Brush Caddy Portable Club Head Cleaner
By mustang6560 on 2/25/11
I find it interesting what new golf products pop up from year to year. Most of these new inventions are neat ideas, but they are often very niche products and you wonder how many people will feel a "need" for the product. Would I like a robot that cleans my floors? Sure, but not compared to what else I could spend $400 on. That's kind of how I feel about the Brush Caddy Portable Club Head Cleaner.

From Brush Caddy:
BRUSH CADDY is a portable, free-standing golf brush, specifically for use at a grass driving range or practice facility.

Insert BRUSH CADDY into the ground in front of you and you never have to leave the stall to clean your club.
My initial reaction to the Brush Caddy was "no thanks". After taking it to the range - I didn't have a complete change of heart - but I could see some benefits to having it. The main reason I thought I wouldn't like it was I thought it wouldn't stay rooted in the ground as I tried to clean my club. To my surprise, once you stick it in the ground, you have to apply significant force to pull it out.


The Brush Caddy is for grass range and practice facility junkies. If you hit balls frequently then having a Brush Caddy will serve you well. It will brush off the majority of the divot off without much difficulty. Plus, you can stick it in the ground right next to you so you don't have to move to clean your clubs.


I probably spend more time at the range then most, but given the chance, I'm not convinced I'd purchase a Brush Caddy. I wasn't impressed enough to fully recommend this product. Sure, using the Brush Caddy is a better alternative to using your foot to clean your club; however, cleaning your clubs with a Brush Caddy does not making cleaning your club any faster. On wet days when the grass and dirt stick to your club face easier, you really would have to concentrate trying to clean your club. You're standing roughly six feet away from the ground trying to rub something small (club face) against something else small (bristles of the cleaner). How many times would it take to get your club face clean? On normal days, chances are you aren't taking that much of a divot so your club remains relatively clean.


For $25, I could think of several other items I'd rather buy. I do think the size of the nylon and brass brushes would make a great club cleaner I could attach to my bag. If Brush Caddy made an stand alone nylon and brass cleaner designed for my bag, then we'd be talking. For the range junkies amongst us- here are some additional links and info to see if Brush Caddy may be for you.


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Banker85 says:
seems like a good buy for those who hit the range on reg. basis, for $10.

"rub your something small (club face) against something else small"
LOL anyone want to chime in on this gem? feel free i got nothing but i know KTK will give us something. LOL
Bryan K says:
The towel I keep in my back left pocket on wet days seems to do the trick pretty nicely.
mustang6560 says:
I love the white tube socks this guy is wearing in the video - classic!
bashworth says:
he needs a tour striker so he cant hit down on the ball
Mortalsword says:
Since you don't like the Brush Caddy I'll take the one you got.
homermania says:
This would be a nice feature for the range to own, but for an individual, dumb.
birdieXris says:
not to be that guy, but this thing is so much better: I've got one and it works really well. Saw it at the 19th hole last year at the World Am and ended up getting one from their website after a month or so. you basically just bang your clubface against it and it brushes.
TeT says:
@birdieXris Sorry, you are that guy ... though I agree that your product looks better although I'm good; I am using my wifes tile grout brush and she wants it back.
Robbiegiggs says:
Not a bad idea for the range. It would be nice to have something right in front of you for club cleaning.
Kurt the Knife says:

"You're standing roughly six feet away from the ground trying to rub something small against something else small"

Sounds like my teenage years.
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