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Okay- this is somewhat shameless but we need your help with testimonials for us to use when talking to others about oobgolf. A lot of you have emailed over time and we appreciate those very much. Even if you've done that before- please help out here.

Please take a couple moments to drop a comment into this page with what you like about oobgolf. By doing this- you are agreeing to let us use your words in any promotional or marketing materials we may produce. This is not a forum for improvements or suggestions (though please do that here).

Thanks so much guys!

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ForeKris says:
i've been golfing for less than 18 months. However, in those 18 months i've tried about a dozen different golf sites (free and paid). oobgolf is the best one that i've found, by far. it has it all...

(1) stats tracking, (2) course finder w/ rating and comments, (3) social networking, (4) mobile site - i've used it with my treo and now iPhone.

as a golfer, i really enjoy using this site. i check it multiple times a day. i've recommended it to at least a dozen people.

as a techie, i really admire the developers for creating such a well thought out and functional site. i also commend them for the constant development and improvements.
Eddy Whitaker says:
This is the best social networking sites for golf i have seen..and it keeps your stats...it doesn't get much better than this!
Josh says:
oobgolf made me handsome and popular!
shathorn says:
There are a lot of great features with oobgolf. The best is that it is all easy to use. Great functionality, good analysis, easy to use, good forum, what more are you looking for?
possingk says:
Not only has oobgolf.com helped me find the flaws in my own game, but has provided great information and stat tracking I couldn't ask for anything more in a website. Being able to see upcoming tournaments in my area is great. Following other members live scores is one of my favorite features.
georgelohr says:
oobgolf has NOT made me a better golfer, but it sure has made golf more fun! The stat tracking is awesome. I use stats as ammo for trash talking during our next round. Yeah, I may be a 32.1, but Matt is a 32.8!
jdaly says:
I'm John Daly and I approve Oobgolf.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Golf is a wonderful sport, a sport that can be wildly addicting if you can play weekly. I'm a college student and full time bartender and don't get out on the course a quarter as much as I would like. I get to live out my golf life vicariously through Oob, and I absolutely love it. I check Oob 3 or 4 times as often as I check other social networking sites (myspace, facebook), and my friends and loved ones are on those.
Team Lexus says:
oobgolf is user friendly! there are so many things a golfer can use oobgolf. Go oobers!
mrtimb says:
I found oobgolf about 5 months ago, and I've been hooked ever since. It's a great tool to track, and hopefully improve, your golf game. Besides that, the ability to "talk" to golfers from around the nation is a plus. After all, who else other than a fellow golfer is going to appreciate hitting a ball tight to the pin. I've recommended, and will continue to do so, oobgolf to every golfer I've come into contact with.
SingleDigits says:
I checked out a lot of sites before using OOBgolf and it is by far the easiest to use, the most versatile and is constantly improving. Moreover it is a true golf community.
blue_crush says:
the scoring stats are the best out there... the forums are kinda slow, the Lounge and Columns are cool but limit responses a bit to much...
did I say I love the stats....
iluv5pam says:
oobgolf has made me lose 8 strokes in just 2 weeks.

i would like to say that this is a fantastic website for golf stats and information, especially those with an iPhone. the ability to add course information and the response time of admin is beyond exemplorary. i love how good ideas are so quickly turned around in fluition. the layout is easy to use and the application of the stats has helped all the golfers here realize what parts of their game they need to work on. on the most positive side, the site is free as well as the iPhone application. what more could you ask for? good service, great stats, 24 hour turnaround on answers and ideas, easy to use interface, and best of all, its FREE!!!!
atxtraveler says:
OOBGolf has made me a better golfer. Since all of my friends watch my rounds live, I feel the need to perform at my best in tournament like style. If I miss that double bogey putt on 7, I know I will get instant feedback from 30 of my closest friends. This is the way to deal with pressure situations! Thanks OOB!
Shooter Mcgowan says:
As a rising high school golfer, Lexus Keoninh, uses oobgolf.com as a recruiting tool to help promote his game and schedule to college coaches. This allows all the coaches to easily follow his game and check his results at tournaments. Some even come and watch him play. This has helped land a great scholarship offer from a big name school. Not to mention, oobgolf.com has allow Lexus to keep in touch and track the many golfers that he meets and compete with trough his Jr golf tournaments. Oobgolf is a must if you are looking to play college golf. The live scoring using a mobile phone has made it possible for close friends and family to follow his round live like a Tour Player. The site has been very responsive to feature request from users and this has lead to a very user friendly site that all can enjoy. I can't say enough about how fun oobgolf is and how I love going on there everyday to check the news feeds and the comments Lexus gets from his rounds.
choward024 says:
OOBGolf is the best golf tracking website out there. I love the live scoring capabilities. The stats available have made me a better golfer. Highly recommend for any golfer.
kidputter says:
Great site and less filling, too. 9 strokes off my index since joining. Love the stats and the ease of game tracking. I feel like a pro when I look at the leaderboards...til I look at our handicaps.
munk24 says:
OOBgolf is a great site, as one fellow oober says it "Golf on Crack" I love the statistics and i have met a lot of nice people on the site. Many of my friends are juniors who post their scores. My son plays college golf and I use their scores to help guide them in getting a chance to play college golf. I pass the scores on to my sons coach and several have already received interest from colleges. Another thing is most of my friends and myself visit the site daily to check our friends scores and get our fix. I love looking at live scores and keeping updated on scores as the golfer plays. Its fun to interact with the golfer and other oobers and its surprising how the suspense builds as you wait to see what the golfer will do on the next hole. As great a site as it is, its time to get on my soapbox and suggest a few things. continued on next post
munk24 says:
1. I would love oobgolf to set up a portal where juniors can post their scores for college coaches to see, as Lexus Keoninh has showed us how to do it. The golfer can embed a video of their swing and input information about what they want in a school. Many of the smaller colleges have little or no recruiting budgets and this could expose the junior to more opportunities and draw coaches to the site. 2. When watching a live score, it would be cool if the golfer or the person following the golfer could make comments prior to entering their score. while waiting they could say Eddy or Lexus is lining up a 15 foot putt for birdie, it would make watching a live round more suspenseful. Continued on next post
munk24 says:
3. I would like to see more infromation about the golfer such as a bigger picture, the ability to embed vdeos of their game into the site, pics of their favorite courses, etc.. If anybody wants to see what oobgolf could become, go to myspace.com/lexusgolf. OOber Lexus Keoninh and family have set up a terrific site that helped him land a scholarship to a major college. Why should this be on myspace? A golf social site like OOBgolf would be a much better place for this to be.
Enough of this, OOBgolf is a great site wre all golfers should come for their daily golf fix
onedollarwed says:
What is it that golfers need? We need to be thinking about the game when we can't play, to be reflecting on our game when we can, and to be seeking feedback from other golfers or knowledgable folk.
Oobgolf is a great place to find people who are proud of their game with higher handicaps than yours, and insecure with lower handicaps.
Oobgolf is like confessional... your only screwing yourself if you cheat. There is nothing wrong about a penalty stroke... just not writing it down.
Forgiveness abounds, not just in our irons, but in our hearts.
-kinda sappy, but true!
Icymint says:
I remember the growing desire I had to keep stats of my game so that I could focus on what I needed to work on. I wanted to know how my game was developing, so I googled golf stats. I scrolled through a few and then ran into OOBGOLF. I have been hooked ever since; and to think it is free. I truly enjoy surfing the site and reading the comments. The leaderboards in my different groups keep me motivated to improve my game and there is always the thrill after a round to enter my scores and stats to see how I have performed.
I do take note and deeply appreciate all the hard work put in by the developers, to update the features on the site. They keep it fresh, informative and interesting. Thanks a lot guys. Great job !!!
Jake Bogardus says:
When you combine a free service with something that when used properly can actually help you improve your game, you have a winner. Oob has helped me break my game down and analyze mostly how I attack holes and how successful I am in my plan, and therefore allows me to plan to attack in a different way if my current way isn't working. Thank you oob
mjaber says:
I've been playing golf for about a year. I'm a big "numbers" guy. I love numbers. When I started playing, I started tracking my scores. I wanted to know what my handicap was. Until I came acress oobgolf, I couldn't find anything that would give me an easy way to get my handicap. Oobgolf gives me that, and so much more. The course finder is great. I travel for work, and now I always check oobgolf before a trip, to make sure there is a decent, inexpensive, pubilc course near by. When I joined, I browsed through all the older articles and found answers to alot of the "beginner" questions that I had been afraid to ask, or had never thought of asking.

I've also gotten the 2 friends I golf with most to join. It will be interesting to see how our games progress, and who actually wins when we play.
GolfSmith7 says:
I love keeping my stats and better yet I can customize them as I want. It has helped improve my game because it lets me know what part of my game needs more practice. Thank you for your site and keep up the good work.
Ben Crane says:
Oobgolf is simply wonderful! I tried many free and paid services for stat tracking prior to discovering Oobgolf. While they do exist, I would have to use up to five different packages to get what Oobgolf offers in one convenient site. The forums are wonderful for keeping up on golf news, the stat tracking is limited only by my desires to keep them, and the ability to track scores live makes it possible for my many golf buddies to follow the round live. In tough economic times, OOB's course reviews from fellow OOBer's ensures I'm getting a no-hype review and helps me decide if the course is worth my hard earned dough. Additionally, the Tournaments feature makes it easy to quickly find the tournaments available in my area for any given time period. However, the feature that I like best is the ability to search for golfers in my area. I've gained several new golf buddies and forged friendships as a result of this site. Thank you OOB!
bradfordkraft says:
Every day my brother and I are paired with another twosome at our local course and, during the round, I never fail to mention oobgolf. What a great resource and tool for golfers at every level. I greatly appreciate all of the content and find myself linking to lots of the advertisers. Brian, who I golf with daily, uses his Ipod to upload scores too oob via the 'Golf Card' shareware application. I input my own scores through oob's quick utilities and enjoy wrapping up the golf day by checking out other golfer's scores and progress and by reading the many columns and forums. Oob is doing a great job of bringing our games to one another and creating a vibrant community of golfers at all levels.
Franzlee says:
I have a problem on entering a 36 hole golf couse to the system via this website. from this website, max i can enter 18 hole only, how to solve the problem.
At the moment i have created a 36 hole golf couse on my iphone by using add couse in the progrom, i entered 4 couses 9 hole each so that i can choose any combination of 18 hole to play, but the problem raise from this mattered is i can not upload the score to the website, please advise how to solve the problem. thanks.
chuck_stoker says:
We're new to the site. Left a site that started charging yearly fees when we found OOBGOLF thru a random search engine. Some excellent features and the customer service is OUTSTANDING!!! Keep up the good work!!
Best golf website ever.
fred c says:
how close is my oobgolf handicap to a usga handicap
golfbob43 says:
I would just like to thank you for a great site! I have been using oobgolf for over two years now and heartily recommend it to all my friends. You do a great job of letting me see where my problems with the game are and thus I can start working on them. I really enjoy using this site - thanks!

Bob Yingst
N-THE-RUFF says:
Hey! I'm listed on OOB Golf and I use it religiously. Enough said!
MX-5 says:
In addition with my iPhone and Golfcard (the app) OOBgolf is the best free golf analysing website I could find. When playing on an other course I just download the course to my iPhone and I know directly where and what to expect.

Great going Guy's,
birdieXris says:
I was tired of paying fees to sites for stat-tracking and networking. Fees that could be better used to PLAY GOLF! Oobgolf is free. It has everything I need in one space from Reviews on courses to clubs, it has my stats, and golf related news i actually CARE about, rather than just fluff.

Sweet site!
BlameMe says:
I've been using OOB for a while and think its great. It has excellent stat tracking and its all free and even more if you want to pay for a more in depth look at how you are doing. I can see trends on where I need to improve to get that handicap down and the info provided by guest writers has been great to read.

The course list is amazing with courses from every part of the world. I've used the course list to track scores from the USA, UK and Australia.

The only draw back i can see with courses is the conflict with the USA Slope/Rating and getting that to work on UK courses as most don't have it.

Apart from that small bit this site is great.

Brilliant work!!
Marty Stiewig says:
I've been using OOBGolf for a couple of years and thought it was great until they changed the ability of the golfers to add or revise a course. Two examples: Last week I played golf on Hilton Head Island, SC. The course is called Shipyard and consists of 3 9-hole courses. Each course has several tee boxes like most courses do, and you are assigned to play on two of the courses for 18 holes total. None of the combinations that are in the system covered the 2 courses I played. I couldn't even enter them as two different 9-hole courses.
Yesterday I played the 'Rust' tees at the Jack Nicklaus course at Pronghorn in Bend, OR. The only tees that are listed are the black tees. I can't post my scores.
OOBGolf WAS good, now it's sadly lacking as a tool for golfers that might be playing courses that aren't listed, or at courses that somebody else put the data in. Too bad. I've lost a good tool.
jimterrell says:
You have mislabeled the back nine at Grandfather Mountain Golf and Country Club. You have par correctly identified, but the individual holes and yardages are incorrect...thx Jim Terrell
jrvidman says:
I have entered at least 9 scores for this year 2011 and my ave score has not moved at all. What am I doing wrong. I did the math and I should have an average score a little over 100. I need help ! Thanks.
jarick098 says:
Sometimes the amount of time spent on this site makes feel like I work for you guys. Thank you for helping the work day fly by!
kmac1 says:
Great site. I played for years "just playing". A friend was keeping his stats and talked me into trying it. knowing my handicap is helpful but the real benefit is the insight into where I'm loosing strokes and what I need to work on.
birdieXris says:
I think of all the golf websites that i've been on, paid or free, oobgolf is the best site out there. Other "Free" sites have you sign up with promises of forums, instruction, stat tracking and giveaways only to give you one or two stats and maybe an article before you have to pay upwards of $30 to join. There isn't any of that with OOB. Signing up isn't mandatory to have a full profile, keep great stats, and participate in all forum discussions and article posting. Ontop of that, if you did want to join, it's what? $20 bucks for a YEAR?! With that you get the GPS app for android AND iphone and even more detailed stats AND are eligible for MORE giveaways. That, and this is the ONLY site that hasn't sold my email to some strange third party when they said they wouldn't. I have NO spam on the account i signed up with and no doubt that it'll stay that way. OOB user for life.
BFras914 says:
Great site! It's amazing how much content you can get for free. I've been playing golf for 15 years, but this is the first year I've really devoted any time to tracking my scores and looking for real improvement. oobgolf makes it all so easy, especially with the mobile app! There's nothing to think about; just pop in your scores as you walk to the next tee, just like writing it on a card!
lfischer1 says:
I love the tracking features and the fact I can upload my score from my phone. Also like the fact it tracks my handicap. Highly recommend!
jeremy2315 says:
This Rules!
bcarrier says:
Nice site! I always wanted a handicap!
elayo says:
This is a great site for golf buddies to leave comments. I highly recommend creating groups with your friends. My friends and I can not only track each others progress we use the handicaps for our annual golf outings.
Barry Williams says:
I have been a member of oobgolf for almost 4 years and have brought many of my friends into this website. I have two groups, one for my home course and one for my southern course. It is a great way to stay in touch with those you only see during different parts of the year. To keep it interesting when we are not playing with one of the groups, we have designed contests that will apply when we get back together. All members are very happy with this site and I refer to it at least 5 times a week. Great site with lots of "stuff". Sure am happy that I found it.
jdoe67 says:
It's the best, Jerry. The best!
psween says:
OOB golf is a great system. I especially like the mobile app that allows me to enter socres and stats hole-by-hole and even e-mails my buddies to let them know that I just played a round of golf while they were at work! The detailed stats are really helping me identify the weaknesses in my game.
hughesj says:
I really liked oobgolf when I first started my account two years ago, but the technical support with apps has completely diminished. Hoping somehow oobgolf will turn around this unfortunate decline in support. Really liked the monthly give-aways too, but that seems to have declined. The only consistency is the golf related news stories, which is cool, but having a hard time justifying an Adict account anymore. My Adict account actually expires this month and not planning to renew it as I'm not getting the level of service I initially signed on for.

Just waiting for a better site to come along and I'm jumping ship!
hughesj says:
Interestingly, the Facebook link seems to be working again. So that's a positive sign.
Lawfrm says:
I love the app, this is the first year that I have entered my scores for a handicap. I'm also keeping statistics which is helping me identify where I need the most work.
agipril says:
This is a great site that helps track your game.
It's FREE and EASY and INFORMATIVE so what more do you need? Go OOB!!! :}
Dugini says:
its free!!!
pianoman77 says:
love this site for recording scores and some basic stats. although lately the score card feature seems to have been disabled. anyone?????
Goeuuin says:
Hmm… I will definitely be giving my testimonial here as well once I am done with all of my college paper service work that I am doing right now. Though, I do love the testimonials of other people here!
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