Jason and his daughter Lily
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Jason Schnatter a.k.a. jason
His rocker name is simply "J" and Jason doesn't let us down. He is a golfer, he's a father and he's a rockstar (soon maybe). He has even included some music to rock along to while you read.

How old are you and what's your occupation?
35. Computer programmer by day. Aspiring rockstar by night. Have a band called MEAN VENUS (shameless plug: www.meanvenus.com)

I'll do one better than a shameless plug. I listened to the cd online- and here is my favorite song. Turn up the speakers and prepare to ROCK!

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
Played some pitch and putt as a kid. Got the golf bug pretty bad some time within the past ten years.

How often do you play?
As much as possible. Utterly obsessed at the moment. 2-3 times per week (though I have only been back at the game a month).

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
I play a local course called Tara Greens quite a bit (cheap, convenient, long and straight...course rating 70). They have an extremely fair par 4 8th hole--only about 250. After trying to drive the very reachable green I found myself 30 yards out or so. To compensate for the lack of distance on this par 4, they have quite a crazy, undulating green. Really sloped. Lotsa birdies turning into bogeys :( Anyway I pitched it to the high end of the green and watched it slowly trail down into the cup for eagle. One of the few shots where I actually tossed a wedge in the air ;)

What is your best golf memory?
Playing pitch and putt with my dad and brother growing up. Especially when i got a little older and could compete with my dad. Kind of like "coming of age".

What is your "home" course?
At the moment it is this place called Tara Greens, Somerset, NJ. Nine holes that you play twice. Meet the most interesting people out there. Only $20 a round (i am into quanity vs quality at this point). It is also the course I played growing up so it is sentimental. Going for a county card this afternoon because there is a county course almost in walking distance of my house called Tamarack. They have two 18s and a range and I can play there with the card for about the same price as Tara. I plan on haunting that place until I break 80.

What ball do you play?
I end up getting alot of these used Pro V1s. Maybe it is psychological but I just feel better playing them. Although I really will hit any old thing in my bag. Cant justify new Pro Vs yet.

Taylor Made Irons (r80 burners). Have set of Nike Pro Combos on the way. Nike woods and driver. Odyssey two ball putter.

Favorite pro?
I like the old school guys. Nicklaus, Player, Kite, Watson. Remember my dad watching them when i was a kid. Like to root against Tiger ;) He is TOO damn good.

Favorite course you've played?
Hominy Hill and Black Bear (both NJ courses).

Dream course you've yet to play?
My buddy and I were recently talking about playing some of those brutal Scottish courses. Or anywhere in a tropical climate near sandy beaches.

Best round ever- and what course?
83 at Tara Greens.

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
Long irons, fairway woods.

Tell me a story.
A story. Well my golf history in brief. Got the golf bug ten years ago or so. A coupla of good buddies of mine got it around the same time. We all kind of learned to play simultaneously and we would talk a lot of smack (especially me). Bragging and boasting: "Gonna shoot a 69 today" sort of thing. Anyway, I upgraded clubs, bought every book and video. Was on a mission. My buddies took some lessons. My buddies started playing better. Kicking my butt. Getting consistently in the 80s. Maybe even breaking 80 occasionally. I ended up getting worse!!! 490 swing thoughts a shot. Consumed TOO much info. Much of it was contradictory!!! I eventually quit in disgust.

A month or so ago. One of the guys I began my golf journey with had a golf outting/bachelor party thing. I went begrudgingly (i was in the wedding party). Man did I play like crap. It'd been years. I did not make solid contact off of a single tee! Fortunately it was a scramble. We actually tied for the win. Something was re-ignited in me. My love for the game. My love for golf camaraderie. Just enjoying the day. Nature. The weather. Getting away from "life" for a bit. From the office and bills and "issues". Just think about the little white ball for 5 hours and talk smack ;)

That was a month ago and man I have been on fire. I hope it isnt fleeting. I still havent broken down and taken a lesson but i have settled upon a single "approach" that has suddenly transformed my game. In a nutshell I am swinging more from the inside. Smashing drives long and consistently straight and really feeling comfortable with my short game. The pressure of playing well is gone too and now I just wanna enjoy the day and play every shot the best I can. My score is dropping every time out. Recently I have been breaking 90 regularly. Must be doing something right.

I have a two year old daughter named Lily and recently i have put a gap wedge in her hand. Her eyes light up. I cant wait to teach her to play. She is really athletic already. Throws straight and hard with both hands and can kick a ball a mile ;) I look forward to spending time with her on the course as we get older. And hope that she holds the memories of me as dearly as I hold those of my dad out on the course.

Awesome Story! Thanks.

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