My Settings And Score Control Help
Keeping intricate stats is by nature tedious and potentially confusing work. Here is some help in explaining and understanding the new controls in "My Settings."

If you're interested in the details of this page- you may very well be interested in oobgolf ADDICT.

"Auto" means that a stat can be produced as a byproduct of tracking other items. In some cases these stats can be displayed for rounds previously played on oobgolf. Even if you choose to "remove" or not track stats defined as "Auto" they are still be kept and can be added at a later time IF you are keeping the stats that correlate. Example: Green In Regulation (GIR) will be kept if you keep putts and hole score even if it is not displayed.

"- Hide -" means that a stat may be tracking but it will not be displayed. A hidden stat will be continued to be kept as long as the tracking needed to determine a statistic are being entered by a users. Example: GIR on Par 5's will be kept if you're keeping putts and hole score (on a course with hole-by-hole data) even if you choose to keep that data hidden. You can choose to display it at any time to see the stat.

"Hole-by-Hole" is used to display stats that matter and happen on every hole played. For instance- you'd want to show your putts per hole to see where you 3 putted.

"Total Only" is used to display stats that matter and happen over the entire round but not on every hole. For instance- you'd might want to see what your average putts after GIR are for the full round, but not need to see it hole-by-hole.

"All Scores" means a stat will be displayed for all scores you've entered into oobgolf. (Practice and Scramble Rounds do not count towards these stats.)

"Last 20 Scores" means a stat will be displayed for only the past 20 scores you've entered into oobgolf. (Practice and Scramble Rounds do not count towards these stats. They do not count as scores towards your last 20.)

"Hours Spent" (coming soon) must be entered into oobgolf as a decimal. If your round was 3 hours and 30 minutes you should enter it as "3.5" hours NOT 3:30. While it can be trickier on non-even numbers, just estimate. To do this quickly remember that every :15 (15 minutes) converts to .25 hours and every :20 (20 minutes) converts to .33. So 4 hours and 41 minutes is roughly 4.68 hours.

"Removing Stats" is something you can do by clicking the "X" on the right hand column of the My Settings page. Removing Stats is something you may want to do as a housecleaning effort to minimize what you're looking with each score and on your My Game page.

"Computer Tracking" is for stats being tracked when you enter your scorecard and stat data into oobgolf on your computer (versus mobile device). We've separated the two because we've found distinct differences in stats that are tracked on the course with a mobile device versus those who bring a scorecard home with them. The exact same stats can still be kept on both but the defaults are set a bit differently.

"Mobile Tracking" is for stats being tracked when you enter your scores from your mobile device instead of on your computer. We've separated the two because we've found distinct differences in stats that are tracked on the course with a mobile device versus those who bring a scorecard home with them. The exact same stats can still be kept on both but the defaults are set a bit differently. Mobile Tracking settings only work with If you use a 3rd party program like GolfCard or SmartScorecard these options will not immediately be changed. We are working with our partners to develop more functionality with our new backend.

And now some miscellaneous notes and help...

Fake/Low Scores- Some people find it humorous to list fake scores on oobgolf. While we do our best to edit and delete these scores when we see them it is a tough line. We've had cases where golfers have "proved" to us who they are and that they are capable of shooting low scores. While it is still difficult for us to believe that even a pro could shoot some of the scores on oobgolf everyday, we end up giving most people the benefit of the doubt. oobgolf is a site meant for improving your golf game and tracking your stats. While it may make you feel better to post on others' accounts that they are full of crap, realize you are probably just adding fuel to their fire and you're providing their desired response.

Realizing You Suck- Since this is a "Help" section it seems fair to address the fact that despite all your best efforts of tracking your stats, reading every new golf swing tip and taking lessons you still stink at this game and will never be on Tour (This moment happened for me when I realized my scrambling percentage is 7% and the Tour guys are around 65%). Umm... does that count as addressing it? ... Sorry...?

Tracking Too Many Categories- One of the biggest concerns we've had with the process of what stats to add and what to leave off has been driven by the fact that keeping your information shouldn't be a burden for you and more importantly the people around you. If you try to track 20 stats (which you can do with Addict) you're going to spend more time keeping your head on straight than you are on your golf shots. It will take away from your fun and also take away from the fun of others playing with you (or worse yet, behind you). We suggest tracking 3 or 4 stats a round and switching what you track on a regular basis. If you've tracked 30 rounds in oobgolf your Fairway % isn't going to change much if you track something else for a couple rounds. If you rotate through the stats you will have an accurate portrayal of your game without bogging down the playing experience with tedious bookkeeping. If it still sounds like maybe your not doing the best to accurately track your game, consider this; Driving Distance on the PGA Tour is measured using only two samples per round. Driving distance, something amateurs obsess over frequently is one of the most loosely tracked stats in pro golf.

[ comments ]
svj says:
hey, you guys do an amazing job... i love the site and i honestly believe, it helps my game and gives me the desire to play more and my thank yous to all that make it happen
Agustin says:
Instead of Sand Shots could you track "Sand Saves" (Up and Down from a Green Side Bunker for Par or Better)?

Also, for Driving stats instead of just Fairway Missed (ML/MR) or Fairway Hit, could you add OOB, Fairway trap and Hazard to the options? This would help to automatically track Penalties
klangdon says:
You can do driving distance now, what do you mean by driving stats?

Sand Saves, Penalty Tracking, and Sand/Type are coming. FYI: true def of sand save is up and down from green side, but doesn't have anything to do with par). The big changes last night were to pave way for us to quickly add new stats...
Ben Crane says:
Kevin/Andrew...these new settings are wonderful. Keep up the great work.
Agustin says:
By driving Stats I meant not just tracking if a fairway was hit or missed (L/R) but also adding if the ball landed in a fairway bunker, if it landed in a hazard or if it sailed out of bounds.

Good point on the sand save.
smepple says:
I've added driving distance and distance off tee to the selected stats to display on my 'my game' page, but they do not show. Is this coming soon or is there some other reason why the stat does not show on 'my game'? (I've only tracked the distances for one round, so maybe there is a minimum needed?)
Kickntrue says:
smepple- we found the round you tracked distances on ( but it looks like you never used your driver. We intend to use the other stats and keep those as we progress, but this category is for people who want to know how far they hit their Driver- not just tee shot distance. Once you get a round with driver distances the stats should be available.
Kickntrue says:
Smepple- not showing distance off tee was a bug- and is now fixed.
smepple says:
thanks for the follow up - it does appear now. Love the new update!
El Presidente says:
Oob just keeps getting better all the time
ToddRobb says:
You guys are doing an amazing job with the stats. That being said, I would much rather see improvements in the community side of the site. I would love to be able to subscribe to a given topic and be emailed when someone post on that topic, or when someone post on my page.
I would definitely check the site more often if I was notified when someone posted to a topic I was following. I've been tracking my stats for almost 20 years with various programs, I think the true value of this site is the fact that we can have discussions all about golf. What do ya say guys, how about one day a week when you work on the community side of the site? ;)
klangdon says:
ToddRobb, we hear you. There is community stuff coming. Our priority list is set by user request and right now we are getting far more emails asking for more stats, but we still see the community requests and it is a top priority.
karenhallett says:
First, I love the "realizing you suck" section above--very funny.

Just have a quick question, does your scoring take into account that I am a woman when I play from the white? Someone told me that I should be adjusting the slope and rating--some courses list that on the scorecards--when I play from the white. Just wondering?
klangdon says:
yes, all of the scorecards have seperate rating/slope for women. This is why you provide gender at registration.
rwatts says:
Hi there, great site. I am having trouble using my iphone + golfcard to track stats. It uploads the data perfectly, but when I go to the "course" to check the leader board it tells me that "no scores have been entered". How do I upload my scores to the leader board of the course? Does that question even make sense? I hope so. Thanks for your efforts.


How do I work out the slope, rating etc for a course in the UK? I understand what those figures mean. Cheers.
rwatts says:
i meant to say I don't understand where to find those figures. Sorry!
John Jones says:
I am having trouble putting in a date and the computer changes it to another month. Example I want to put in 2/24/09 and system enters 3/24/09 instead of date I choose. So since this happens I have two rounds on same day.

I am trying to enter past rounds to get me up to date with your software. I was using on old Golf Digest Score Card program.
DASteffen says:
How do I correct the handicap ratings for a course? I.E. hole no 1 is listed as 18 and should be number 10?
Scott Musser says:
I'm new to this side of the game. Are there any examples you can send me?
klangdon says:
DASteffen, click on the course name from your score and then click on "edit data" on the left side of that page. You can also just email the course name, city, state to and ask us to look into it.
Libertarian says:
Does this site calculate my handicap?
klangdon says:
Libertarian, yes your handicap is calculated automatically. Its not an official handicap as it is not issued by an official usga club/association.
raulpalacios says:
when I go to my game page, it says that I have 0 scores, but I've entered 7 rounds. How can I fix this?
mark_nelson83 says:
In the 'my scores' section, on some rounds it is showing GIRS and Fairways as -- when i have kept these stats using golfcard & sent them from my phone to oobgolf. Anyway to fix this??
Dallas Pane says:
How do I enter scores for two people with the same email?
Ihave two questions, why did my score post as 9 holes played when I loaded 18 and why did it post as a practice round, I use a I Phone to load the information.

Ryan Riddell says:
I tried to start a group on the the website I gave was wrong... Now I am in this group I designed and I cannot remove it, or change some of the settings.

How do I opt out or delete? When I figure out how to input, what website do I give?
Palko16 says:
Any reason why it's impossible to find any friends on the website? I've tried searching some people that I know have signed up and haven't gotten anything. I even tried to search for myself to no avail.
John Pietrobono says:
Does anyone know if I can set up my groups settings the same as the individual settings? It would be nice to see how we compare to the entire group not just each other!

bakcsto says:
Is there a list of mapped courses, (not just scorecards), that can be downloaded?
Putthead423 says:
I would like to see a feature where we could enter the course handicap (not the one from here as it's not official) but of each individual. This could be used for stroke or match play when determining where a player gets a stroke on the other player and a quick view on the net winner for the group. -Thanks
kizzerick says:
I play most of my golf in 9-hole rounds. However, your program only calculates handicaps for 18-hole rounds. Is there a way of calculating a 9-hole handicap? And do you have a formula that you use for handicap calculation?
I am enjoying using the software program. Is there a way of backing up and saving the entries I have made to a disc? Thanks for your indulgance.
3putz says:
I can't figure out why I cannot upload my scores to oobgolf via my iphone. It keeps saying invalid password or account name. How do I check my original password for oob golf?
duggifresh says:
Can you export your scores?
ramdeesl says:
How do I set a course as my default so I do not have to search for it each time I log on?
stephen o'neill says:
How do I delete a group
honeywl says:
How do you get the courses you play regularly to be listed in the "default" box?
helio says:
Please Tell me how i download a golf couse to my iphone
jplisa3 says:
Can anyone tell me how to see what ten scores are being used out of the last twenty rounds to calculate my index?
markgrall says:
oobgolf posted a duplicate score. Does anyone know how to remove it?
shaun7110 says:
I downloaded the latest upgrade at the weekend and now the App doesn't load at all. Any ideas anyone. I cannot reload it from iTunes as it says I have already loaded it....
GerardLeahy says:
Hi, when I click on MyGame, I see that a flash graph loads, but it seems to be locked on a one month window of my golf - it does not take in to account other rounds I have played since and uploaded. How do I interact with that flash graph?

rmiller says:
How do I add a friend? I don't see an explantion.
chriscolli says:
I would like to compare my stats to pga tour pros. Is this something your company would consider? thx, Chris
buck_toof says:
How do you un-join a group?
Glenn Davis says:
Glenn Davis says:
I only play most of my golf on one course. Can I default to that course(how) or do I have to enter course each time
1 seconds ago
raynaldo10 says:
Hi, it says that my handicap is 7.9 but i dont think that is correct. It says that my handicap started at 0, surely this isnt correct. Anyway to change this to het a more accurate score?
nobaddays says:
if the handicap calculator only takes average of 10 lowest differentials, then your handicap will not ever go up, it can only get lower, why doesn't it use the last 10 scores that would be more accurate account of your game, or am i missing something?
Kickntrue says:
It uses your 10 best scores out of your last 20. so the scores it chooses from are constantly rotating off/on.
nobaddays says:
thanks Kickntrue for the info
PaulKenny says:
New to the site, great work!. Can a player load a starting handicap?
Kickntrue says:
@PaulKenny- We start fresh. Fortunately- within a couple scores you'll have a number that should be real close. Within a couple months they'd be indentical.
barn says:
how do you enter a player who is a plus handicap ?
bogey_russ says:
can we get a terminology definitions page... and a lost balls stat... like lost balls water... rough... woods... it'd be interesting to see how many balls you run through in a year and if you play premium balls it could get expensive
frednan says:
How do you change the settings to Hawaii time? I keep entering my scores for a specific date, but the score is entered for the following day.
Iamjillian says:
When I start a round, I select 18 holes and OOB golf won't allow me to move to hole 10. So, I start tracking the back 9 separately. When I look at your site for my statistics, it only shows my back 9 scores. Frustrating!
chinaespace says:
How to delete those courses that are not right?
donbow says:
Just purchased Addict and the new stats do not show up on my phone. Do I need to do something?
LGC says:
I'm having a problem entering my score.When I click on my scores it's blank.It's odd,I can get into all the other catag.Please someone help me out.
PaulSlavin says:
I joined obbgolf to track a few stats. I bought smart scorecard + for my iphone. The basic stats I want to enter via my phone while on the golf course are Fairway Hit, GIR, Putts and Score. I can't change this within smart scorecard + which I understand from the help section but when I try to change my settings within the my settings page, it doesn't save so I'm only getting the the default Score, Fairway, Club Off Tee, Putts, Penalty Strokes and Sand shots on How can I change this?
vmass says:
how do I find out the usga slope and rating figures for my course. i play nefyn in north wales so i am not sure there what these figures are. also will the handicap tracker still work without these?
tedrp says:
how do u clear the image
David Luetkemeyer says:
How do I select a friend to receive my score email after I post a round?
RXTitleist says:
Is there a means of establishing a stroke contol program into the handicap system, or is it already in the system????
johnweston says:
Hi, I have upgraded to addict and added chips to my stats but the chips do not show up. I am using golfcard on and Iphone which tracks chips. Is this a known problem? Thanks
johnweston says:
Hi Vmass. I don't think the courses in England and Wales use the slope rating. You can set the slope to 113 which is standard.
Pingbuster says:
Hi, This is a great site, but can you tell me how to clear the 2009 scores that I have so I can start keeping track of my 2010 scores
jcbeltran says:
I have a question: If you drive out of bounds, and have to play again from the tee (3d shot), do you count that as 2 penalty shots in the "penalty strokes" box or just as one?.
johnweston says:
Hi JC, It would only be one penalty stroke.
Adz648 says:
Hi i have the "golfcard" app on my iphone and it says my handicap is 24.6 but oobgolf says its 34.5 any ideas why
Adz648 says:
by the way thats with exactly the same scores loaded in each
dixiedave says:
Great site! All my friends are on board but we wonder why oobgolf does not issue a handicap card for tournament use. Of course a small fee would be in order. Not all amateur golfers belong to a club. Keep up the good work!
bigpete226 says:
I have a question it shows in settings that I am linked to facebook but when i post scores it does not post to my facebook. little help please.. thanks pete
doc4040 says:
I can't seem to upload the scores from my iphone. I keep getting a invalid login message
steve bailey says:
what is course handicap
creekaction says:
Why is my latest score not showing up in my "my game" page?
How do I download a course to my droid?
warbird7 says:
How do you delete a group? I mistakenly started a group instead of joining a group.
Dic_Tator says:
how do u add a friend?
chief403 says:
Updated to Golf Card pro and my scores will not update to your site. What did I not do.. When I upload from my Iphone it says upload successfull
drmeeks says:
The fairway stat in My Game is 20% but the only score entered had a fairway at 40%. how can this be
flogger says:
Great app, but can you guys make so you can enter your buddies name instead of having player 2 or player 3. Thanks.
warbird7 says:
How do I delete a group I set up mistakenly?
stevecraig33 says:
The mobile app is great, but is there a way to enter your friends user names to upload their stats at the same time?
Clint Alexander says:
I have always loved oobgolf. You guys do a great job. The site has always been great. Recently, I have entered in my last 5-6 rounds and have seen no change in my handicap. I entered the slope and course rating as always. The scores have been poor and my handicap should have gone up. Any reason why things have stayed the same lately? I havent changed anything. thanks
RShirley says:
How do you change your default courses or add another.
mikexom says:
Are the distance measures in yards or meters? In Malaysia everything is in meters so I've been listing my drives in meters, is there a setting to denote meters and then handle conversions?
Pingbuster says:
How do I delete last years scores so I can start a new handcap for this year
when i golf with my son in law tsprings he keeps how can i let him enter my scores ? is it possible/ thanks sniperbob
BigM says:
Would be great to track stats with one mobile app for me and my oobgolf-friend while we are playing together
el enano says:
How do I change my nickname, please?
Golfstud52 says:
What does oob stand for? How do you track sand shot and penalty shots? I check it on one hole and then loose it when I check on another hole...???
bobnmarilynmaz says:
Wondering how to change the GIR stat to reflect a GIR. I hit the green on a par 4 in two shots, and then some moron (me) left the flag in a spot where I didn't think I'd hit it (I did); two strokes; which proceeded to get worse when I 3 putt the hole (by 1/2 each time...ugggggg). Anyway, I did get the GIR, although the rest of the hole stunk :)
ajgoldsmith says:
Hi - how can I tailor the pick lists on the mobile app? For example, I only care to enter fairway or approach "Hit" or "Miss", not Right, Left, Short, Long, etc. Same with Clubs - it's a long list, plus I have a 54*, 58*, and 62* but the list is GW, SW, and LW. I make it work, but it would be cool to tailor it to how I like. Thanks!
jimm says:
Howbody? do I delete old scores en masse? Any
mjsbalan says:
Do you have the score card for panchkula Golf Club. I cannot add my scores for this course
fzgandar says:
Has something in your program changed recently in entering scores for 9-hole courses? When I enter my score on the 9 hole course I have been playing on for the past 10 years I am informed that it will be saved as a"Practice Round" because some holes are missing. Never had this problem before.
mustang6560 says:
We did change the way our system handles incomplete scores. The original system was designed to not let user save incomplete scores. We updated it to allow users to enter incomplete scores, however, they'll be marked as "Practice". It looks like there is a bug though. We'll get it fixed.
john rach says:
I have always posted total scores for the courses I've played. Yesterday I attempted to post such and was told (like the person above) that it was incomplete and would only be listed as a practice round. This has never happened and so I suspect you have a virus. This concerns me as I tried it again tonight and received the same notice. I worry the virus may be sent to me. Please advise as soon as possible. Thanks
herbrambow says:
What's changed in the score entry system? Used to just start entering with Hole #1, and continue across 18 scores. Now have to almost 'force' the system to accept each hole score?
And I also no longer see the Averages for Par 3, 4 5's Bar Charts at the bottom. Is there a feature that somehow got turned off?
lclarkc says:
The new social media setting's default to email results is a bad idea. Plus is would be nice to be able to skip this page or have the standard round setting a default.
7murph7 says:
I would like to know is there anyway of keeping the courses you use most often in a special spot so you don't have to go through the search all the time?
luis del valle says:
I can't figure out why I cannot upload my scores to oobgolf via my Samsung phone . It keeps saying invalid password or account name. How do I check my original password for oob golf?
I really enjoy this app, please help.
mybigdog says:
how do I remove old scores? do I have to do it one at a time?
kennickels says:
can you change the setting for putts to show total putts per round instead of average putts per hole
mnobert says:
Fun site and enjoy posting my scores I would like know how to delete old scores also other than one at a time.
biglou11 says:
Is the app no longer available? I can't find it in the apple App Store
Avidnovice says:
Did you recently change the website? I used to be able to view all my scores sorted by date or course but now only seem to be able to view 10 at a time.
allen52 says:
How do you see more than your last 10 scores?
All I get are my 1st 10 and my last 10 but none in between.
jackr57 says:
Why can I only see my last 10 scores
Lemur says:
HELP !!!!!!... You 360 guys have hidden the NEXT button when i try and look at my older scores !.. i can click on the date button and see my first scores... or my most recent... but CANNOT see any older scores?!>.. Also... The scores contributing to my handicap over the last 20 was a GREAT feature.... PLEASE BRING BACK !>.. or do i start looking for a website that helps my game ?.. and dont say GOlf360....
johnob45 says:
All of a sudden I'm unable to view scorecards of the rounds played. Has anyone run into this?
dkarda says:
@johnob45 - Yes. Same here. 500 error. No clue what's going on.
vetere says:
V asks how do you erase a score?
awfick says:
Is this this website being actively maintained? I am having issues with tracking scores & associated round statistics. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? I can't view my historical scores unless I scroll through each score one at a time either.
bobmerkel says:
when i post my score & hit save all that is shown is the course scorecard, but not my score. i use to be able to see my score for every hole & total. how do I fix?
cajohn says:
cajohn says:
the same thing happens when I post my scores. I did hit the x under remove after
score,but can't get it to receive the score tract again.
totosmom says:
When I search by courses I've played, I only see the first few in the alpha list and cannot see a way to see all of them or move through the list.... I used to be able to sort by course to see my progress on a given course. How do I view all my games?
dzemlak says:
I am having the same issue as bobmerkel (3/29/17). I can't see individual scores on my scorecard after I add them.
ptwheels says:
I too am having the same problem as bobmerkel and dzemlak. Has anyone found a fix?
sadiemite says:
I've been noticing the same! I'm going to quick this site if it isn't tracked soon!
8 hours ago
sadiemite says:
Also, trying to edit the settings is a nightmare! Although I track scores, putts, etc., nothing is displaying. Anyone know of a better website to track this?

Dean (
8 hours ago
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