"44?!" Looks more like 24!
Your missing out on some cool charts...
Stacey Lowe a.k.a. prayerdog
How old are you and what's your occupation?
... 44, I'm retired and now I just play Golf, except my husband is quick to remind me, I would have actually had to have worked to be retired. He thinks I might be "tired" but not "re-tired." Whatever it was I was doing before I no longer do, I'm too consumed with GOLF!

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
The Madness began in 2007. My Handicap is ..."Bogey-Golfer." Can you relate?

How often do you play?
Everyday, or at least every other God given day. Weather permitting, sometimes twice a day!

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
Wow, as much as I play, I have a lot of them. Too bad my "greatest" ones are usually with a Mulligan, or on the "next" hole over. I'm just sayin,' it would have been a great shot, if that was the hole I was supposed to be playing right?

Does that count? SEE BELOW: Tell Me A Great Story

What is your best golf memory?
The best is my most "humbling". The day I finally birdie the Par 5, #1-handicap hole on Granada GC I get a "9", yes that is correct a NINE on a 93 yrd Par 3, the #18-HC hole!! How did I ever do that? Well, I had a really long putt for an "8" reminding me the course really is the "other" player !

What is your "home" course?
Well "my home" is across the street from Hot Springs Village' Isabella Golf Course, but my "home course" would be Hot Springs Village' Granada Golf Course. It's the next street over behind my house.

What ball do you play?
I always try to play my own!! I mean, you know, it happens... oh you mean what brand? Titleist Pro V1, and Bridgestone e6.

Driver-Callaway FT9, Woods-Cleveland Launcher, Irons-Cleveland, Putter-Callaway, and one very old Ping

Favorite pro?
Easy.. I "am" in ARKANSAS, so no doubt... The Bad Boy Himself... The New and Improved, and very colorful...JD!!!!!!!!! <3

Favorite course you've played?
She is 3 blocks over from my house, Diamante Country Club. Me, well, I "LIKE" a good challenge. According to Golf Digest, she is the 38th toughest course in Nation- "A Monster Course." They didn't need bother Golf Digest, they could have easily just asked me. My guess is that it's rated #38 because that's how many Pro V's it takes your foursome for a round.

Dream course you've yet to play?
Pebble Beach. What woman would not want to be A) playing Golf, B) Beachside C) right on the edge of Wine Country...or D) All of the above, answer D!

Best round ever- and what course?
Ever?? Well that would be a 72 on Coronado, oh you probably mean without any gimme's and Mulligans. That would be an 82- Hot Springs Village' Magellan. I'll always remember that score. It was the first time I would have shot an even 80, but a 2-stroke penalty crushed that dream when my ball came out of the bunker, it was a bit too anxious to find it's way back to my "CART"!! Whatever possessed me to park in "front" of the bunker I don't know. It's a day like this, I guess, is why I should have been born a Blonde!

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
No Question, the dreaded Down-Hill-Side-Hill Lie!!! And lies in general! As much as I golf I am bound to start needing some of my own!!

Tell me a story.
Granada Hole No 18- Par 4. Player no 3 hits Tee Shot, 156 yd miss-hit off to left (per SkyCaddie) over toward or in/ a very deep fairway bunker, 7+ ft front lip, surrounded with 4-6 inch thick Rye Rough. We "should" be able to find it with no problem, right? Then my turn. My miss-hit Tee Shot goes in same direction as her ball. Ok, so we will both be hitting from same area, right? We all go looking for her ball, Eight eyes and six 100 degree minutes later nobody can find her ball. Mine is located, 2 inches down in rough, just at the edge. Player 3 returns to hit again from tees deeming her ball "lost." As I am studying my shot to see how in the world I'm going to get this dunked shot up in air over the bunker and back in play....I notice something different about my ball. It is surprisingly sitting "up" a bit ... PERFECTLY ON TOP OF PLAYER NO 3's BALL!! Now, that is a story! We took a picture and a SkyCaddie measure (God Bless Cell Cameras) as no one was going to believe it, including me- and I was there!! Now I have a picture to show along with a great story. If I never win player of the week. I know I got SHOT of the week!!! I will never be able to duplicate that shot again in my lifetime!


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KVSmith59 says:
first! great story
birdieXris says:
Second! and second that!
munk24 says:
Thats my girl, shes a lot of fun to play with too!
prayerdog says:
Ok Ok...I guess I am not really that *bad*....(I'm much much worse!!);-)
prayerdog says:
munk24 says:
Shes gonna kill me, but heres a video of her swing www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdsCM1xmwes&feature=play Cant wait to see you next time in the Boro :)
Kickntrue says:
@munk24 + @prayerdog -- I'm envisioning you guys on separate sides of the house each in front of your own computer posting links to this story.

munk24 says:
No shes in Arkansas, and Im in TN, used to be neighbors, she comes back and visits a lot, she wants to know if you can delete her last two comments since I posted the video.
Kurt the Knife says:
note to self.
new career goals.

Find sugar mama.
play lotsa golf everyday.
Wish I woulda thought of it years ago.
Lucky gal. U go, girl.
birdieXris says:
ROFL @ Kurt. My day would be mediocre at best without you buddy.
DoubleDingo says:
Love that Lowe humor!
Banker85 says:
nice swing.
prayerdog says:
well Kurt...they have a bunch of them here!! LOL
jkjmiller says:
Look Stace!!! You're baby brother finally got around to reading this!!! It's Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Love you!!!
munk24 says:
Stacey just won a tournament at Hot Springs Village. Shes officially a sandbagger :)
rockus31 says:
@ munk24 - She should not be mad at you. she has a good swing in my eyes, well it looks better than mine. From reading her interview I would not be able to make it through a round with her. She would have me rolling in the fairways laughing at her with her humor.
aglazier says:
A fellow HSV member! And I thought I was the only one on OOB golf. Great story about Granada #18. Fun to hear you talk about Magellan and Izzy. Maybe we'll run into each other sometime.
prayerdog says:
Hey aglazier,actually there are several on here, if you play HSV, no doubt we will meet up ;-) HUGS~ find me on facebook: stacy lowe
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