World Am Recap Day 4
By mustang6560 on 8/30/12
I’m sad to say that my 2012 World Amateur Championship experience is nearly over. I still have the last night of the 19th Hole and the oobgolf Mini Golf Challenge to look forward to tonight. But, since I didn’t win my flight, the golf portion of my trip is officially over!

The good news is I finished on a high. I carded my best score of the week (I only played three full rounds) earlier today at the Palmetto Course at Myrtlewood Golf Club. I shot a very steady 85. I had five pars, 10 bogeys, two double bogeys, and a birdie. And it wasn’t just any birdie, it was the kind of birdie that wins skins! That’s right, my birdie on my second to last hole of the World Am was good enough to win 210 big ones (I’m not supposed to use words like “cash” or “dollars”)!

Like I mentioned above, I played very consistent golf today. I didn’t have many looks at birdie and the ones I did have, I couldn’t convert - expect for hole 4, my 17th of the day. The pin was playing about 157 yards and since the course was wet, the greens were very receptive. I stood up on the tee box and stuck a 7-iron 157 yards 18 inches from the cup. I drained the ensuing birdie putt center cup. It was a very straight forward par-3, so I wasn't sure if my birdie would hold up.

After we finished up our round, I walked into the clubhouse following my round to turn in my birdie. The guy in charge of the skins game asked me what hole I birdied and I said four. He responded saying, “Oh, man, you just canceled this guy’s birdie”. It was my playing partner from yesterday. I was bummed and proceeded to get my stuff together and walk back to the Batmobile. Well, as I was headed to my car, my playing partner from yesterday said that he didn’t pay his $20 earlier this morning, so unless someone else turned in a birdie on hole four, the skin was mine. Apparently, there was a miscommunication between he and his buddy. He thought his buddy was paying his $20 and his buddy thought he was paying. Either way, it worked out in my favor as no one else turned in a birdie on the fourth!

So I didn’t shoot in the 80s all four rounds. And I probably won’t finish inside the top 15 of Flight 8. But, I’ll be returning home with more big ones in my pocket than I came to Myrtle Beach with! I’m off to the 19th Hole for dinner and drinks. And since the oobgolf Mini Golf Challenge was canceled last night due to inclement weather, we’re going to try again tonight. I’ll post the results of our challenge tomorrow!

See y’all tomorrow!

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Banker85 says:
awesome way to finish! hopefully i can join in the fun next year!
bkuehn1952 says:
How do they say it? "YOU DA MAN!!!"

Nice cap off to a challenging week. Good luck in the "putt putt" contest.
craigsd says:
This sounds like a great time. Hope to come down in 2013.
wrhall02 says:
Good finish Nathan.
bonederr says:
Definitely want to compete next year....thanks for the info. Makes me wish I was golfing now!
Matt F says:
Congratulations on the skins Nate!
mjaber says:
Does that get recorded as "other income"?
srogers13 says:
Just remember the IRS is monitoring this website.
Kurt the Knife says:
feels good to be a Playa.
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