World Am Day 4- It's Over
By Kickntrue on 9/3/09
From oob'er Jeff Brittain at the World Am; Here is todayGÇÖs update... It Aint Over Till It's Over.

WellGǪitGÇÖs over! 72 holes of grinding out pars, bogeys, dubs and trips has come to an end. And today, I did a lot of grinding! While yesterday may have been the day of going green, today was the day of forgetting what that did for me! Mean old Mr. Ego reared his head today and the driver came back out after a one round GÇ£time out.GÇ¥ Fortunately, it didnGÇÖt do me wrong too many times. I ended up with another 89 today. IGÇÖm not necessarily depressed about that. It just proves IGÇÖm consistent! AndGǪnot consistent in a manner IGÇÖd like to be! I shot 89, 94, 89, 89. I know IGÇÖm not last in the flight, thatGÇÖs what counts for the first year.

I was thinking about the preconceived notions that I had about the World-Am and how wrong I was. Before coming down here, I really thought this was going to be a tourney where someone whoGÇÖs an 8 handicap will shoot 73GÇÖs all day. Surprisingly, thereGÇÖs nothing further from the truth about that. The bottom line about the flighting is that if you can shoot your handicap, youGÇÖll win. The problem isGǪshooting your handicap!

A few thoughts about your GÇ£handicap.GÇ¥ Granted, we all have our own handicaps, but IGÇÖm talking about your GOLF handicap! HereGÇÖs where the great equalizer comes in for this eventGǪIf you keep a USGA handicap, depending on your index, you can only take doubles, or triples, etc on your scorecard. WellGǪthat doesnGÇÖt fly here! So, some holes where I would have done only a double, IGÇÖd take a triple here. And, everyone (or mostly everyone) will hack up a few holes per round. The key is which holes and how much hacking. I thought IGÇÖd heard a lotGǪbut today I heard of a 14GǪon a par 3!!! It was Tin Cup, played out at the WAHC! GÇ£Ball meGǪGǪ.Ball meGǪGǪBall meGǪGǪGÇ¥ And, you learn not to make fun of it because it could be you on the next hole. And was, for some. I had my share of the big digit scores.

I learned a lot from last year's articles and I want to thank John McDowell for his commentary. It was right-on. If youGÇÖre considering. doing this next year, here are a few things IGÇÖd addGǪ
1) Consider staying at the Sheraton. ItGÇÖs a really nice hotel and itGÇÖs sweet to be able to walk downstairs to the 19th hole! Plus, itGÇÖs very convenient to the ocean (3 blocks) and Broadway at the Beach (4 blocks).

2) Come a few days early and play practice rounds on your courses. YouGÇÖre unable to do that during the tourney. As in, being done at one course and heading to the next dayGÇÖs course to do an afternoon 18. Where I played, it would have been very nice to have seen the course. Lots of blind shots, waste areas and nicely hidden ponds all over the place.

3) Soak up the 19th hole. YeahGǪthe lines are long for the FREE food and drink, but the camaraderie, exhibitions, demo tents and main stage activities are well worth it. IGÇÖm looking forward to the last night down there tonight.

4) Spend some time with the internationals. When are you ever going to get a chance to play with someone from another country? AndGǪnot just play, but make friends with and probably see again at next yearGÇÖs event.

5) BRING LOTS OF CASH! ItGÇÖs a good thing that IGÇÖm already broke from buying all the gadgets, clothes, clubs, bags, etcGǪbecause the 19th hole is a MONEY MACHINE for the PGA Superstore. ItGÇÖs amazing how much money people are spending in there, buying clubs they hit 30GÇÖ into a netGǪBut, whatever works! IGÇÖve done it before too!
IGÇÖve created a WAHC group on I thought it would be cool to keep in touch with everyone throughout the year and anticipate the next yearGÇÖs event. Feel free to join up! The link is here:

Lastly, and most importantly, IGÇÖd like to thank Andrew and Kevin for drawing my name out of that hat! IGÇÖve been hooked on the website for a LONG time and you guys do an awesome job. I tell everyone I know about the website and look forward to putting my score in after every round! Those guys, and everyone else who contributes to the content, work hard and it shows. Thanks again for the opportunity to attend this event. ItGÇÖs going to be on my calendar every year going forward! Hopefully, next year you guys can join us and we can have an OOBGOLF party! Thanks for letting my share my thoughts about the event. IGÇÖve enjoyed it.

See you guys next year!

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greendevil says:
Thanks for the daily updates Jeff; I've enjoyed reading your posts each day.
Banker85 says:
i too have enjoyed your posts. i think i am going to start a savings account so i can go to this in the near future.
bducharm says:
You are definitely correct - tournament golf is MUCH different than "regular golf". We have a young guy at my club that will come out and win some skins during our Friday afternoon rounds. He decided to challenge us "old guys" this year in the club championship. Suffice to say he got his comeuppance!!! I beat him by 20 shots over 3 rounds...
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