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Issues With Seeing Scores On Leaderboards
If you played a round that isn't showing up on the Group or Main Leaderboards there are a couple possible reasons and solutions.

If you account is set to private your scores will not show on any public leaderboards, including groups.

The most likely reasons are that your entered round was either missing:
Course rating
Par total for the course

To correct any of these three issues you must edit your score from your "My Game" page. Click on the round in questions from your Recent Scores box. Once that round loads- click "Edit Score" and enter the missing data field. If you are unsure of the data- either consult the course's scorecard or shoot us an email.


Also- check out our help section on editing course data. Editing an individual score will only fix the issues for that one score on the leaderboard. By editing the course info it will make the course up-to-date and fix any ongoing issues with you and other users.


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