Group Leaderboard Ranking
A description of the different options available to rank your group's scores.

USGA Differential
Differential is essentially the difference between your ESC Score and the score that a scratch golfer would record on the same course. It is calculated as follows:
((Score - Rating) X 113) / Slope

To see your own differentials and how they are used for calculating handicap. Click on the "handicap" link next to your handicap index on your "my game" page.

USGA differentials are the best way to compare scores between multiple courses of different levels of difficulty. It does not take into account the skill level of the golfer.

Fair Score
For more on Fair score click here

Gross Score to Par
This is the score as it commonly appears on a PGA leaderboard. For example if you shot a 79 in a par 72 course it would display as +7. This does not take into account the golfers skill level or the difficulty of the courses.

Net Score to Par

Gross Score
This is the basic score exactly as it appears on the scorecard.

Net Score
This is a golfers ESC score minus their course handicap. Course handicap is an indication of what a golfer should shoot based on a given course based on their potential/handicap.

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ronphoto says:
Is there a possibility of calculating our up and down percentage? All of the data is there to do so. Please advise. Thanks!
Mookie says:
Here's a question. Some clown just became administrator of a large group I'm a member of, and is playing with the rules to declare himself the winner of a three-month virtual tournament. So --- How do I withdraw from a group?
tennpoke says:
I would like to be able to compare different stats for the group members. (who has the lowest putting average, etc...). Is there a way to do that?
ParHunter says:
Would it be possible to have a ranking based on e.g. SUM(stableford points over e.g. 32) divided by number of rounds (min 4 rounds)?
This ranking would be a measure on how consistently well someone played over the season without taking the real bad scores into account (it would simply be 0 for real rubbish rounds)
I like tennpoke's proposal as well. Have rankings by putts/GIR etc
PascalJedi says:
I would like to see the leader board / group settings be able to toss out Par 3 courses. Basically PAR < 68 don't count the round towards the group play.
Mookie says:
Query: I belong to a group of 16 players that plays every two weeks at a muni in the DC area. We would like to find a club handicap solution that all the members can believe in. essentially, I'd like to get all the members joined up on oobgolf, and use the group function to keep club handicaps in one place, where all the members can check them. Does the group function allow us to do that?
Jeroen van der Meer says:
I would like to see an option that you leave out a score in the group. For instance if you are playing with somebody else who is not member of the group. Can you leave out this score, so it doesn't count for that particular leaderboard.
MrGQSmiles says:
I'd like to see all of the stats on the overall leaderboard only use the last 20 scores, similar to how handicap and scoring average is calculated. For example Avg Putts tabulates all scores entered in oob. I'm assuming Fairway% and GIR% are the same. As such, they do not reflect the same time period as handicap and scoring average.
ToddLacroix says:
I have created a golf group to which I send out invitation to all the members to join. As the administrator, I expected to be able to enter scores for all members of the group. As it turns out, I still have to have each person set me up as a friend and allow me to enter scores for them before they appear in the Dropdown list of group members. Has anyone run ito this before and is there a solution to it that I'm missing?
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