Handicap Webinar by World Am Handicap Championship
By Kickntrue on 7/8/10
Do you want to know how to spot a sandbagger or why your handicap goes up even when you shot your best score ever? The World Am Handicap Championship is here to help. They'll be putting on a free webinar next Thursday, July 15th at 4pm EST to answer any questions you may have about the USGA handicapping process. Look at it this way- you'll get to learn AND you can skip work time to do it. Is that unethical? That's a good question to ask, because really, isn't golf and the USGA all about ethics?!

Also- if you haven't signed up yet to win a trip to this year's World Am Handicap Championship... what are you thinking?! It's worth over $1000 (entry, flight, hotel and rental car) and if you want I'll call your boss personally and tell them you can't make it in for a week. Sign Up For That HERE!

Webinar Info - July 15th, 4pm EST

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rmumph1 says:
I will hold you to that last comment, and also can you call my wife?
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