Winner Chris Mears!
World Am Handicap Winner!
By Kickntrue on 7/21/10
We have a winner for the free trip giveaway to the World Am Handicap Championship in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina next month.

Christopher Mears... come on down!!! No seriously, come on down. I can't get in touch with you (though I do have a good lead) and you're missing out on a prize package worth well over $1000! Check your oob private message box for my phone number and email address!!

I spoke with Chris and he is PUMPED (as he should be) about his prize worth well over $1000!!

I know a couple of you were waiting to see if you won before buying your entry and hotels- so I'd suggest doing so now. Kevin and I will be there, along with Christopher and we're looking forward to a great week. 4 days of golf, sun and relaxation at the World's Largest 19th Hole! Kevin and I may even buy beers for any oober we see (unless there are hundreds of us, in which case we'll play credit card roulette). I think there may be a couple forum threads started if you're interested in splitting costs with others going.

Thanks to the World Am for providing the amazing prize package which includes airfare, hotel accommodations, a rental car and of course entry into the event!

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GolfSmith7 says:
Bummer not even for my wedding present, lol congrats Christopher!
Mandelbaum! says:
How long until a legal name change goes through? I could be Chris Mears by tomorrow, I bet.
Kickntrue says:
@the natural 79 - you go to that length... and we may have to send you!! (legal disclaimer- not really) :)
bducharm says:
Maybe, just maybe Mr. Mears will not be able to go - we can always wish!!!
sepfeiff says:
That is really cool, great job OOB! Congrats to the winnerd.
mjaber says:
You guys will be golfing, and I'll be a dad... I think I win :)

Have fun
bducharm says:
@mjaber - no doubt!!! Congrats...
Snuffy1 says:
Thanks everyone. I can't believe it!!!!
N-THE-RUFF says:
I knew I wouldn't win, so I registered early! Hope to meet some OOBers.
N-THE-RUFF (alias=Charles Freeland)
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