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Day 1 At The World Am
By Kickntrue on 8/30/10
Well- the golf portion of the World Am Handicap Championship is in the books. If you think my day is over- you've never heard of the world's largest 19th hole! Free booze (rumor is includes top shelf liquor) and food from top local restaurants. Even Dave Pelz is here and will hit the stage in a couple hours. I'm actually pretty pumped- and hope everyone in my flight will try to take tips from his talk and try to implement them tomorrow, completely collapsing their games!!! Juuuuuuust kidding. I' not that devious.

I've heard a lot of stories about the World Am now that first round is in the books I feel comfortable saying it lives up to all the hype! Sure- I only played so-so but my playing partners were the real story of my day. One guy owns/operates a Panera Bread in Charlotte, North Carolina. Decent golfer (huge drives) and very good company. Still- he held nothing to the other guy in my group. A Filipino man who spent most of his life in the diamond mines of West Africa who decided he needed a new business as his family was being captured and bombed out of the mines. He now runs a beach-front resort in the Philippines. VERY interesting guy- and the whole tournament has a very International flair.

I won't give you the details of my round- though my stats will tell the story. I tried to play super smart and conservative and it bit me in the butt. My driver was good all day by my Hybrid and irons betrayed me. Oh well- there's a tomorrow! Anyway- I'd love sit and and tell you all about it- but I'm off for more adventures. I'll try to do a longer post tomorrow.

Check out the links below- which include some other scores from oobers down here as well as BirdieXris' forum posts and photos from the trip so far.

BirdieXris Forum Thread
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Kickntrue's Score
BirdieXris' Score
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Clint24 says:
Sounds like its a lot of fun. Good luck the rest of the week!
DougE says:
Hey, don't sell yourself short. For the first round of a big tourney I think your score was pretty damn good. 78 playing to an 8 handicap is very respectable. Kudos BirdieXris!
TeT says:
Kickntrue, you only had one Sh|t colored box and you beat your scoring average on an unfamiliar course; looks good to me. If you need a little extra edge you could send me one of those hats and golf towels pictured above; not exactly sure how that will help you, but I figure its the thought that counts....
mjaber says:
Are any of you going to be playing Farmstead Golf links? I just read on that it has a par6, 767-yard finishing hole.
mschad says:
Sounds like a blast. I would be proud of that score because I know I would be very nervous. Question though.... are those hats and towels going to be available to buy? I would love to have them. Have a great week!
TeT says:
I think they are going to give one to all OOB subscribers, nudge nudge hint hint ...
new2golf says:
Great stuff. I wish I could be there!!
vja430 says:
Can I have one of the towels....
svj says:
you guys down there going to get it all in before earl???
windowsurfer says:
Although I prefer to earn a hat the old fashioned way - by WINNING it - I would consider buying a sporty oobgolf hat, if you sold'em.
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