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oobgolf now has a native iPhone application available through iTunes! You can purchase it for $.99 for your iPod Touch, iPhone 3, 3Gs, and 4. The first iteration is a scoring app and works with all of the courses in our database as well as all of our stats (including Addict). oobgolf Addicts also have access to the Live Scoring features of the app.

The GPS version will integrate into this same app, so no need to wait. More details to follow once that is closer to launch. Just so the comments don't misread and we don't misrepresent- the GPS portion of the app will not be available for $.99.

This is a scoring app from oobgolf.com, the best golf stat tracking site on the web. The oobgolf app allows you to score and track your golf round from the course, while your friends watch live on oobgolf.com. This app requires a free oobgolf account (name and email address) and also works with all of oobgolf’s Addict Stats ($12/yr). A free membership allows you to track scores, putts, fairway percentage and GIR. Oobgolf Addict allows you to us our live scoring feature as well as track over 50 statistic categories, purchased at oobgolf.com.

Find A Course - Search our database of 30,000+ courses for a nearby place to play or find scorecard and tee details of your favorite course across the world. With the oobgolf mobile app the world of golf is a search away. The app includes phone numbers to set up tee times as well as addresses to get instant directions from your phone.

Statistics - Please visit http://oobgolf.com/golfers/stats/available_stats.php for a list of stats you can track with the app as well as the link to upgrade to oobgolf Addict.

Anytime you want to review or just show off your game, you can view your statistics from previous rounds in the app. You can also view your previous scores and check out your charts to see a visual representation of all facets of your game.

Online Integration – oobgolf.com is the web’s best largest online stat tracking community. Using this app fully integrates with the site where you can view much more detailed analytics of your golf game. You can add friends, join groups and interact with our daily blog and forums. We also have the most advanced equipment tracking on the web as well as equipment and course reviews and local tournament listings.

As always- this is a work in progress and your feedback is greatly appreciated in the forums: here.

To check it out - CLICK HERE!

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