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Michael Montisano a.k.a. mmontisano
I don't often find myself laughing out loud after reading a golfer of the week profile. But, badcaddy's story at the end is FANTASTIC! Enough from me, let's get on to the good stuff. Enjoy!

How old are you and what's your occupation?
I’m 32 and a graphic designer for a microbrewery in Singapore called Brewerkz. If you’re ever in the area, hit me up. We have about 15 beers on tap at all times and they’re all very tasty, and I’ll give you the OOB discount.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
I got my first set of knock-off clubs when I was 12. The irons were called HULK Oversized and were made to look like a set of PING EYE2's while my woods looked similar to Callaway Big Bertha's. It was a good set though and it got me on the varsity team in high school and lasted through college.

I’m currently in a slump this year and a bike accident slowed me down some too, so my handicap has risen to a 12.2. I moved to Singapore last February and I still haven’t gotten used to the humidity here. After a round of golf, you’re physically wiped out for the rest of the day. Even if you drink 6 liters of water during your round, you’re sweating faster than you can hydrate.

How often do you play?
I hit the range at least once a week, but golf in Singapore is WAY expensive, so I only play about once a month. There is only 1 public golf course and it’s about $154 US dollars to play. If you want to play somewhere somewhat cheaper, you need to go to either Malaysia or Indonesia. But then it literally becomes an all day event because you have to take a ferry. I’m trying to play more though.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
The course I played growing up has a short par 4, all uphill. I hit a 3 wood into the bunker that’s about 10 yards before the green. The ball is in an unraked foot print, so I wasn’t exactly sure on how to play it. I take my club and put a big swing on it. The green is obscured because I’m still going uphill, but the shot looks good from the bunker. I walk up to the green and can’t find my ball anywhere. I probably spent about 10 minutes looking for the damn thing all over the place until it dawns on me. “Nooooo, can it be in the cup, can it?” I take a look and there it is, my first eagle! Too bad I didn’t see it happen...

What is your best golf memory?
I can’t really answer this question properly because I’m still creating them. I’m the only one in my family that plays so I can’t say it was all those times playing with my dad. Playing with close friends is always a good time. Really, whenever I’m playing is my favorite. I could literally spend hours testing equipment or at the range working on my game. Those times when you’re trying to squeeze in the last round before the winter snow hits were always fun. I just really love the game.

What is your "home" course?
I don’t have one. I think it’s a better indicator of your handicap if you switch up the courses. If you play the same course all the time you start to know the nuances and tend to play better on it, making you and your handicap look better than it actually is.

The closest thing to a home course I have is the one where I learned the game. Turkeyfoot Golf Links in Akron,OH. It was down the street from my home and I’d just throw my golf bag over my shoulder, hop on my moped and go play golf every day after school.

What ball do you play?
Right now, the TaylorMade Penta because I like them and they were on sale. Otherwise, I would play the TaylorMade Burner Tour. They aren’t too expensive and they spin well enough for my game. And I think they go a little further than the NXTs too.

I’m all over the place with clubs. I have a reserve set that I can revert back to also if I want to switch things up.

Drivers: Ping G10
Fairway Woods: TaylorMade R11
Hybrids: Cobra Baffler Rail H
Irons: Cobra Carbon CB
Wedges: Titleist Vokey 200 Series Chrome Spin Milled
Putters: Odyssey White Hot XG #9

Favorite pro?
Growing up it was Curtis Strange because, I guess the nice way to put it is, he was vocal on and off the course. I have a bit of a fowl mouth and nothing puts emphasis on something quite like the f word. I’ve calmed down a bit and I don’t use colorful language as much as I used too though because if my son were to get in trouble at school for repeating something I once said, I’d really feel like an ***hole.

Now my favorite is Phil. Goofy grin and all. The amount of time he spends focusing on his fans is what a being a pro means to me.

Favorite course you've played?
Nirwana Bali Golf Club in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a tough Greg Norman design along the ocean and it’s highly susceptible to wind. There is a par 3 there that’s absolutely gorgeous. You play over a little lagoon and there is a Hindu temple to your left called Tanah Lot that’s only accessible during low tide and makes for a great picture. I think I uploaded one in my image gallery actually. Just watch out for the big red ants. They bite, no matter what the caddy says. And they can jump...

Dream course you've yet to play?
Without a doubt, The North Course at Firestone Country Club in Akron, OH. I grew up about 3 miles from there and I would go to the NEC every year. I even met Phil’s wife once. Now, of course, it’s a WGC event and I watch every single broadcasted minute on TV. It’s my 5th major. I would play their public 9 as much as possible just so I could peer over the fence to get a good look at one of the greens. The tee boxes there are better than most greens at a muni. I thought I had an “in” to play it one time last year, but I couldn’t get the staff at Firestone to answer their phone or call me back. If an OOBer can get me on, I’ll hop on a plane right this minute and I’ll be knocking on your door in approximately 32 hours.

Other than that, it’s the usual suspects. St. Andrews, Carnoustie, Pebble Beach, Royal Melbourne, Oakmont, Augusta National. The list goes on...

Best round ever- and what course?
I don’t really do anything special. No part of my game is better than anything else. Despite my handicap, I’ve never broken 80, so my lowest score is an 82 that I shot last year at Ridgeview Ranch in Plano, TX. The only thing different that day was that I had 2 birdies in a row but nothing really that special. I’m just more consistent than anything else. Par or bogey is my typical score on a hole.

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What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
The mental game is probably what I need to work on the most. I can get pretty down on myself after a double bogey and then it’s hard to recover after that.

I equally need to work on my conditioning. I bought a bike for exercise and to help me get used to the heat here on the equator. I look in bewilderment at the locals because they go out wearing pants, polo shirt, compression sleeves, heavy amounts of sunscreen on what little skin sees direct sunlight, the whole 9 yards. I don’t know how they do it.

Tell me a story.
The Butcher Story. When Mandelbaum and I were first starting off in our careers as designers, the company hired this guy, we’ll call him Butcher, to our team and he really tried to assert himself. Once in a meeting, he listed the hierarchy and put himself at the top of the whiteboard in really big letters, just under our boss (who was in smaller letters than his). And I swear, he put us all the way at the bottom in the tiniest letters possible. We were barely legible. One day he heard us talking about going to play golf that weekend and he asked if he could join along, to which we reluctantly said yes.

To start the day, we all had some turkey sandwiches because it was close to lunch time. Since I was last to arrive, I had to share the cart with him. Things were going alright at first, but to say this guy was a bad golfer is doing injustice to all the bad golfers out there. Dude used just about every excuse in the book every time he hit a shot. Everything from him misjudging a dogleg (a very minuscule one at that) when his ball went into the trees, to the wind had picked up and knocked down his ball into the water in front of the green.

Anyway, we get the 14th hole and he’s looking a little wiggly in the seat next to me and he asks me, “Hey, is that the bathroom up there?,” and I replied with a yes. I’m not sure why but he didn’t go and the dude is looking worse by the time we get to the 18th hole. He tees up first, hits, then drops his club and starts running up the fairway where we eventually lose sight of him. All of us just kind of stood there for a minute wondering if he was going to come back. After a few minutes we just assume he’s in the club house and we continue playing.

As we get close the green, I hear my name being called. I scan around and finally find the source coming from the woods and it’s Butcher asking me to come get him. I pull up and he gets into the cart with probably the nastiest sight I’ve ever seen. He apparently had to really go and it wasn’t waiting for him to fully pull down his pants. He asks if he can take the cart, finding it hard to contain myself, I replied with an emphatic “YES!”

While in the parking lot explaining to Mandelbaum and The Mustache Ride what happened, I get a phone call from Butcher. “I’m on the parkway sitting in traffic and I can’t stop sh**ing!” is the only thing I remember from that brief conversation.
The following week Butcher is trying to blame “the episode” on the turkey sandwich prior to the round. Mandelbaum actually responded with “Oh yeah, you mean the one we all had?” The same week our team was going out for lunch and Butcher said something along the lines of “I’d drive but I’m having a muffler problem.” So I said the only thing someone in that situation can possibly say, “I know you have a muffler problem, but what’s wrong with your car?”

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BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Why on earth would anyone not make a pit stop at the restroom when YOU KNOW you're going to have to go. Geez.
Kurt the Knife says:
congrats on the GOW hit list.

I must say, a pretty shi**y story, right there.
homermania says:
Oh, there's a bathroom on fourteen? I'll just shit my pants after the round.
bkuehn1952 says:
Congratulations on the well deserved GOW designation. That's a heck of a story but it could not have happened to a more deserving person.
Banker85 says:
+1 homer.
Congrats badcaddy on GOW! We play a similar game, I dont make a lot of birdies, but I play consistent par/bogey and keep it in play while keeping penalty strokes low.
mmontisano says:
thanks everyone!

and i'm serious about Firestone. i'll do ANYTHING to play there.
bsta93 says:
Another example of Ohio's second largest export being people. The prime export is crippling depression.
mmontisano says:
yikes! that's harsh, but true....
Mandelbaum! says:
Congrats, buddy.
JamesCameron says:
The organization enlisted this being, we'll call him Butcher, to our collection and he truly attempt to state himself. Once in a gathering, he recorded the pecking order and place himself at the uppermost, do my paper point of the whiteboard in huge letters.
danieljorden says:
Golf handicap computation use an impenetrable system of course ranking and incredible called grade to explainer videos cheap subtract precisely how many strokes everybody must get.
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