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Cameron Wood a.k.a. cameron
Call the Cute Police! Our GoW this week is only "free years old" but he's already shooting in the 50's. Seriously, Congrats to him- but I'm depressed!

How old are you?
"I'm free."

How long have you played golf?
"A long time. I hit it so far."

How often do you play?
"I play every day, like that." (pretending to swing a club)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Tall just like daddy."

What's your favorite part of playing golf?
"Putting and chipping and going very far."

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
"I hit it so far! Over the roof, over the BIG mountain, and right on the green."

What ball do you play?
"The red one." (The first time we played I told him he had to mark his ball so he would know which one was his, and he squiggled some red lines on one.)

US Kids 4-hybrid, 7-iron and putter

Favorite pro?
"Mickelson and Tiger Woods."

"Because they are."

But why are they your favorite?
"Mickelson hit it so so far and he made it in the hole."

Dream course you've yet to play?
"A big one."

Best round ever - and what course?
53 (nine holes) at Colina Park.


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birdieXris says:
tell you what, i know grown men that can't shoot 53 on nine holes. :) very cool.
klangdon says:
i am amazed that you can keep a 3 year old's attention for 9 holes. well done. the next tiger...
TaylorFade says:
Man, this is what its all about.
Slinger says:
Thats great man keep it up and you'll be playing with tiger
falcon50driver says:
or Sam !
wood6142 says:
Way to go Cam!! Love u, Poopa!!
ToddRobb says:
I wish someone would have started me at that age.
mikeytex says:
I ain't playin' him!
Jesten Tice says:
Oh man, he'll be hitting pars before his age hits double digits at that rate. So adorable, I wish I was started out that early.
player says:
the 3 year old typed it all by himself! hes already shootin better than me! i wanna be a popular oober so i should practice!
player says:
you misspelled three
player says:
how did he know phil and tiger?
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