World Am Recap, Day 3
By mustang6560 on 8/31/11

Round 3 Recap

I played one of P.B. Dye’s best golf courses today, Moorland at the Legends Resort, for the third round of the World AM and it might be the best course I’ve played to date. The course was open, the greens featured numerous undulations and there were railroad ties everywhere – all signatures of P.B., the son of renowned course architect Pete Dye. The course setup was fun and challenging - there were a few long par 4s, a couple short par 5s and a 240 yard par 3.

Hole 18 at Moorland

I started my round on the driveable par 4 16th hole, which is also known as “Hell’s Half Acre”. It was only playing about 230 yards, but the green is surrounded by huge pot bunkers that are virtually impossible to hit out of so it’s the ultimate risk-reward debate – do you risk the chance for eagle or play it safe and walk away with par? Before the round, Andrew was all in my ear about how I should go for it (he layed up by the way), so I pulled out my 3-wood and said “what the heck”. Hooked it left out of play. I reached in my bag and pulled out another ball. I let it rip and hit a beautiful shot that landed softly on the green and left me a 25 foot putt for par. Unfortunately, I three putted from there and had to take a double bogey six.

The highlight of my round happened on the 448 yard par 4 9th hole. I was coming off a quadruple bogey on the 8th and I was steaming because it took me three chips to get on to the elevated green. I stood up to the tee box and let it rip with my driver right down the gut with a slight draw. As I approached my ball, I realized the 9th hole featured the longest drive competition and I had out hit the previous long drive by a solid 25 yards. I ended up paring the hole, which made me feel really good! A 448 yard par 4 is no cake walk!

I made up some ground on Andrew after today’s round. He shot a 95 and I shot a 90. But, he got an extra stroke today so he’s still up one net stroke for the tournament. For the first three rounds, the pairs are random and never repeat so you get a chance to play with different people. But, the pairings for the final round are based on your standing for the tournament so Andrew and I have a chance to be paired with each other. Things could get interesting...

19th Hole

After the golf yesterday, Andrew and I went with Nate Ramsey, the oobgolf World Am winner, to Martin’s to help him spend the $500 gift card he won as part of his prize. We spent the better part of a two hours shopping. He bought a couple golf shirts, shorts, a belt and a dozen golf balls. He even spent a few bones on Andrew and I – what a guy! The rest of the money is going toward a cart bag and a set of kids clubs for his young boy.

Then, we headed to the 19th Hole to catch some of the action and to eat. We made it in time to hear the end of a round table talk with Alan Shipnuck and a few other SI Golf Writers. They talked about Tiger Woods, the state of the game and everything else. It’s cool they came and took the time to speak, but the audience in front of the stage was pretty small. The food was just as good last night as it was Monday night. Rioz (Brazilian Steak House) and Capriz catered filot magnon again, sausage, pasta and salad. I had two plates!

SI Golf Round Table

I see a few of you are already planning your trip for next year and let me tell you, if you can find a few of your buddies and get the vacation approved by your wife and boss, it will be the best vacation you’d ever had. The atmosphere is simply amazing. Four days of competitive golf on four top notch golf courses in the golf mecca of the world with free food and drinks at night. What could be better? Nothing.

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Envythepea says:
I'm am totally jonesing (jonesing?)about attending this event. There's a gang of us (12 guys) that do a Reno golf trip in August every year for the past 10 years. I'm starting to entertain the thought of talking them into foregoing Reno and everyone sign up for this! This would be a blast especially with friends!
billbadaz says:
I lived in Myrtle for 6 years, and you my friend have very good taste. That is one of the toughest and best courses I have ever played. All of the Legends courses are nice, but Moorland is the best. There used to be a really nice golf plantation called Wild Wing up the road, and it had 4 courses also, but now they only have the 1 course, I think Avocet. They put in condos. WEAK! The Norman Course at Barefoot is fun, so is the Dye and the Love course, but pricey for all of the great selections in Myrtle. If you get a chance, go to True Blue and Caledonia before you leave. So money. And if you go North, Tidewater. You can't go wrong with any of those tracks.
Banker85 says:
yet again sounds like an awesome friggin time!
TWUES17 says:
240 yd par 4s are for the birds. there's one on a course i play frequently (berkshire valley in NJ) and all it does is piss me off every time i get on the tee box.
TWUES17 says:
meant par 3s...
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