World Am Round 1 oobgolf Scores Update
By mustang6560 on 8/26/13

The oobers! From left to right -- jfurr, mustang6560, Mandelbaum!, birdieXris, Jattruia, and GolfSmith7.

After I finished writing my Day 1 recap, I walked over to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, which is attached to the Sheraton, to join the oobgolf crew at the World's Largest 19th Hole -- the secondary attraction of the World Am. I met up with jfurr, Mandelbaum!, birdieXris, Jattruia, and GolfSmith7 (see group pic above) to hang out and discuss the good and bad shots of Round 1.

All in all, I am happy to report that oobgolf is represented well in the 2013 World Amateur Handicap Championship! We have four players inside the Top 25 in their respective flights — including a T-8 and two T-2s! These are the scores after Round 1:
Flight 2: birdXrisT8, 82 (Net 76)

Flight 4: dukedspT-18, 85 (Net 77)

Flight 5: GolfSmith7T-2, 82 (Net 73)

Flight 5: mustang6560T-2, 83 (Net 73)

Flight 7: Mandelbaum!T-32, 93 (Net 81)

Flight 7: JattruiaT37, 95 (Net 83)

Flight 8: jfurrT37, 95 (Net 82)

Flight 31: gaw7users46
I'll write more about the 19th Hole later. For now, I am off to bed to get some beauty rest before the start of Round Two. I'll see y'all tomorrow!

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DougE says:
What a motley crew! Good luck to all. And Birdie, does Jon Daly know you stole his shorts yet? You look thinner than him. I'm surprised they fit so well.
CeeBee says:
You guys are having the time of your lives. I should have gone. Damnit.
madmx99 says:
What no Oobgolf hats???
klangdon says:
birdieXris, you need to revive the after hours oobgolf mini golf tourney. I remember me smoking kickntrue the year we did it...
mjaber says:
birdie looks a little uncomfortable with mustang's arm around him.

Nice job, guys. Keep it up. I hear if Nathan wins his flight he's buy addict memberships for everyone :)
bkuehn1952 says:
Are they wearing kentwool socks?

Keep up the fine reporting and golf play, guys.
falcon50driver says:
Looks like you all brought your "A" game. Good going.
Duke of Hazards says:
Nice work. Keep up the momentum.
brianmk24 says:
birdieXris, are those shorts allowed in Lancaster County??

Keep up the good work, everybody!
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