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Mike Jaber a.k.a. mjaber
What is your name and oobgolf username?
Mike Jaber, username: mjaber (creative, I know...)

How old are you and what's your occupation?
I'm 37. (I actually had to do the math on that, I keep wanting to say 32.) I'm a program support specialist for the supply chain services department of the OEM division of an international distribution company. Basically, I assist in the management of a current breadman program, and help with the bids for new business. I developed and maintain an Access database to help with the management of sources for material, as well as track new internal part numbers. I am also involved in purchasing, sourcing, process documentation, and maintenance of our internal, web-based just-in-time scan software.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
I started playing consistently in 2008. While travelling in 2004, a co-worker and I stayed in a condo on a golf course, because it was cheaper to stay three nights there than three one-night stays at different hotels. My current handicap on oob is 23.2.

How often do you play?
Not nearly often enough. When I first started playing, I averaged about every other weekend, but since my daughter was born, my priorities shifted, and I find myself doing different things. I still enjoy playing, and hopefully, in a couple years there will be monthly trips to the course for daddy-daughter bonding. Until then, it will probably hold steady at the 1-4 rounds I've been getting in for the last few years.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
Well, I've already told the story of the best shot I ever made. So, my first birdie came on a par 5 on the Prairie Course at Green Meadow in Hudson, NH. My second shot had ended up under some trees in the right rough, about 110 from the green. I hit a punch 7-iron under the overhanging branches. The ball came out low and straight. It shot straight into the side of the elevated green, bounced up and landed about two feet from the hole. I doubt I could duplicate the shot, but it was great to see.

What is your best golf memory?
I haven't had any great memories yet, but I might. My favorite golf-related memory was when we (me, my wife and two-year-old daughter) went to the Franklin Park Zoo. There is a public golf course next to the zoo [William Devine GC] and as we were walking back to the car, my daughter stopped and looked at the guys teeing off from one of the holes, looked at my wife and said "I want to play golf with daddy."

What is your "home" course?
There are three courses I play regularly, but I don't have a home course. Granite Fields in Kingston, NH is a great newer course — it's been open for about ten years, I think. It's well-maintained, reasonably priced, and challenging. You can get into some real trouble if you're not relatively straight off the tee, though. Crystal Lake (formerly Crystal Springs) in Haverhill, MA is just recently under new ownership and is in the process of undoing all of the poor maintenance from the previous owners. It's long, but not as penal for wayward drives as Granite Fields. Campbell's Scottish Highlands in Salem, NH is one of the best-run courses I have ever been to. If you ever need to plan a round and need to know when you will finish so that you can plan the rest of your day, play the Highlands.

What ball do you play?
Titleist DT SoLo. I started buying Titleist X-outs from Wal-Mart not long after I started playing, because they were less expensive than anything else. Usually, there were 3 sleeves of DTs and a sleeve of NXTs. I liked both, but the DTs are less expensive. I've got a few dozen Nike (Karma, I think) in the garage from a couple years ago that I'll start playing once I run out of the Titleists in my bag.

    Driver: TaylorMade R5 TP 10.5°, stock stiff flex shaft
2-Hybrid: TaylorMade Rescue Mid, stiff flex steel shaft
4-Hybrid: TaylorMade Rescue Dual, stock stiff flex shaft
5-Hybrid: Dunlop Loco, firm flex
      Irons: Cobra S2, regular flex, steel
  Wedges: 48° Eidolon (Thanks, Terry!)
                 52° TaylorMade RAC
                 56° TaylorMade xFT
                 60° TaylorMade Z-TP

Favorite pro?
I like the guys who look like they are having fun. Rocco, Goydos, Phil. I realize that this is their job, and how they make a living, but if you can't have fun playing a game for a living, you need to find another way to make money. I feel the same about any sports figure. You're getting paid to play a game. Have fun with it!

Favorite course you've played?
Red Tail in Devens, MA. Why? It was free!!! :-D

It's a gorgeous course, and the price to play reflects it. Luckily, I was invited to play by a co-worker who has a friend... There was no concern about pace, because tee times are spaced to allow you to play at your own pace and not push the group ahead or be pushed by the group behind. The course is beautiful.

Dream course you've yet to play?
St. Andrews, no question. Best part is, my wife is on board. She loves to travel, and would love to go to Scotland. I'd also like to play White Witch in Jamaica.

Best round ever — and what course?
89 at the Highlands

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
I'm actually pretty happy with my game overall. The one thing I would like to find is a long club that would let me go after a par-5 on occasion. I don't get the distance I would like out of my 2-hybrid, and it pretty much stays in the garage unless I take it to the range with me.

Tell me a story.
The first time I ever held a golf club, I was in Minnesota on an extended business trip. I was travelling to different sites for a customer program, doing inventories at cable yards, and training on-site staff on our mainframe system. My co-worker lived in Minnesota, and was able to find some better places for us to stay. For this part of the trip, he was able to find a condo on a golf course that was central to the three sites we would be visiting, was less expensive than doing a bunch of one-night stays, and included as much golf as we could play. He brought along two sets of clubs, and away we went. On the 1st tee, I looked up and saw a fence off to the right, about 20 yards from the tee, but only two or three sections long. On the other side of the fence were the backyards of a neighborhood. When I saw the fence I said, "Hmmm, I wonder why that fence is there? It seems like a strange spot."

I proceeded to hit a screaming worm-burner right off the fence. After we stopped laughing, I said, "Well, I guess that answers my question."

Thanks, Mike!

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CeeBee says:
Congrats on G.O.W. Ah Jamaica. Love the place. You will be amazed at the beauty and layout of White Witch. Outstanding course and great caddies.
bkuehn1952 says:
Good stories from a welcome addition to the GOW Club.
Matt F says:
Congratulations Mike!
Scott Shields says:
Didn't you use to have a Duck as an avatar? I'm confused. Congrats by the way! :D
mjaber says:
@Scott Shiels... The duck is still my avatar. Oob wanted a picture of me for the GOTW profile.

@CeeBee... I thought about playing it on my honeymoon. The wife told me I could if I wanted to, but I decided against it. We have already decided we are going back to Jamaica eventually, so the next time, I will play.
Duke of Hazards says:
Congrats, Mike.
aaronm04 says:
Congrats on GoW!
GolfSmith7 says:
falcon50driver says:
GOTW is my favorite part of this website, I enjoyed this one more than most for several reasons. The creativeness of the username, talking about White Witch, I can relate, because I got to play it, and the picture of the little girl just melts my heart, I have two daughters, and they grow up so fast, please spend as much time as you can with her.
mjaber says:
@falcon... I do my best. Her birthday was Saturday (she's 3 now). I was dripping with sweat while trying to get everything setup for her party. I had to finish putting the swingset back together, clean & refill the pool, and put up the bounce house. Amazingly, I found her a set of golf clubs and didn't have to spend more than I would for a tank of gas. She got her pink clubs (5-wood, wedge, putter, and bag) and I only spent $35 for them. A trip to the range will be in order very soon.
Torleif Sorenson says:
mjaber: A trip to the range? That is beautiful news. Mazel tov!
mjaber says:
@Tor... Best part is, there is a pitch-and-putt about 5 minutes from my house that has a "clinic" on Saturday mornings for kids. I'm not sure what (if anything) they charge to let the little ones swing, but it's the perfect place/time.
mossgaboss says:
Congrats on "GOW".....I hope you get to build many memories with your daughter playing a lovely game.
jfurr says:
Thanks for sharing, Mike. :)
Muscle-OchO says:
@Mjaber, When you were in Minnesota, were you up in the Brainerd Lakes area?
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