Addict FAQ
This page should help answer some of the most common questions about oobgolf Addict

How many stats does Addict give me?
The list of Addict stats continues to grow. At launch Addict will provide 12 additional stats. Eventually we expect hundreds of Addict stats. If you want it, oobgolf will track it!

I have a stat I don't see. Can I track it?
If there is a stat you want to track that isn't a part of addict please email it to us. We may have some questions on how the stat is tracked or what exactly you want but will make an effort to have new requested stats on Addict within 48 hours.

How do I add Addict states to tracking?
You track and add Addict stats the same way you do the free stats.

Will this work with 3rd party apps?
At launch, Addict WILL NOT work with 3rd party apps (iPhone/Andriod/Blackberry/etc). We are working with these providers and they will have the ability to integrate with Addict if they choose.

At launch WILL support Addict. We suggest those who enjoy Live Scoring should use this until 3rd party applications are integrated. Mobile oobgolf is a free web app.

How will my credit card be billed?
Your credit card will be billed by "oobgolf" for $12. You will not be automatically billed each year. You will receive a notification from oobgolf when your current subscription is nearing its expiration. In the future we may offer an automatic renewal option.

If I don't renew Addict will I lose my stats?
Any stats you record/track while you are an Addict will be stored by oobgolf. At this current time you will not be able to see those stats if you are no longer an Addict.

Can I buy Addict for another user or as a gift?
I'd classify this for as now "coming soon." To start you can only buy Addict from an account you are logged into. Soon we will have a way to buy a gift Addict account and the ability to purchase from your account for someone else.

Can I buy Addict subscriptions in bulk for a league or group?
We are working on adding bulk sales at a discount. For now email us and we'll work with you on a case by case basis.

Why are you doing this?
oobgolf is a lot of work. We've spent a lot of time making this site as awesome as possible. We get emails daily from hardcore stat junkies who want more tracking so we're giving them that. Despite what some think we are not monkeys and we can't work for peanuts. We're not asking you to buy Addict to "support the site" (though if you want to buy a Mystery Bag next time that'd be great). Purchase Addict because you think it will help your game improve to track your deep statistics. Purchase Addict because improving your game by 4 strokes is worth $12/yr. Oh- and Kevin just had a 3rd kid and Andrew has one on the way in June.

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