Step 3- Rate Courses
Step 3- Rate some courses

Once you are logged into you can now make edits and changes to the site. One of the easiest things you can do to get a feel for the site is to rate courses. Click the "Courses" section of the top menu bar and then "Search Courses". Find courses you've played and enter into their page. Some already have populated data, some are still blank. is a site controlled and edited by the user. Even if the course data is blank, it is still important to rate the course, as a whole and based on specific different aspects. As other users from that area of the country come to oobgolf, your ratings could help them determine what new courses they should try. Just run your mouse cursor over the star ratings. Click on the rating you think a course deserves and it will save. You can also submit a comment in the text box at the bottom of each courses page. Rate as many courses as you would like.

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