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Norm Fulmer a.k.a. metnorm
How old are you and what's your occupation?
I'm at 29 years old; soon to be 30. I normally work in a factory but I am also self employed. I am the owner/operator of a flea market/fair vendor business.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
I started playing golf about three years ago and according to oob my handicap is 24.6.

How often do you play?
This season for the most part I played at least once a week sometimes 2, 3, 4 times a week. All depended on weather and cash.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
Well as most of us, I've made some "great" shots where it wasn't anything more then just being able to get through some trees or just trying to recover from a bad tee shot. But I think the one that comes to mind was the second shot of my first ever birdie.

I have a nice right to left slice (I'm a lefty when I play) and when I hit my tee shot it went about the same distance right to left as it did up the fairway. So I ride up to where my ball went and see it is laying on the side of a fairway which is a hill. I go to it and try to figure out whats what and then grab a 3 hybrid. At set up, the ball is about a foot below my left foot and my right foot is another foot up the hill. I'm only 100 yards out the hybrid was about all I could reach with. I swing and I'm amazed I even made contact, looked up and the ball was going at the pin and lands on the green. I go up and drain the 5 foot putt for my first bird.

What is your best golf memory?
This one is kinda tough for me. Every time I've woken up and gone out to play golf and had a good time is a good memory. But for a best memory I'd have to go with the first time I beat my golfing buddy. He is a better golfer then I and he says his league handicap is 8 for nine holes. I've seen this guy shoot an 80 one week and then shoot a 98 the next on the same course, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is what he calls his golf game. Well this day he was having a bad golf day and I was having a good day. I was hitting the ball good and making pars and bogeys and I want to say I carded a 92 that day and beat him by four strokes. He was so mad (not that I beat him but that he played so bad) he wanted to play another round and that he would pay for me as I was broke now. He didn't play to well the second round either but still beat me by seven.

What is your "home" course?
I'm not a member but my buddy is so we always play there so I guess I'd have to say Domenico's Golf Course. Really nice course for the money. Always nice and green even this summer when it was a hot one without much rain the course was still nice and green and with a good challenge to the course design and landscape.

What ball do you play?
I currently play the Nike Crush. I use to play the pd soft when I started playing but the crush had a buy a dozen get a free towel promotion at the local sporting goods store so I tried them out and felt I was a little straighter and longer with them. So I've stuck with them.

Drivers: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0
Fairway Woods: Nike SQ Dymo
Irons: Adams Golf Insight XTD
Wedges: Nike Slingshot 4D
Putters: Odyssey White Steel #1

Favorite pro?
Phil Mickelson. Before I even cared at all about golf I was so sick and tired of seeing Tiger Woods all over the place. The same way I get sick of hearing and seeing Tom Brady or Derek Jeter or Alex Ovechkin. So I was like who could play spoiler and Phil stuck out to me. Then when I started playing golf I started to like him more because he is right handed and plays lefty just like I do. I also cheer on the likes of Bubba Watson and Mike Weir and any left-handed player really.

Favorite course you've played?
Pole Valley Players Club is what I'd have to go with I think. When I played there it was a new course only about two years old and without a lot of capitol to make it super pretty right away. When playing there you could imagine how nice it is going to be and you could see the family out there working on the course too. Plus the views of the Adirondacks was really nice as well.

Dream course you've yet to play?
Dream course would be the normal courses most people would say Augusta, Pebble Beach, The Old Course. But it asks "yet to play" so I'll be relistic on this and say the Atunyote Course at Turning Stone Casino and Resort. It a course the PGA has played at in the past during the fall season and Tiger Woods and others have played on it this summer in the Notah Begay III Challenge. It's a public course but it costs $250 and I just can't see paying that for one round at this point in my life.

Best round ever- and what course?
Carded an 86 at Casolwood Golf Course this summer on a day my game was just on. Yes I know some of you might break a couple clubs with a score like that but for me and my game I was on.

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
Consistency. I feel if i can be more consistent I'd shave up to 10 strokes off my game even if I'm not a long hitter or the best putter if I could do the same thing every time with a club it would help out greatly instead of one hole hitting a drive in the fairway hitting the second shot well and two putting for par and the next hole bad drive, fat second shot and skull the third over the green and ending up with a triple bogey.

Tell me a story.
So my buddy and I are playing with another guy which is his friend. I hit my ball left of the fairway and behind a grove of trees but there is a path to hit through and try to reach the green or near the green. I grab my 3-wood and figure out how I want to hit the ball. Meanwhile my buddy driving the cart drives over closer to the fairway to help spot the ball when it comes out. I setup, feel good about what is about to happen, and I know I have to go between those two trees and have it slice back left. I swing, hit the ball nice and hard, and in that instance I thought 'nice'. Then comes the sound of ball on tree — hard. My eye caught the ball bounding off the tree right at my golfing buddy who is twice my age and in better shape then I.

Then at the same time I see the ball bounce off his head and him go tumbling over the the seat. So now I'm thinking 'holy cow' I just killed my buddy and go running at the cart. There he is staring at the ground reaching out for anything he could grab with his left leg up and over the steering wheel. He shakes his head and starts laughing, boy was I glad he was now laughing. Naturally I wanted to buy the beers that night at the local pub but nope my buddy was like "Norm I've got a crap ton of chips for this place lets go there and get a few drinks and something to eat". He paid for my food and drinks after I hit HIM in the head. Oh, and I made a triple bogey and he made par on the hole!


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SteveMM says:
Welcome to the GotW club!
bkuehn1952 says:
Another fine GOW selection! Welcome. As you know, you have a great golf buddy, too.
guzzlingil says:
Congrats buy me a beer......................
mustang6560 says:
It's like when Dick Cheney shot his friend, and then the friend apologized to Dick.
aaronm04 says:
Congrats on GotW!
jfurr says:
Nice write up and good to meet you, Norm.
metnorm says:
Thank you thank you. Guzzlingil I'll buy the first round but you have to to come to central New York. Yeah the guy I play with is a good guy, retired plays alot of golf and pays my way when I don't have the money and he wants to play with me. And Nate I think it was something like that. "Norm I'll buy the drinks and food tonight and you don't hit me in the head again" lol.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Norm, welcome to the GoW club... and great "deflection" story!
Kurt the Knife says:
Welcome to the halls of the greats.

BTW, nice tip to bash the brains of your buddy for free food.
I gotta try that one.
madmx99 says:
Congrats on joining the club!!!
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