World Am Recap, Day 1
By mustang6560 on 8/29/11
I would like to give you a rules lesson: if you play the wrong ball, you will incur a two-stroke penalty for a breach of rules.

Welcome to the World Am.

I had the worst opening hole you could imagine. It was a shotgun start so my threesome started on the par 5 15th. I hit a piss poor tee shot low to the right and it ended up in a fairway bunker 200 yards or so down the hole. My second shot from the sand was no better. My club face was completely open so my second shot went right and ended up in the pine needles to the right of the cart path. After my second shot, I drove to my playing partners ball so he could grab a club. He hit, then we drove to look for my ball and my playing partner Carlos pointed it out. Without double checking the ball, I punched out to the middle of the fairway, leaving myself an easy 8-iron into the green. I nailed the approach shot that left me about eight feet from the hole. I was jacked because I had a chance to save par on the opening hole of the World Am.

When I finally got to my ball I reached down to mark my Top-Flite Gamer V2, but to my horror the ball said Ti-Tech. My stomach instantly sank as I realized I played the wrong ball for my third shot so instead of putting for par, I had to go back to the rough to try and find my ball. At this point, I was thoroughly flustered because I felt like a dumbass. I raced back to where I thought my ball was and started hunting for it.

Andrew was in the group behind me and his group had already teed off so he came up to me and asked what was going on. I explained the situation and being the antagonist he his, his first comment to me was “I’m not sure dude, but you may be DQ’ed.” My stomach sank even further. “Thank God” I exclaimed after I found my ball. The two minutes it took to find it felt like an eternity! Heart racing, I managed to get my punch my ball into the fairway, but then I duffed my approach shot. “I can’t catch a break” I thought. I stuck my chip to 18 inches and tapped in for bogey.

Carlos, one of my playing partners, owns and operates a teaching academy in Northern Virginia so he was able to help guide me through my mishap. He explained to me that since I did not finish the hole with the wrong ball, I was only subject to a two stroke penalty for a breach of rules. Had I finished the hole with the wrong ball, I would have been DQ’ed. So my two stroke penalty turned my opening bogey turned into a triple - OUCH!

I was able to settle down after awhile, even though I didn’t score well for the round. My back held up for the most part and I look forward to playing again tomorrow. Andrew and I were told Indian Wells Golf Club is the “ugliest” course we’ll play during the World Am. If that’s the case, then I’m thoroughly excited because I thought Indian Wells was a great course. It wasn’t Augusta National, but it was a good looking course in its own right. I featured several risk-reward shots so I thought the course played fair and the greens rolled true.

So far, the World Am has lived up to ALL my expectations. For now, I’m off to a bourbon tasting at the 19th Hole. Here are Andrew and I's scores from today.

kickntrue's score

mustang6560's score

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dukedsp says:
Your next three courses are all nicer than Indian Wells. Have fun. Remember: think about only the shot you are hitting, hit it, go find it, and repeat.
geauxgold77 says:
Glad to hear the back held up. And thank goodness you were playing with someone to guide you through the rules, a 2-stroke penalty is a piece of cake compared to being d'qed. Happy golfing.
dartboss04 says:
If I was DQ'd on the first hole, I may have actually cried. Good thing you noticed.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
The DQ would have sucked. Have fun and good luck to you both!
Banker85 says:
Man i feel bad for you. Not really cause you are playing in the world am and i am not. What a dumbass. Just reading it was making me all anxious i cant imagine how you got through the hole. I would have cried too if i got dq'd on the 1st hole. Hey, it can only get better from here. Good luck. 98 not too shabby for first day.
mjaber says:
If you had gotten DQ'd, would they still allowed you to play as a "filler"?
dukedsp says:
Yes. You get to play all 4 rounds of golf even if you get DQ'd.
kingwood hacker says:
You wouldn't have actually been DQ'd if you had putted out the wrong ball. You would only have been DQ'd if you teed off on the next hole before you went back and finished the hole with your own ball. Rule 15-3 part b.
mustang6560 says:
@kingwood hacker- thanks for clarifying. Either way, I'm glad I noticed and it's not the way I wanted my World Am to start...
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