The HeaterHolder
By Snyper on 1/9/09
By Matt Snyder, oobgolf contributer

While cigar smoking and golf are pretty close to a match made in heaven, there are some challenges that all of us who enjoy both of these activities face on a routine basis. Perhaps the biggest challenge that I experience is finding a proper resting place for my cigar while I'm hitting a shot. Unfortunately, we can't all have a significant other like GolfGirl there to hold our smoke for us as needed. Placing a cigar on the ground always makes me wonder what chemicals I will be inhaling on my next puff, so I usually try to find a spot on the cart to sit my smoke. That sort of works, but tends to result in random spots of melted plastic and occasionally a lost cigar because I drove off and forgot all about it. I have experimented with the cigar clips that can be clipped to your cart to secure your smoke, but there are a couple issues with those tools. First of all, I have already lost two of them after forgetting to unclip them at the end of my round. Also, they require a two-handed cautious approach to inserting your cigar. If you arenGÇÖt careful, the spring-loaded holder will crush your smoke and ruin whatever life was remaining in your cigar.

Thankfully, the inventors of the Heater Holder have come up with a solution to the cigar dilemma. The holder that they have created clips right onto your bag via the buttons that are used to attach a rain or carrying hood. Since this holder attaches to your bag, you do not have to worry about leaving it on the cart or in your car. It is always there when you need it. Additionally, because of its location, I never forget to grab my smoke after a shot. I always see my cigar in the holder when I am returning my club to my bag. The design of the Heater Holder allows for all lengths and ring gages to be held without any issue. I will mention, however, that if you are smoking a box-pressed cigar, the squared edges of a box-press don't sit as snuggly in the round HeaterHolder. The only drawback of the button attachment to your bag is that the Holder will spin if bumped or even if the cigar is not placed on the Holder properly. I attempted to remedy this problem by applying a little bit of super glue to the snap before attaching. It has been a successful fix to this point. As long as you do not overdo it, the Holder can still be removed if need be.

Overall, I have been quite pleased with this answer to the quandary of what to do with my cigar during those 70 to 72 times a round when I have to remove it from its proper place. Smoking and golf are a great way to spend the afternoon, but melting down your cart or losing a seven dollar smoke five minutes after you lit it are consequences that I would rather avoid. The HeaterHolder provides a great place to rest your smoke until you're ready to take that next puff. For more information, check out their website at

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Farm_kid says:
Why not smoke a pipe instead? You could start a new trend.
whomsley says:
Love it. This is a great product and will be on my bag when the 28* weather in Pennsylvania finally breaks.
chipotle mg says:
that sounds great, but on a windy day could you ash your bag and burn small holes in it?
falcon50driver says:
70 to 72 times that you use it? So you don't use it while putting?
Snyper says:
m2d, you figured me out!
falcon50driver says:
Just joking my friend, I still owe you a cigar, I haven't forgotten. I finally got my box of Arturo Fuentes Canones that was back ordered, but the boss came by my office and I cratered and gave them to him. Can't hurt.
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