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Dude- how strong are you?
Your missing out on some cool charts...
Blair McNeil a.k.a. blairblair
How old are you and what's your occupation?
I'm 23 and I work in Real Estate.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
I've been playing golf for about 1 year and my handicap is about 11, never had a lesson.

How often do you play?
I try to get out there 1 or 2 times a week.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
Par 5 500 yds, I put a 300yd drive down the middle and stuck a 5 iron to within 10 feet....The eagle put lipped out which was heart-breaking but I felt my other 2 shots were tour quality.

What is your best golf memory?
Weekday rounds at the 9 hole executive course with my boys.

What is your "home" course?
Fullerton Golf Course in Fullerton, CA. Great deals on golfnow and a perfect course for my skill level.

What ball do you play?
I just switched to a Titleist NXT Extreme and I love the results (i still lose some balls so I am not ready for Pro-V1's or Nike ONE's yet.)

Nike Victory Red Full Cavity

Favorite pro?
I like a lot of guys, its hard not to love what Tiger does, I like Geoff Ogilvy's swing because I am tall myself so it gives me a good idea on what to do, and I also try to gather tips from Phil's short game.

Favorite course you've played?
Sample Course LinkBlack Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda, beautiful facility.

Dream course you've yet to play?
Pebble is a realistic goal but I really want to play the Old Course.

Best round ever- and what course?
I put up 76 a few times at Fullerton which is my best.

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?

Tell me a story.
So I am playing golf with a friend who has never played but thought it would be fun to get out there, so I take him to a 9 hole executive and I am thouroughly schlacking him like I should be, until we get to the 7th hole and to my surpise he says, "Let's bet the round on this hole", I say sure and I hit first and put it about 20 ft. from the cup. He hits next and sends it over the green to the right, down a hill and out of sight... As we walk up to the green he tells me to hit first, so I do and I putt it to about 5 inches. He tells me thats good, I pick up, and he walks down to his ball, which is even out of sight from where I am standing on the green... The next thing I hear is him hit the ball, the ball fly up in the air, land, and roll right in the cup for his free round of golf...


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Banker85 says:
I agree the Titleist NXT extreme are wonderful balls for the price. So how has the training aid helped your game? Keep up the improvment you will be single digit handicap before you know it! i have been playing for two years and am a 12 handicap (24yrs old) i hope to be single digits myself definately before i turn 30. AND HOW CAN YOU NOT SAY AUGUSTA???!!??!?!!?!?!?!
blairblair says:
That's not a medicus, thats my stock nike idiamana stiff shaft, which I've had replaced for an X-stiff
Mjw71772 says:
likewise, how can one not say Augusta? But I guess maybe that is a given. I am slightly envious of your natural ability, it has taken me roughly 4 years to get down to the 11.8 I am at, then again I did not play regularly for 2 of those years, in the last year I went from 24 to 11.8 so I cant complain too much. Have you played the victory blades at all? I am trying to find a place I can test drive them for a round, even though I love my TM tour burners, I think I want to try blades next and I hear the reds are probably the best to use for a first set of blades. BTW Congrats on teh GOTW, kind of makes your day to see your pic on the site. I know it did for me.
k-von says:
Okay, I suppose I have to be the one to address the elephant here: Are you f'ing kidding me?! ONE YEAR?! Dude. When you get your card next summer, promise to keep the oob profile updated.
blairblair says:
Haha. I sometimes wish I could have started younger, than I might have had a shot
Kurt the Knife says:
shaft distortion from digital camera acquisition.

1 yr, hcp 11...Big up on ya, mate.
Mark Barry says:
Question two didn't ask if you had taken a lesson, I wonder why we got the answer.
Banker85 says:
@mARK: To make YOU feel like YOU suck even more then YOU do.
Bob321 says:
Don't come down too hard on Blair's handicap. Note that he is a beginner and playing as a beginner should on an easier course. If you check his card scores, you will see that Fullerton is a par 67 course only playing 5100 yards from the blue tees. Many holes are par 3s. Every weekend I see players play from tee boxes that they only wish they had the talent for. If we all (myself included) would move up a little, the game becomes more fun. Rick Martino at PGA in St. Lucie told me that everyone should play the forward tees until they shoot consistently near par...then move back a box.....and repeat. Ok...how many of you are ready to tee it up with your buds on Saturday with a cigar and beer from the red tees? ha!
kidputter says:
I play from the red tees (middle) at my course. 6500 yds and a 109 slope. When I am with a group that wishes to play from the BLUES, I'm fine with that also. Only difference I find is longer 2nd shots.........and 3rd shots.
tennesseeboy says:
Okay, call me a skeptic. I checked his last five rounds and saw only one hole that was worst than a double bogey. Also his handicap has actually gone up slightly since last spring when he started entering scores on oob. So he was about an 8 handicap after playing six months. I'm thinking he might be getting a lot of help from Mr. Mulligan.
Kickntrue says:
@everyone- Wow, I was making a jealous joke remark about his handicap. you guys are brutal. congrats to blair for playing at a high level, regardless of anything else.
blairblair says:
Ya... Cuz I lie about my scores so you all
think I'm cool
tennesseeboy says:
Using a mulligan occasionally doesn't make you a liar. Anyone who can hit the ball 300 yards is cool in my book.
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