending on your age demographic, you may or may not be disappointed. Nonetheless, regardless of age, it was a blast. And, itGÇÖs groundhog night for the next three nights! Different bands, presenters, golf GÇ£starsGÇ¥ and food each night.

TomorrowGÇÖs a new day. One hole at a time, one shot at a time. ANDGǪthe driverGÇÖs going to GÇ£time outGÇ¥ In my trunk the rest of the week! The Legends-Moorland, Pete Dye design awaits flights 5 and 6 tomorrow morning! GAME ON.


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Kickntrue says:
Great post... despite your play. I heard from an oober who went last year how much the competition changes everything!
revhawks says:
hang in there uncle J. Love the post.
greendevil says:
Great post; I thoroughly enjoy reading Jeff's updates on a daily basis.

I, for one, love competitive golf. This year was the first year I've been in a golf league; and I loved the competitive nature of the league. Now, when playing a non-league round, I just don't seem to have the same fire and focus as I do when play competitively. Though, I don't know how I'd perform under the pressures of a huge tournament like Jeff is experiencing, but I would love to find out one day.
Glen Morris says:
Time to man up.
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