Golf Clothes For Generation X
By new2thegame on 7/12/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

Alright I know I'm going to hear it for this one but I had to write about Quagmire Golf clothes. If you haven't seen their stuff yet, it's pretty great. They aim to bring clothes to Gen X an Y or any golfer that likes to kick back and drink beers and play with their buddies while still looking good. Their clothes remind me of something I would find in the local surf shop but they're appropriate for the course. The feature polo shirts, shorts, pants, outerwear and even dresses, skirts, and capris for the ladies. They even use some environmentally friendly materials for all of you Green golfers out there. All of their clothing allows movement and breath ability which is clutch on a hot sticky day. The clothes have even found their way to the PGA and LPGA tour, so look for the popularity to soar. I'm still waiting on my catalog but I plan on researching these guys a little more and testing the clothes. Look for updates on this brand in the future.

Quagmire Golf Clothing

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golfgirl says:
I don't get it... who would object?
new2thegame says:
Thanks golfgirl. I think we're the only two on this side. I've had some objections for anything remotely fashion related.
Kickntrue says:
From who?
Eric Duquene says:
I dont mind seeing articles about clothing I just think that the men's line I have only one thought.

To borrow from Happy Gilmore. If I saw myself in clothes like that I'd have to kick my own ass.

WAY too many pastels.
falcon50driver says:
I think it's flirty and fashionable...
atxtraveler says:
They may need to fire their designer... it appears most of the shirts have pockets that are not sewn on straight!
txell1983 says:
Yeah Quagmire are ok but do you think they are as cool as Bunker Mentality? I love their stuff for women, I love the pink shirt they have at: What do you think?

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