World Am Day 3 - Going Green
By Kickntrue on 9/2/09
From oob'er Jeff Brittain at the World Am; Here is todayGÇÖs update... Going Green.

WellGǪafter beating myself up for yesterdayGÇÖs round of 94, I went to sleep worried about how in the heck I could even manage myself around a Pete Dye course at Legends: Moorland??? Day 2GÇÖs round was like the football coach who saidGǪGÇ¥WellGǪwe couldnGÇÖt block. So, we made up for that by not tackling!GÇ¥ So, my version was that I couldnGÇÖt drive, so I made up for that by not chippingGǪor putting. With all those thoughts rummaging through my head, I woke up this morning and decided to go green all day. YEPGǪteeGÇÖd off with the HYBRID all day. Course management was the name of the game. Especially on a Dye design.

Once againGǪhaving a strategy is one thingGǪEXECUTING that strategy is another. I did great at the GÇ£save the planetGÇ¥ tee ball. But, putting on greens that looks like a Volkswagen burial ground is another. I managed to hit all my fairways and most of my greens on the par 3GÇÖs. BUTGǪthe putting killed me. All that theory culminated with an 89 today. I achieved the goal of not breaking 100! GÇ£So, IGÇÖve got that going for meGǪwhich is nice. GÇ£ Had Mr. SUMO driver been in play, Mr. Century Club would have probably been a reality.

Enough pontification about my round! Today also marked the graduation ceremony for my best buddyGÇÖs golf school at Grande Dunes. He met me at my course after I was done and we set out for a second round. Nice and relaxed, with no stress of rules violations, four letter words, or the weight of the World-AM on my back, I managed to shoot an 80, with FIVE 3-putts. Where was this guy SIX hours ago??? (no comment on the long roundsGǪ) Took $5 off of my buddy who had all the knowledge and we wrapped up the day with some great sushi!

There are so many elements to the WAHC that you just canGÇÖt grasp until you experience it first-hand. ItGÇÖs like golfing with your buddies and a U.N. contingency. Yesterday, I played with Italy and today was Germany. ItGÇÖs really neat to meet someone who you can barely communicate with but have the common bonds of pureGÇÖd drives, shanked 8-irons and grateful 3-putts. ItGÇÖs spending 6 hours with people who are all there to cheer each other on, help find balls, lift you up when the shank-o-pottomous rears itGÇÖs ugly head and removing your hat, shaking hands and smiling on the 18th green, which makes this such a cool event.

The 19th hole last night was even better than the night before. The stories that are being told will make you bend over crying with laughter. I came across one guy I had met the day before. He told me about going out a bit TOO LATE the night before. He filled me in on the GÇ£morning effectsGÇ¥ of the night before on the ride to the course and how he was so out of it on the first hole that he mistook a hazard flag (black/yellow checker board) as the flag on the green, looked at his yardage marker (175 yards to the green) and proceeded to launch his 6 iron into the drink. His responseGǪGÇ¥I donGÇÖt think this yardage marker is rightGǪthat green looks a lot closer than that to meGǪGÇ¥ HILARIOUS!!! IGÇÖm sure there are 100GÇÖs of stories like that.

WellGǪtime to wrap it upGǪtomorrowGÇÖs a new day and IGÇÖm on the fence about going green again. WeGÇÖll see how it plays out! IGÇÖm playing True Blue at PawleyGÇÖs Island. IGÇÖm looking forward to it. I hope to GO LOW!

Stay tuned!

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Kickntrue says:
MAN... I wish i was there...
PingRhoda says:
@Kickntrue. You and me both. Sounds like a great time
revhawks says:
lovin the post uncle J.
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