World Am Recap, Day 2
By mustang6560 on 8/30/11
I am happy to report I made it through today’s round at the Heritage Club without playing the wrong ball (read my World Am Recap from Day 1)!

I played much better today, even though my scorecard only shows a five-stroke improvement. The Heritage Club was absolutely beautiful. My takeaway from the course is the undulating greens. Holes three, six and 14 all featured two-tiered greens with at least two feet of difference between the top and bottom shelf and I ended up on the wrong side all three times. Needless to say, I three putted each time.

Andrew and I aren’t necessarily “competing” against each other, however, I definitely want to place better than him in our flight (who doesn’t want to beat their boss?). After the first round, we were within two places of each other on the leaderboard. But, he shot five strokes better than me today so I have some work to do.

mustang6560’s scorecard

kickntrue’s scorecard

19th Hole

Last night was my first experience of the World’s Largest 19th Hole Expo in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. I was told the first night of the 19th Hole is always the craziest and I can see why. Over 3,000 World Am participants descended on the Myrtle Beach Convention Center for the free food, drinks and golf promotions.

Our night started at the bourbon tasting and I learned a few things worth sharing. First, I always thought only whiskey from Kentucky was considered “bourbon”. Not true. Second, bourbon is America’s spirit. President Lyndon B. Johnson issued a decree several decades ago that recognized bourbon as the drink of choice for all Americans. Third, to be considered “bourbon”, the whiskey must be made with at least 51% corn and it cannot contain any color dyes. You're welcome.

From there, we waited in line for food at Rioz, the Brazilian steakhouse that is catering all week. They were serving a plate that included a two ounce filet magnon, bacon-wrapped chicken, pasta and Caesar salad. Two plates please! Then, we headed into the 10,000 square feet of the convention center to check out the action on the floor. Dave Pelz was on stage at the time giving a presentation about his philosophy on golf and practice, but the real action was at the Long Putt putting green. For $10, you get three chances to drain a 50+ foot putt. If you make it, you won a free putter and you’re entered into the finals for a chance to win $25k. I didn’t enter the contest last night, but I’m thinking about doing it tonight. The crowd watching the participants erupted in cheers every 10 or so minutes when someone drained the putt.

As the name suggests, the World’s Largest 19th Hole features all the free beer and drinks your stomach can handle. The Michelob Ultra beer tent had the coolest tap I’ve seen in my life. Instead of the typical beer tap handle you pull down, the cups had a hole in the bottom and the bartenders pushed the cup down against a flat tap and it would fill the beer up from the bottom. The bartenders used a magnetic ball mark that would secure to the bottom of the cup to plug the hole to keep the beer in. I’ll try to post a video of it later so you can see what I’m talking about.

The funniest part of the night was when we got kicked out of the hotel bar. It wasn’t for being obnoxious or too rowdy or for throwing up. It was for playing cards. Andrew, Nate and I were playing cards, so naturally we were betting. We had been playing for nearly an hour when one of the bartenders walked up to us and said “Gambling is illegal. I won’t stand for that in my bar.” At first, we thought he was kidding because how can he be serious? So Andrew responded “Yea, OK, sir” thinking he was kidding. But sure enough, he was a serious as a heart attack so we packed up our winnings and left. Nothing like getting kicked out of a hotel bar. Before we got kicked out of the bar for gambling, we were conned into buying raffle tickets for an Ogio stand bag (which was sweet) by two beer girls. We didn’t win.

In addition to my recap, you can also keep up with birdxris’s. He is posting updates in the forums. Check out his recaps HERE. I'll post more pictures tomorrow so stay tuned. For now, you should start planning your trip for next year. Find a couple of your buddies to fill out your foursome and block off the week now.


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jerdman says:
Reading all of this sounds too awesome. I'm setting up a jar to put $10 into every week to cover my entry fee for next year.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Next year, you should take me with you; you would have someone who would:

(1) Soberly apologize to all the beer girls for you guys gawking at them all night;
(2) Get you back to the hotel in one piece without a DWI, since I don't drink;
(3) ...and then edit your posts for spelling, grammar, and punctuation before they go live on;
(4) As a bonus, I would get away from my computer to actually play golf somewhere for the first time since April of 2010.

ncramsey83 says:

I would like to apologize for:

1) Not soberly apologizing to the beer girls we "gawked" at last night.
B) Refusing to get you back to the hotel in one piece without a DWI (in my defense, they are giving away free booze!!)
3) Not editing your posts for speling, some gramer; and punctuation!?!

In all seriousness (I hope I spelled that right), this has been a great week of golf so far and I cannot say enough positive things about the World Am to do it justice. I would like to sincerely thank oobgolf, SkyCaddie, and the World Am for this experience. I am looking forward to returning to the World Am in the future and I highly recommend this tournament to all other oobgolf members. It's money well spent with no regrets (with the exception of experiencing back-to-back bad beats in a friendly game of Crazy Drop)!!

(World Am giveaway contest winner!!)
TheBrownCrayon says:
That beer tap deal is awesome isn't it?! I was at an Astros game, with a couple of people that I bartend with, and all 3 of us were freaking out about how much we wanted one for our bar.
Banker85 says:
The world am should pay you for this! I want to go now more then ever. I didn't know they food (which sounds so good) and all the beer you can drink is free!! How much do i need to save up for this?
rmumph1 says:
Link doesn't work for Chris's post
dottomm says:
Hey Hey - NO ONE Wants to beat their Boss. Trust Me.
bennyboy says:
Not only was the beer taps really cool and never was a drop spilled
and with a perfect head every time, the beer was absolutely COLD!!!!
I had many.
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