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John a.k.a. stuffy51345
How old are you and what's your occupation?
I am 61 years of age, and work as a Retail Executive Consultant for a well-established agency in Rockville, Md.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
Unfortunately, I started at the ripe old age of 56, and my current handicap is 21.

How often do you play?
I try to play once a week, on weekends.

What is your best golf memory?
My hole-in-one last year (2005) at Redgate Golf Course, Rockville, Md.

WHAT?!! Tell me that story...
When I got up to the tee on the 126yd. Par 3 making a 'hole-in-one wasnGÇÖt even in my mind. Looking back, that morning the air was somewhat thick, and I do remember that I was uncertain as to whether I should hit the PW or my 9 iron. I settled on the 9, and remember how perfect the shot felt, but was mostly concerned with getting the ball on the green. I turned away when I was sure that the ball was on the putting surface, but heard the other 3 players yell out GÇ£you got a hole in one!GÇ¥ Very surprised I turned around and asked what they were talking about. They repeated what I thought they had said. I was still not sure that the ball had gone into the cup, so walking up to the green, I was hoping that they were right. Sure enough when we got to the green, they gave me the honor of retrieving my ball from the cup. What an honor!
I must say, a very good shot, but a lot of luck.
This is one of the reasons why I am addicted to the game.

What is your "home" course?
Needwood Golf Course, Derwood, Md.

What ball do you play?

Taylor Made Rac

Favorite pro?
Tiger Woods

Favorite course you've played?
Harbourtown Golf Links, Hilton Head Island, SC

Dream course you've yet to play?
Because I am somewhat addicted to golf, any course at present is my dream course.

Best round ever- and what course?
91, at Needwood Golf Course, Md - just last week

I guess we could say John is playing the best golf of his life.

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Bill Morgenroth says:
Well done with ace. I've made two, and it's an incredible numbing feeling
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