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Jason Attruia a.k.a. Jattruia
How old are you and what's your occupation?
I am 30 and work as a Market Planning System Specialist for a direct mail marketing company. I make sure you get the email. You’re welcome.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
Started hitting clubs when I was a teenager, but didn’t take it seriously until a few years after college. As of right now (this is always changing for sure), OOB has my handicap at a 13.5.

How often do you play?
I try to get in at least a round a week in the summer months here in New England. Basically once it hits March and the weather gets into the 40’s, I try to start my season.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
I was playing a scramble last year, and I was the only ‘serious’ golfer in the group. The rest probably played once or twice a year, if that, so of course I had a little pressure to save our score as well as I could. As my luck goes with scrambles, our group was starting the round on hole 9 at Quarry Ridge, a 178 yard downhill par 3, closest to the pin. I’m a couple beers and a couple dogs deep by this point and haven’t swung a club all week, so I decide to get loose while everyone else tee’s it up. The first one sends one into the woods to the right. The next one hit’s it 80 yards ahead barely leaving the ground, and the third send one OB left. Now they’re all looking at me to get near/on the green. So I step up, not loose at all and hit a 7-iron that tracks at the pin. It drops about 2 feet right, pin high and kicks a couple inches left. Ended up with a 16” birdie putt for my closest brush with a HIO to date, and the closest to the pin trophy to prove it.

What is your best golf memory?
My best golf memories pretty much all come from a yearly golf trip to Florida each March the past 4 years. It’s been a rotating group going each year including friends from high school, college, work, etc, but each time it’s fun as hell. There’s always some kind of joke going around with each group, whether it’s sneaking depends into the ‘eldest’ member of the groups golf bag so he’s discovering them throughout our last round, or taking any tee shot after a birdie off of a Martini Tee (you’ve seen them, they blow.) It’s a perfect way to start each season. No one’s serious about their scores, the wives are all home, we drink Yuenglings and smoke p-funk all day and night, and with any luck, by the time we get home, the snow is melted, courses are opening, and the new season awaits.

What is your "home" course?
Currently my ‘home’ course would probably be Goodwin Golf Course here in Hartford CT. It’s just a short par 72 muni, but being a resident, it’s $18 to walk. I can’t really beat that price. Plus, when you’re in a funk, it’s a great confidence booster.

Drivers: TaylorMade R9 460
Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Burner High Launch
Fairway Woods: TaylorMade r7 CGB Max
Hybrids: TaylorMade r7 Max Rescue
Irons: Mizuno MP-53
Wedges: Nike SV Tour Satin Chrome
Putters: Yes! Tracy II

Favorite pro?
My favorite golfer seems to always be changing. I like Fowler, Ryan Moore, Dustin Johnson, etc. But I’ve always tried to follow my fellow Clemson Tigers. Glover has always been on top of my list since we’re the same age, went to Clemson at the same time, and who knows, we may have had a class or two together. Now though, with this beard, he’s completely won me over. So he’s the current favorite. Beards, they grow on you.

Favorite course you've played?
I haven’t played too many of the well known courses, or any that have held PGA events that I know of (though planning on playing Torrey Pines in June), but my favorite course so far is Harmony Nature Preserve. in FL. As part of the golf vacation the past four years, we’ve made it a point to play at least 2 round here each time (free replays on Sundays). It’s a Troon course, and always in perfect condition, the staff is great, the course long and green, and it has plenty of tee options to satisfy everyone.

Dream course you've yet to play?
Augusta National, hands down. Playing it on TW12 is the only reason I’m holding onto that crappy game. (Can’t turn off the caddy? Seriously?!)

Best round ever- and what course?
I shot a 77 at Rockledge in West Hartford. It’s the one and only time I have broken 80. It was my last round of 2010, it was wet and cold, and it was set up shorter than usual. It was one of those days that all my good shots were really good, and my bad shot all got good breaks. I won’t lie that luck had a huge part in that score, but a 77 is a 77 right?

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
Ball striking for sure. The drive is finally coming around (been battling a slice my entire career), but my ball striking has suffered. I have new irons, and a somewhat new swing (took a lesson early this season), so I have yet to groove a good swing and I’ve been prone to pull the ball when I don’t thin it. GIR is clearly my worst stat for the time being, and raising that would significantly lower my scores...I assume.

Tell me a story.
True Story. So I’m golfing at Blue Fox Run in Avon, CT late last summer with The Natural 79 and badcaddy, and there’s a pretty large river that runs through most of the course. The 9th hole is right up against the river and we notice a turd floating down the river. The turd’s enjoying the summer day. It’s sunny out, mid 80’s, perfect weather for a swim. Enjoying life, really. Then the turd goes around a bend in the river, and there are to bananas sitting under a tree, hanging out in the shade. The turd see’s them and yells, “Hey guys! You need to get in here! The water’s perfect, the sun is shining, it’s warm out. You need to get in here and take a swim. This water is fantastic right now!” The bananas think for a minute, then one banana looks at the other and says, “You believe this shit?!”


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Mandelbaum! says:
Haha…great stories. Congrats on GOTW honors, bro!
mmontisano says:
i think i was find those depends for the next couple of days AFTER that FL trip also.
bkuehn1952 says:
Congrats on achieving the exalted status of GOW! Keep hitting them straight and not too often.
Banker85 says:
Sounds like a fun group! I changed my swing early last year and it sucked unitl early July then i started to get my solid contact back and was much more consistent so keep working with it.
dartboss04 says:
congrats...fellow CT folk as GOW!!!'s nice to actually know all the courses you are talking about...just played in a scramble at blue fox today...didn't see the turd...
The People's Champ says:
Congrats buddy! I remember you telling me you were going to be the golfer of the week, but I kept forgetting to check the site. Great stories... and I'm already looking forward to Florida next March.
Paul Goldstein says:
Congrats on GOTW status. Awesome !!! Next time put in a plug for my App ok? (just kidding).
Jattruia says:
Thanks everyone! This is truly an honor, something I'll be bringing on on the first tee box for years (how intimidating must it be to play with a GOTW??)

I would have posted earlier, but i was on vacation....busy not playing Torrey Pines. Tougher than i thought to get a tee time, even for a resident apparently.
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