Minutes old..."Where's my 3 Wood?"
Joel Clayton Langdon a.k.a. BabyJoel
Our Golfer of the Week has never seen a golf club. In fact- at this point- he doesn't know his father from a 3 iron. Little does he know, Daddy is going to get him hooked. Introducing to the world... Joel Clayton Langdon.

We haven't really said too much about who we are, doing the site- other than seeing our names around, but Kevin, Joel's daddy, is THE reason this site happens. While I do most of the posts, Kevin does all of the webwork and design. He makes oobgolf work.

Joel was born Thursday morning at 3:52am weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz, and 20.5 inches long. He is Kevin's second son. Look for almost 2 year old Ephraim to start posting his scores soon.

In honor of Baby Joel, I thought I'd give him Golfer of the Week- on his first Friday in the world. Since he can't yet speak- I decided to do it for him. Below are his responses- to our slightly modified questions.


How old are you and what's your occupation?
I'm one day old, and at this point- I'm a poop factory.

When will you start playing golf and what will your handicap be?
There's a good chance I'll be playing golf by about 15 months. My big brother Ephraim has already been spotted swinging some plastic golf clubs around the hospital room. I figure I'll pass him up by the time I'm 3 and he's 5. I'll be a 1 or 2 handicapper by the time I start my Freshman year of high school.

What do you hope to be your first golf memory?
Playing my first round with daddy.

What ball will you play?
Who cares.

Probably by then, a 660cc Driver, with 3-PW Hybrids.

Favorite pro?
We probably don't know of him yet, but he's out there.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Haha- thanks!

Interested in being next weeks featured golfer? email us here

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jimithen says:
Hey daddy, make him a lefty.
falcon50driver says:
Congratulations on the new curtain climber. My two daughters and secretary just added to the population in the past few days.......must have been a cold February
Kickntrue says:
haha- nothing like the old nine-month countback. Just think- everyone born in mid to late January- you were initally a tax refund or a tax break.
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