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David Poimboeuf a.k.a. dpoimboeuf
How old are you and what's your occupation?
35, Key Account Sales Manager... Basically, I fly on Airplanes and try to convince people to buy things from me, and try to sneak in a round of golf whenever I can!

When did you start playing golf?
I started playing golf when I was 17, The summer I graduated from high school. The local Country Club had a deal on Tuesdays where members could bring guests for cart fee only. I think it was $3.50. We played so much, the members started complaining and they changed the policy.

How often do you play?
I play about once a week, a little more during the summer.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
The best shot I think I've hit was a blind three iron from 210 to about 4 feet on a par 5. I had missed the fairway right and ended up behind a large mound on a sidehill lie. The shot was totally blind with a pretty good cross wind. I didn't even get to watch it land, but it was nice to see where it ended up when I came around the mound. I've holed a few iron shots, but from a degree of difficulty standpoint, that had to be my best. Even better... I converted the eagle.

What is your best golf memory?
I've got a bunch! One that comes to mind is playing at Sunrise at Torrey Pines South on a perfect Southern California Morning. Another neat experience was when I was playing a league match recently. I was 4 down with 6 holes to play, and I squared the match on 18 against a really good player in our league.

What is your "home" course?
There are a few courses near home that we alternate playing on a regular basis. La Tour Golf Club and The Atchafalaya at Idlewild are the two we play the most. If you're in South Louisiana, definitely put both these places on your itinerary! Two of the best places you'll find for less than $100.

What ball do you play?
I've played the Pro-V1 mostly for the last 3 years, but I've gotta tell ya... I just switched to the Top-Flite Gamer. Take it from a dedicated Pro-V1 is nearly as good, for less than half the price. Give it a try. It will save you a ton of money.

Ping G-10 Driver, G-5 Irons, Ping Tour Wedges

Favorite pro?
All Time-Bobby Jones (although he was an Amateur), Current-I'm a Phil guy, even though he drives me nuts sometimes!

Favorite course you've played?
Well, I've played tons of different courses around the country... Doral, Torrey, TPC Vegas, TPC of Louisianaa, Wolf Creek, etc... I think my favorite though was the Las Vegas Paiute Wolf Course. Amazing conditioning, and every tee box was a postcard.

Dream course you've yet to play?
Where do I start? If I have to pick one... The Old Course at St. Andrews. You're not a real golfer if you don't feel a pull to make it there before you die.

Best round ever- and what course?
81. Pelican Point Country Club. Can't crack 80 to save my life. My best 9 holes is a one over par 37, which I've done twice. I've broken 40 for 9 holes a bunch of times, but I always seem to derail myself with a couple of loose swings

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
Putting, Putting, Putting. Once I've got that fixed, I think I'll work on my putting.

Tell me a story.
Fellow oobgolfers Rob Bower, Ryan Myhand and I run a 55 man golf league. We play once a month at a different course in South Lousisana. We have a website, maintain handicaps for all of our members, and have started a golf scholarship fund for Nicholls State University. We have our own "Fed Ex Cup", 2 "Majors", and a Ryder Cup style competition. It's a lot of fun, kinda like our own travelling country club. The name of the league is the Thibodaux Bayou Amateur Golf Society. It makes for a pretty funny acronym. I'll let everyone figure it out for themselves.


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sepfeiff says:
Congrats on GOW. What are you going to work on after Putting?
dpoimboeuf says:
Just a foot note... Since I did this interview, I finally shot a 79 at The Tribute in DFW.
Banker85 says:
so you think this guy is FINE andrew? i thought you liked paula creamer?! LOL
Your league sounds fun! i just hope you dont have to be acronymed to join!
greendevil says:
Congrats on the 79! If it takes me doing a GOW to break 80, I think I'll have to give it a shot.
guzzlingil says:
Dave, I am in Baton Rouge and we currenlty play Ryder Cups vs guys from the (337) and (985)....if interested in something similar let me know....all of our guys keep their caps on OOB....
jpleboeuf says:
Hey David,

I might be interested in joining your golf league if you have a spot. Do you have a website or something that I could check out? I'm in the South Lafourche area.
dpoimboeuf says:
Guzz, I think we have a match set up in a few months with a group from BR called the BRAGS... Is this your group? The trouble we have is that we have our own capping system that isn't the USGA model. I'm sure we could come up with something to make it fair though.

JP, We are capped out currently, but have a waiting list. We hate to do that,and it's certainly not to exclude anyone, but it was just getting too big for the 3 or four guys that run it. Do you know any of our guys? If so, get with them and have them sponsor you. We do have spots that open occasionally. My in-laws all hail from Cut Off... Danos' Adams, and Griffins. I'm sure I'll meet you at La Tour eventually. Our website is
guzzlingil says: group here is Load and Roll...we run all 4 Major Championships....have had as many as 40 in one tournament....about to hold the PGA Championship at Copper Mill...greens fee + $20...we pay our 1st/2nd/3rd...and use a point system for our I-10 and I-12 Ryder Cups...
guzzlingil says:
Btw...I have played with a few guys from BRAGS...good dudes...have fun!
mtgros says:
Well said Dave.... keep up the great work that you do for our league!
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