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Derek Tingle a.k.a. tingalinks
How old are you and what's your occupation?
I am 23 years old. Currently I work for an ergery consulting firm in Louisville, Kentucky. I have just transitioned into a sales role.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
I started playing golf around Freshman year in high school (2000-2001). Right now, my OOBGOLF handicap is 3.1.

How often do you play?
When I played college golf I was playing daily during the season. In the wintertime in KY, I would either hit balls in our indoor facility or practice putting on my putting mat. My dad and I made a good sized putting mat that fit perfect in the college dorm room. Surprisingly more effective than other distractions in college, this putting mat was more than capable of stealing a few hours away from study time.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
Hands down, the best shot of my life was my hole in one on the 318 yard par 4 11th at Wasioto Winds Golf Course in Pineville, KY. I was playing in a scramble for Edward Jones and I was the A player in the group. Well, more times than not, the A player will go last and this was this case on this hole. As soon as I hit it, I walked back to the cart after the look to see that it was going to be OK. I knew that I hit it pretty well and that it was on a decent line towards the green. Well, with the other three teammates in the cart and ready to leave the tee box, including myself, one member of the team watched the entire thing. His quotes were:

“Dude, that looks good.”
“I think that it got on the green.”
“Dude, I think it went in!”

Luckily for me, I was riding with the person who watched the entire shot. So, on what seemed to be the longest cart ride of my life, he was pumping me up and trying to convince me that the ball was in the hole. Not to be a pessimist, but I had been in this situation. I had hit the shot that looked like it went in only to find that it was either 15 yards long, or even worse, 14 yards short. Skeptical was written all over my face. Finally reach the green and the other three just freeze as if they knew I would have to walk alone to the hole. I walk up there, looking left, right, long, and short; nothing. Finally get to the hole and sure enough, the Titleist was smiling right back at me.

As a sidenote, the greens were punched that day. You will never hear this guy complain about aeration.

What is your best golf memory?
I hope I can get this one in quicker than the last story but it happened senior year while playing at Centre College…

Going into my senior season I was a two year Co-Captain on a team that had come a long, long way. My best friend and fellow Co-Captain were roommates at the time and ready for our last season. Armed with a dedicated coaching staff and some real recruiting jewels, the season had much promise; then came qualifiers. After a dismal showing of 77-78, I was to play the 6th man man. In basketball the 6th man is not always that bad. In golf, it means you are the best player, on the B team. Either way, golf had to played so I went to our first tourney of the year championing the B team. Even more fun, this tourney, the Transylvania invitational, was one of the biggest tourneys at one of the nicest golf courses we would play all year long, sweet.

The first day, the weather was average but playing conditions were tough. The course however, was in immaculate condition. Both Centre College teams came out firing. Not only did we come out hot, but so did the tourney host and our largest rival in the state, Transylvania. After a 71 in the first round, I was the leader of the tourney. Amazingly enough, both teams that Centre College and Transylvania sent out (A&B) were in the top 4 spots. So, when the pairings shook out for the last day, the final group would include two players from Transy and two players from Centre. This still shocks me, but the parings came out and it was myself and my best friend Rus in the final group against two other Transy players. It was the dude I had played the most golf with in the last 4 years against our biggest rivals for their home tourney.

The weather that day was awful in the beginning. Our parents and friends were there armed with umbrellas towels. I knew the weather was bad when on the 4th tee, my Coach handed me two brand new gloves because my other ones were soaked. Not to say that good ole’ Coach wasn’t liberal in his equipment distribution because he was, but I knew he thought I used a lot of gloves!

So after a grind of a front nine, holes ten and eleven were what make up my best golf memory. After sticking his second shot on the par 5 10th, Rus made a routine birdie to build some momentum. I stuck a 65 yard wedge shot to inches that almost jarred and we both made birdies. Both of the Transy fellas made par so we felt that were building some momentum. On the par 4 11th, Rus and I both had about 15 footers for birdie with mine being just a fuzz further away. With our crew watching, I rolled in my putt for my second consecutive birdie. Rus looked over his putt and sure enough, he holed his as well!

I went on to win the tourney with Rus finishing right behind. Most importantly, our A team won the tourney that day and helped move us up the D-III rankings.

What is your "home" course?
I am truly a golf nomad. My family does not belong to a club, so I play all over Louisville.

What ball do you play?
To me, there is nothing prettier than a brand new Titleist Pro-V1x. Now that they are not free, I will play my Pro V1x until that thing turns grey!

Driver: Titleist 905s driver 8.5 degree graff blue. Could be changing to a HiBore XL soon though…
3-Wood: Titleist 906f2 15 degree 3 wood with v-2 stiff shaft
Hybrid: Titleist 585 H 19 Degree
Irons: Callaway x-14 (2, 4-PW)
Wedges: Tour Chrome Vokey 54 degree and a Vokey Spin Milled 60 degree
Putter: Scotty Cameron Teryllium Newport

Favorite pro?
Tiger Woods with Fred Couples as a close second…

Favorite course you've played?
Medinah Country Club-Course #3

Dream course you've yet to play?
Augusta National Golf Club

Best round ever- and what course?
66 @ Danville Country Club.

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
I need to have more control with the driver. I do not get myself into a lot of trouble with the driver, but I want to just hit frozen ropes down the middle. Then again, so does everyone else!

Tell me a story.
I once thought that I would stop playing golf; I quickly realized that golf would never stop playing me.


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birdieXris says:
Excellent, good stories too. Is that a picture of you doing the "Arnold Palmer"? HAHA. best one i've seen since the King himeslf.
GolfSmith7 says:
Wow. Great hole in one. My home course has a short par 4, 313 yards and I am hoping to hole in one. I have gotten just short of the green a couple of times but the hole place against the wind most of the time. Once again great shot.
sepfeiff says:
Great pic, congrats on GOW.
Scott Shields says:
great stories, grats on GOW...
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