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Brian Kuehn a.k.a. bkuehn1952
Brian "bkuehn1952" Kuehn has made a name for himself on oobgolf. He writes guest columns, actively posts in the forums and comments on nearly every story. So it's only fitting that we get to know him a little better. Enjoy!

How old are you and what's your occupation?
58 and I am a paid consultant for a specialty insurance company. If you are in the nursing home field you may have heard of us – otherwise we are off the radar.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
My golf career began at the Appleton, Wisconsin, YMCA gym in 1961. After mastering how to hit whiffle balls off a rubber mat with my junior Power-Bilts, I was turned loose on the golfing world. My current Golf Association of Michigan index is 8.2.

How often do you play?
One of the benefits of being a consultant is I somewhat set my own hours. So over the course of a year I will probably play around 110-120 times.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
I am pretty sure any shot I have made hasn’t approached greatness. However, there have been some timely and successful shots over the past 49 years so if I must, I will share. Pebble Beach, 18th hole. Well struck drive to the fairway but those darn trees are in the middle of the fairway and I am behind them. Do I try to hit a draw and flirt with OB and some REALLY long rough or aim at the ocean and hit a fade??? Well, if there is one shot I can hit, it is a fade/slice. So I took dead aim at the ocean and hit a wonderful 3-wood around the trees to the fairway about 130 yards from the green.

What is your best golf memory?
My father and I won his club’s “Member-Guest” together in 1995. My father had not really played golf much until he approached retirement. When my parents moved to Sarasota, FL, they joined the TPC at Prestancia and he started to play regularly. I was the “low” handicapper in the team but that weekend my father rose to the occasion and made all the key shots. Everything I have in life I owe to my parents and that giant crystal bowl is included.

What is your "home" course?
Leslie Park Golf Course, Ann Arbor, MI. That is where my “Major” is played – the Ann Arbor City Men’s Amateur Golf Championship. (One might note that the title of the tournament is rather long. There is a story behind that but I will save that for some other time).

I am a Callaway man. Most everything I play was purchased used or well after the introduction date. I like to refer to myself as frugal but let’s face it, a synonym for frugal is “cheap”. Did I mention my recent purchase of two “Founder’s Club” hybrids for $25?

Favorite pro?
It used to be Tiger Woods but his personal issues kind of disappointed me. I still hope he has success and it would be great if he can get healthy and play well again. Right now I like Graeme McDowell. He drinks beer, doesn’t quit on the course and generally seems like a pretty good bloke. Just wish he spelled his first name correctly – it is Graham, like the crackers!!

Favorite course you've played?
Pebble Beach. Cynics would say it is because the tab was picked up by my employer but they would be wrong. The ocean scenes, the history, the million dollar real estate, walking the land with the sun on your face and a strong sea breeze, what could be better?

Dream course you've yet to play?
I have to divide this into two parts. Part I – Augusta National – I know I will never get an opportunity to play there but in a perfect world ... Part II – St. Andrews – Old Course - birthplace of golf, Scotland, wind, rain, pot bunkers, double greens. I will play there soon!!

Best round ever- and what course?
The best score to date was a “70” on a par 71 layout, Hudson Mills Golf Course. Would you like me to take you through the round, shot by shot? I didn’t think so.

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
Other than adding 50 yards to my drives and 1-putting every green, I guess I need to improve my iron play. I have achieved a certain level of competency around the green and generally my driving is good enough to make par a possibility on all but the longest holes. Where my game fails most often is iron play and GIR.

Tell me a story.
This past April we were visiting the grandkids in San Antonio. My 15 year old grandson, Fernando, and I are playing at La Cantera, former site of the Texas Open. Fernando is a great soccer player, a marginal golfer and competitive. So we get to the last hole and he finally hits a decent drive in play. He suggests we play the last hole for $1.00. Game on! Now he faces an uphill 210 yard approach shot with a stiff 25 mph wind in his face. He asks me if I thought he should hit his 3-wood or if that might be too much. Being a “Rules Snob” and knowing a $1.00 is on the line, I smile and tell him that I can’t give him advice or I would be penalized. So he pulls the 3-wood and hits a perfect shot with slight draw on to the green, 15 feet from the hole. In a perfect world, he drains the putt for birdie, taking Grandpa’s dollar. Sorry. I hit my approach inside of his and made birdie while the kid 2-putts for par. Maybe next year Fernando!


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gpickin says:
Funny, I didn't know they were GRAHAM crackers, all the people around here pronounce it GRAM crackers.
So I dont think you can talk about spelling when you guys can't pronounce what you're spelled anyways.

Like CARAMEL being pronounce CARMEL... or CAMEL.

Silly americans lol.
birdieXris says:
LOL. my fiancée likes Graeme too because she likes his name. She goes Graeaaaeeaeme McDowell. Another Great golfer of the week!
Torleif Sorenson says:
>>> I hit my approach inside of his and made birdie while the kid 2-putts for par. <<<

Yeah. School is still in session, 'Nando. Great story, and 1000 points for GOW.
homermania says:
Yes! Excellent use of the rules!
Kurt the Knife says:
cool picture.

heh...I said cool.....snow?
CG, man
jpjeffery says:
You know, I love people's vague profile pictures, even though I also find it frustrating to not know what they look like!

(And I'm not absolutely sure I believe birdieXris's picture is of birdieXris).
rmumph1 says:
He's in shorts in the snow. I would have on a Parka and my hood on my head. I hate the cold.

You lucky dog you...get to play 110-120 times in a year. I play 20-30 times in a year. I'm in the wrong business.
cph2133 says:
"Fernando is a great soccer player, a marginal golfer and competitive."

Marginal golfer hitting a 3 wood 210 uphill into a wind? With a slight draw?! I'd love to be marginal.
Banker85 says:
well deserved GOW!
Duke of Hazards says:
Grats, Brian. Pretty ballsy shot at Pebble, I like it. Keep up the great work on the columns.
DougE says:
Brian, you are such a big part of Oob, it is nice to actually get to know you a little better through this GOW column. As far as I'm concerned, you should be a candidate for GOOW. "Golfer of OOBGOLF Website!"

Keep up the good work and interesting stories.
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