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Ted Kendrick a.k.a. tedkendrick
How old are you and what's your occupation?
I will be 32 on August 6th and am a business reporting analyst for a publicly-traded company.
[Editors Note: Ooh.. secretive. I like that.]

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
My dad would often take me with him to walk the course with him starting around the age of 8 or so. IGÇÖd hit a shot or two once we got far enough away from the clubhouse. I didnGÇÖt like going (except for when my grandpa would come because heGÇÖd always take a cart and let me drive), so I didnGÇÖt catch the golfing bug until later in life. I started playing golf with my own set up clubs around the time I graduated from high school and it only took me about a year to become fully addicted to the game. I currently have a 6.1 handicap.

How often do you play?
I havenGÇÖt been able to play much over the past two years (just once a month, on average) because I have been getting my MBA, but now that I have graduated I will get back to playing once a week.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
I hit a hole-in-one about seven years ago, but it was a blind tee shot and I had no idea where the ball went until my dad exclaimed that it went in the hole! I know it was supposed to feel amazing (and it did), but it just kind of felt like I got lucky. Probably the greatest shot I can remember hitting came early this year on a Par-4. I was in the left rough, about 170 yards from the hole, with large pine trees 20 yards in front of me. My only shot at the green was to set up for a draw and bend the shot around the trees. I took out my 7-iron and hit the shot exactly as I had envisioned. The ball curved up and around the trees, landed 15 feet short of the pin, and stopped six inches behind the hole. It was probably my greatest shot because I planned it out and executed it exactly as I imagined in my head. The best part was that it didnGÇÖt feel like I got lucky... it felt like (for at least one shot) that I had complete control of the ball. Whoever says that itGÇÖs better to be lucky than good doesnGÇÖt know what they are talking about!

What is your best golf memory?
IGÇÖd have to say my best golf memories come from playing rounds of golf with my dad in the pouring rain or bitter cold. As the years go by, those rounds which we played in horrible conditions are much more memorable than any of the others. I can still distinctly remember driving the golf cart for my dad during a four-man scramble tournament when the heavens opened up and streams were running down the middle of the greens. I couldnGÇÖt have been much older than 10. IGÇÖve played rounds with my dad when we had to wear stocking caps and mittens and the ground was so frozen that we couldnGÇÖt push our tees into it. IGÇÖve realized that some of lifeGÇÖs best memories arenGÇÖt made in the absence of challenging times; they are made while in the midst of them.

What is your "home" course?
I probably play Murray Parkway in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah the most because it is close to where I now live. But my true home course is the one I grew up on - Sand Creek, in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

What ball do you play?
I usually play a Titleist HVC Tour SF because they are relatively cheap, perform well , and are pretty durable. IGÇÖve been experimenting with the Topflite Gamer recently and like how it plays, but it doesnGÇÖt seem to last much longer than 3 or 4 holes.

Taylormade Burner driver and fairway wood
Adams A3 hybrid 3- & 4-irons
Mizuno MP-30 irons
Callaway vintage forged wedges
Odyssey 2-Ball SRT putter

Favorite pro?
Phil Mickelson, heGÇÖs total class act

Favorite course you've played?
Trophy Lake just outside Bremerton, Washington

Dream course you've yet to play?
Augusta or Pebble Beach

Best round ever- and what course?
I recently shot a 75 at Murray Parkway, which is my best score for 18. But my best round was in a team match-play tournament. I went head-to-head with the best player in the field. Since I hadnGÇÖt been playing much (or very well) recently, he had to give me 6 shots. However, I ended up matching him shot for shot the entire round. With the generous handicapping, it was a butt-whoopinGÇÖ; but he would have beaten only beaten me by one shot (his 77 to my 78) if it had been straight up stroke play. I was completely focused over every shot during the entire round. I was very pleased to shoot a 78 on a relatively difficult course, especially being under the added pressure of playing against the other teamGÇÖs best player.

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
Get better consistency off the tee. Golf is an easy game from the middle of the fairway.
[Ed Note: "Easy?"]

Tell me a story.
I was playing a round of golf with a buddy from my neighborhood last year. We came to the last hole and he uncharacteristically topped his drive on a long Par-5. The ball rolled just past the womenGÇÖs tees and he was completely disgusted with himself. He pulled out his 3-wood and said, GÇ£This is my least favorite club in my bag.GÇ¥ Unfortunately, his second shot wasnGÇÖt much better than his drive. His 3-wood became even less-loved when he slammed it on the ground in disgust (like weGÇÖve all seen Tiger do plenty of times) because the clubhead broke off of the shaft, bounced straight up and hit him squarely in the mouth. His lower lip split wide open and he was unable to finish the hole because he had to rush off and get some stitches. IGÇÖve never seen anything like that happen before or since, but I hope I live long enough to see it happen to Tiger when he throws one of his famous tantrums!


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bducharm says:
Happy Birthday Ted!!!
aaronw409 says:
Ah yes...I remember when I was golfer of the week. I thought I had it all. Don't be like me kid. Don't let it change you. Sure the fame and the girls and the late night parties are great, but it will all come crashing thursday night. Happy B'day Ted.
tedkendrick says:
I'll do my best to enjoy the fame and fortune while it lasts! I just hope my string of good luck continues at least through the weekend so we can get some good golf weather. It's tough to post a decent score in 30-40 mph winds...
Banker85 says:
whats up with the tiger hating....
Shooter McGavin says:
Here's your boy Phil "all class" Mickelson.
tedkendrick says:
I like Tiger, which is why I hate seeing him pout whenever he doesn't hit it perfectly on every shot. I know he's just blowing off steam at himself, but give it a rest already. Phil has his flaws, but he at least puts on a happy face and shows the gallery some love. Phil has obviously cashed in from his nice guy persona, but it is nice to see someone who at least looks like he is enjoying himself out there.
SingleDigits says:
Hey Ted. Thanks for the profile. Neat stories about golfing with your Dad.

I didn't realize that they sold / made Titlist HVC golf balls any more. You could probably get more spin & distance with a more modern one. I've been playing Taylormade Burner TP balls recently -- they spin just as much as the Taylormade TP Blacks and are about 1/2 club longer for my irons. You can get 2 dozen for $45 at TGW.

I'm guessing at your handicap you don't lose that many balls, so two dozen should last a long time...
tedkendrick says:
Thanks for the tip! I read about the Burner TP ball on the 2009 Hot List, so I'll definitely pick some up. I hope they last longer than the Gamers. I bought 48 HVC Tour SF golf balls on a year or two ago and have only been able to go through about 10 of them so far. I don't usually lose many balls, just kinda wear them out. I think I'll just put the rest on practice duty and try the Burner TP. $25 a dozen is about all I'm willing to pay, so they seem like the best option out there.
blake_p says:
Hey Ted, Thanks for sharing. I am from the "upper valley" as well (Rexburg) though the only place I have played was over in Star Valley. I remember driving past Sand Creek and seeing the unigue totem pole. It looked like a nice course maybe someday I will get the chance to get back over that way.
falcon50driver says:
I too would rather watch Phil than tiger. I read the article about why we should hate phil. It seems that ten years ago, back in 1999, he wore a beeper to let him know if his wife went into labor, It didn't go off much to the chagrin of the writer. He really had to dredge the bottom to find a reason to hate Phil. What an ass.
principalpriebe says:
Ted, I totally agree with your comments about Tiger. Is is just as bad if not worse than Kobe complaining about the officials on national TV.
Shooter McGavin says:
"I too would rather watch Phil than tiger."

Do you like watching the Pirates over the Yankees too? The Clippers over the Lakers?

Sorry, comments like that amuse me.
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