My World Am Preview
By mustang6560 on 8/29/11
Welcome to the start of the 2011 World Handicap Championship! Yours truly, mustang6560 and kickntrue, are in Myrtle Beach all week covering the action from the earliest AM to the latest PM. There is golf to play, people to meet and fun to be had and we are excited to be representing oobgolf at the World Am.

I have been looking forward to the World Am since February. As a preview for the week, I thought I'd share with you a few of the things I'm excited about this week. We'll post daily wrapups so make sure you check back each day to read about our experience. For now, enjoy my preview.

What I'm Looking Forward To This Week At The World Am

  • Experiencing the World Am: I am grateful Andrew is giving me the opportunity to represent oobgolf at the World Am. Ever since he got back from Myrtle Beach last year, I've (not so) subtly hinted at my desire to go because the World Am offers competitive handicap golfers an unique golfing experience. Yes, we will be golfing by day and mingling by night, but we will be working from Myrtle Beach. We will be covering all of the action from World Am to make those of you who aren't attending wish you were.

  • Getting to know some of my fellow oobgolfers: I've contributed to oobgolf for over a year now, but I've really enjoyed getting to know all of the regulars since Andrew hired me to manage the site full time in February. I've learned a lot personally and professional since then and I look forward to meeting the faces behind the usernames this week at the World Am.

  • Playing top notch golf courses: Andrew and I are playing in the 10th Division of the Men's 49 and Under Flight, which will include handicaps between 12.0 and 12.9. We are playing Indian Wells Golf Club, the Heritage Golf Club, the Moorland Course at the Legends Resort and Heather Glen Golf Links. I am excited to play each course because all four courses are recognized for being some of the top courses in South Carolina and in the United States. I think it's safe to say these four courses could be the nicest courses I've played in my life.

  • Meeting new people: The World Am attracts over 3,000 amateur golfers from around the world each year and I'm excited to get to know as many of them as possible. In general, golfers are a great group of people and they usually have great stories to share. The World Am boosts the largest 19th Hole in golf and I can't wait. After the action is finished with for the day, all 3,000 plus golfers will pack into the Myrtle Beach Convention Center for food and drinks and fun. I'm sure by the end of the week I'll have a few funny stories to share with you guys!

  • Breaking 90: My personal goal for the week is to break 90 at least once. Ideally, I would like to shoot in the mid to high 80s for all four rounds, however I haven't touched a golf club in over a month. I tweaked my lower back several weeks ago in the last match of my 7.0 mixed doubles tennis league and I haven't been able to take a full golf swing since. If I take a full backswing my right lower back pops. But, if I take an abbreviated backswing, I'm fine. So not only will I be a little rusty, I will also have to battle the mental block of my lower back injury (and potentially the pain).
I will be tweeting from the World Am all week. My username on Twitter is @mustang6560 so you can follow me to get a behind the scenes look of the World Am. I will do my best to share as much of the interesting bits of information and funny photos from the World Am as possible.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Have fun and don't hurt yourself too badly.
mjaber says:
Awesome... have fun.

I think you meant "The World Am BOASTS..." not boosts. :)
Envythepea says:
Watch that back! Same thing happened to me a month ago and it ruined my once-a-year golf trip to Reno earlier this month, a trip I so look forward to all year long! I thought my back was healed enough to play and I screwed it up again. Going to see a chiropractor tonight. Four rounds is a lot of golf to play with a tweaked back! I wish you luck.
Banker85 says:
HAVE FUN GUYS! Hopefully I will be out there soon!
TeT says:
Shouldn't ya'll have listed your rounds as Tournament "T" ?
TeT says:
Never mind...
falcon50driver says:
I always have a ready made excuse ready too, when I play with my buddies. Sore back, sprained wrist, ingrown toenail, bruised knee,etc. Then when the golf's over, I can always rub it in if I win.. Wow you guys really suck, even a cripple can kick your butt. Of course if I lose, well of course, what with my injury and all.
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