Features and Pricing
Most of oobgolf is free to use. Fortunately, as oobgolf has grown in popularity, you have made it possible for us to expand our offerings. Alas, as in the rest of life, not everything can be had for free.

Below is a chart that outlines oobgolf's tiered pricing structure, as well as answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

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Custom Stat Tracking
Mobile Scoring
Stat Charts & Reporting
Scorecard Printing
Groups & Custom Leaderboards
Friends & Friend Scoring
Course Finder
Course Ratings & Reviews
Equipment Ratings & Reviews
Tournament Finder
Image Uploading
Private Messaging
Golfer Search
Facebook & Twitter
Golf Contests/Giveaways
Golf News & Discussion
Golfer of the Week
Wedge Guy Instruction & Opinion
Private Account Settings
Addict Logo on Avatar
Course Editing Priviledges
Live Mobile Scoring
Advanced Stat Tracking
GPS Rangefinder Features
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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens when someone upgrades from Addict to Addict+ (Plus)?
You pay the full $19.95 for Addict+ and the months left on Addict are prorated and added at the end of the year upgrade as additional months of Addict+. For example if you have 6 months of Addict left and you upgrade to Addict+, an additional 3 months of Addict+ will be added (for a total of 15 months) of Addict+ based on the subscription value left on the Addict account.

What happens to your stats when your subscription runs out?
When a subscription to premium features run out your account will revert to the level of a "free" account. If you choose to re-purchase Addict or Addict+ your stats will be restored. No stats are lost by not re-subscribing, but they will not display.

Can you cancel an Addict or Addict+ account and get a refund?
Nope. If you'd like to cancel your account that is your prerogative, but there are no refunds. Sorry, it just makes things easier.

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