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Addict+(Plus) is a member subscription at oobgolf.com that allows users to track a multitude of stat categories as well as(the + part) have access to GPS rangefinder features on over 25,000 courses within our mobile application. Addict+ is $19.95/yr. For a full list of what is included under oobgolf+ as well as our other subscription levels, please click HERE.

This new feature will be the first of its kind on the internet continuing to bring stat tracking and game improvement to amateur golfers. Scores and stats can be entered at oobgolf.com or in real-time on any mobile device with data access.

Addict+ includes:

  • GPS Rangefinder data on over 25,000 courses

  • Advanced stat tracking service

  • The option to make account private (scores and stats hidden from non-friends)

  • Addict Logo on avatar throughout oobgolf

  • Ability to edit course data

  • Automatic entry into exclusive "Addict Only" giveaways

The reason we're adding this service is quite simple. You have demanded it! Our awesome users continually ask us to add more advanced stat tracking and we're happy to make the options available, but there is a cost associated with storing that much additional data. Addict is not for every oobgolf user and our free stat tracking service will continue to be the best available online!

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