The infamous picture.
Controversial Picture Back In Clubhouse
By new2thegame on 7/12/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

The DubsDread Golf Course in Orlando, Florida has been around since 1924. The course has seen the way the game has changed over the years and has adapted to those changes. However, when Orange County Commissioner Daisy Lynum noticed a picture hanging on the wall, she took high offense. The picture, which hangs in the Tap Room Restaurant, shows an African American caddy standing barefoot on the green. The picture was temporarily taken down, that is until the city's chief administrator, Byron Brooks, gave the 'o.k.' for it to be put back.

Although the picture may not be politically correct in modern times, it is a depiction of history and should be observed as such. The owner of the Tap Room even said that when his father was a caddy they often went barefoot because they lacked the proper foot gear needed on the course.

Heres the link for more detailed information.

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golfgirl says:
Barefoot is better than Crocs. IMHO.
Rule13 says:
I would rather see barefoot than the sandal-style "golf shoes" seen so often in the warmer area golf courses!
theredmission says:
I've tried golfing barefoot multiple times, and each time I've been threatened to be kicked off the course by a ranger, maint. personnel, etc. They could never give me a reason, especially when there would be no written rule prohibiting it one the course, but only say 'our chemicals could hurt your feet', which may be true, but still let me have some fun.
G. Epler says:
Isn't there a course in Oregon that perfers you to go barefoot?
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