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Joe Rohlman a.k.a. homermania
oobgolf is the best golf community on the web because of users like homermania. He's one of our regular contributors so it's only right to get to know him a little better. If you're ever in St. Louis, you should do two things - order a Miller Lite (to snub Budweiser) and get a game of golf with homermania. Enjoy!

How old are you and what's your occupation?
31. Graphic Designer for a commercial real estate company in St. Louis. Also in a band called the Spot Ons ( I secretly yearn to make it big just so I can bring my clubs on the tour bus and play all over.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
I’ve been playing golf for as long as I can remember. According to my dad, I was about 6 when he started taking me out to the course with him. I would hit a tee ball and putts, gradually filling in the rest of my game. Later as a kid, my parents would drop me off at the course at dawn and pick me up at dusk. I have fond memories of playing 36 holes a day, only breaking for lunch in between. The staff at Elliot GC in Rockford, IL looked after me and became great friends.

According to Oob, I am currently an 8.4. Anytime I break 80 is a great day. I typically shoot eighty something every time I go out these days.

How often do you play?
My beautiful daughter was born at the beginning of the summer, so I have only played a handful of times this season. I’ve been playing Tiger ’11 on the Wii a couple times a week to get my fix. It’s certainly not the same, but better than nothing.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
My most recent greatest shot was a couple weeks ago at the Desert Mountain Club – Cochise Course, a beautiful Nicklaus design. Number six is a short par 4 that was playing about 260 yards from the white tees. It’s one of those holes that you’re supposed to hit a long iron out to the fairway where it takes a 90 degree turn to the right. You cannot see the green from the tee box, but the member we were playing with suggested that I might be able to hit a long ball over the cacti, rocks and desert. I was hitting the driver very well to that point and since we were playing for fun, I decided to go for it. We waited for the green to clear and I smashed a drive on a pretty good line, but we couldn’t be sure about the results until we got to the green. Turns out, I hit the green on the fly and actually spun it back about a foot from my ball mark, ending up about 20 feet away for eagle. The ranger said it looked beautiful from his greenside vantage point. I burned the low edge of the cup on the right to left downhill putt and had a tap-in for my first birdie of the day.

What is your best golf memory?
Anytime I get to play with my dad (Oober WRohlman), I have the greatest time. We have had great matches in the past and I relish any chance I get to play with him. We live about 5 hours apart from each other, so we don’t get to play together very often. Since I’ve gotten him on Oob, we use it to keep track of our “birdie race” every season. Regardless of rounds played, whoever has the most birdies at the end of the season wins. Last year we tied. Dad plays about 4 times as much as I do, but I birdie 4 times as frequently. Eagles count as one in the birdie race and we also count birdies from scrambles or playdays if you make all the shots.

I also played on the golf team in high school. Those were some of the best times, I’m hard pressed to pick just one.

What is your "home" course?
I will always count Ingersoll Memorial Golf Course in Rockford, IL as my home course. It was our home course when I played on the high school team. Elliot GC, also in Rockford, is a close second. That’s the course where I was usually left all day as a kid. Here in St. Louis, my go to course is Ruth Park, a little nine hole muni with a great community, atmosphere and staff.

What ball do you play?
I love to play the Titleist Pro-V1, though any soft cover ball will do. I really like the Bridgestone E-series. The last dozen that I actually purchased for myself were the Srixon Z-tour yellows. I was so excited when they made the yellows because my eyesight is not the best. I’ve actually called Titleist and asked them to make some high-end balls in yellow, but I haven’t seen them on the store shelves yet...

Drivers: Tommy Armour 855
Irons: Ping i3 Blade
Putters: Ping Anser

Favorite pro?
Tiger. I certainly don’t approve of his shenanigans or attitude, but his impact on the game is undeniable. Of the new generation, I enjoy watching Dustin Johnson the best. Nothing seems to harsh that guy’s mellow.

Favorite course you've played?
I’ve played a lot of great courses; I’ve played a lot of awful courses. I can usually find something I like about each one. If I had to choose, I’d say Kapalua on Maui. Even if it kicked my butt, it’s golf in Hawaii ... it doesn’t get much better than that.

Dream course you've yet to play?
St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass, et cetera, et cetera ... all the ones that everybody wants to play. I love to play any tour-ready course.

Best round ever- and what course?
Back in my heyday in high school, I shot a two under 69 at my home course, Ingersoll Memorial. It was in a two day junior tournament, so it’s a legit, play the ball as it lies, hole every shot round. I was the leader after day one and everyone (including me!) was surprised to see that score. I haven’t shot under par for 18 holes since.

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
I would like to improve the frequency of my golf game. I simply don’t play enough to score well anymore. Penalty strokes are the biggest problem with my game right now. Some rounds I could shave six or seven strokes off my score by simply keeping the ball in play. The biggest offense is usually spraying my driver OB.

Tell me a story.
Again, I’m hard pressed to pick just one great story from my many years of golf, so I’ll use this space to praise the excellent golf community that I grew up in. The Rockford Park District spoiled me with cheap golf as I grew up. You can get a season pass that lets you play 5 different courses (one of them is a nine-hole course). You only have to play about 25 or 30 rounds to pay for your pass, after that, it’s free golf for the rest of the summer.

Also, the Rockford Pro-Am tournament is one of the longest running pro-am tournaments unassociated with a Tour stop. Many of the local kids volunteer every year carrying leaderboards, caddying or whatever else needs to be done. It gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of great pros. Two of my favorite pro meetings were Chi Chi Rodriguez and Peter Jacobsen.

Thanks Oob, for having me be GOW. I was just looking for a place to track my handicap and now I visit every day whether I’m playing golf or not.


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bkuehn1952 says:
Congratulations on the well-deserved GOW award. Now get out and play more often!
Banker85 says:
Awesome GOW. You meet 2 of the biggest personalites in Golf, very cool.
dartboss04 says:
great GOW...not sure if that swing training device you got on in the picture is very helpful...
jwilder78 says:
Ha dartboss, I think every father on this site got a kick out of your comment
homermania says:
Thanks everybody!
theghost25 says:
As a fellow Rockford native. Appreciate the shout outs for the unbeleivabel deals that the muni's in Rockford presented for us. A season pass was dirt cheap. We are the same age so i wonder if we played together??? I was at Jefferson graduated in 98
homermania says:
@theghost - Boylan '98. I bet we played against eachother!
Torleif Sorenson says:
Nice to see another musician be named GOW. What instrument(s) do you play?
theghost25 says:
Im sure we did homermania! Great to hear your story man, thank you for sharing!
If you make it to the Charlotte area and want to play you know where to find me :)
homermania says:
@Torleif- I'll play anything, but mainly guitar and piano. And, though I don't think I'm great singer, I ended up being the frontman. Go figure.
shaffer1969 says:
All this talk about Rockford is making me think about Hoffman House prime rib.
ncramsey83 says:
Congrats on being named GOW and welcome to the club!!
homermania says:
@shaffer69- Mmm... Hoffman House prime rib. Also, Mmm... JMK Nippon.
wrohlman says:
Congratulations. Finally had time to read the article. Thanks for being a great son. Dad
craigclayton says:
Nice article. I'm living in West County - and I dont shoot what you shoot - but we should def play sometime....
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