Will this be in your next bottle?
Shove A Driver In It. I'm Done
By new2thegame on 7/1/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

The newest creation to hit the wine industry comes from SpoonStoppers. Their unique line features antique golf drivers fashioned into wine bottle stoppers. All golf drivers are recycled and some still feature the marks of long ago games. I guess it's a great way to showcase something else you just couldn't throw out.

So would anyone actually buy these interesting pieces of American craftsmanship? The website describing the product seems to think they will be the next big collectors item in the golf/wine world. At an average price of $44.95 a stopper, I personally don't see any SpoonStoppers in my near future, but they are a pretty cool product and they are definitely different. Any thoughts?

Here they are.

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hogan72 says:
I might not buy one for myself, but I wouldn't mind getting one as a present. Yup, I'm talking to you mr_hungry !!!!!
fattrandy says:
your gonna need more than one seeing that you live on the side of the world. :P
mr_hungry says:
Actually I had my eye on a golf bag kegerator byt this looks a little cheaper. Didn't know they had wine in Delaware though.
kkjacks says:
This would go great with your golf bag kegerator :D gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/06/06/uroclub-makes-
hogan72 says:
I never figured out how to get back from "sideways" so, I just live with it! I suppose you could make a bottle opener out of the club head too...or a letter opener, or a shoe horn - shoe horn might be nice (for you, mr_hungry).
Josh says:
I actually think old golf clubs like that would make much better tap handles than wine stoppers. I mean they are kind of big for a wine stopper, likely to make the bottle top-heavy and spill wasting precious hooch.
falcon50driver says:
I'll bet not too many players here ever used a spoon, niblick or mashie, certainly not me , I'm too young. This might be my only chance to see one.
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