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Initial Thoughts
Crossgates Golf Course is one of those courses that you have to search for in order to find, located in Lancaster County, PA. In fact my two playing partners didn't even know the course existed. Crossgates is located right next to Millersville University, and the first thing you notice is the beautiful eighteenth hole and the very nice clubhouse. The course borders the Conestoga river which does come into play on a few of the holes. Just looking at the score you will notice it is not an overwhelmingly long course, but more of a shot makers track. You will end up hitting long irons or hybrids of the tee as you maneuver the tight doglegs. It is always well maintained and the staff has been very friendly.
Date Played
Sunday, March 30th, 2008
Value - 6.5
Compared to many other golf courses within Lancaster county the rates are fantastic. They have both walking ($27) and riding rates ($36) during the week, with an afternoon walking rate of $19. The weekend rates are also very reasonable, however like most coursers now you cannot walk before 1pm. The riding rates are $49 before 11am, $38 between 11am and 1pm, and a walking rate after 1pm of $22. They also have a senior and junior rate of $19 walking during the weekday and $22 during the weekend. Why do I point out a lot of the walking rates? Because the course is very walking friendly.
Pace of Play - 7.0
As mentioned earlier, not many people know of Crossgate which can lead to uninterrupted rounds of golf. With that being said, since it is near Millersville U and a housing development, playing on the weekend could lead to a longer round. In the three times I have played the course (all on the weekend) my average time hovered around 4 hours.
Course/Maintenance - 7.0
The tee boxes and greens were in tremendous condition and that was at the end of March before the weather really warmed up. I will say that they normally do not keep the rough very long, which is enjoyable because it still penalizes you for wayward shots, but you won't lose a ball that you know was hit just off the fairway. The course also has a nice mixture of wooded and non wooded holes, as well as holes where water comes into play. You get a little bit of everything, including elevation changes when you play at Crossgates.
Hospitality - 6.5
Everyone has always been extremely friendly in the club house and on the course. The clubhouse is fully stocked with golf paraphernalia, and they have been designated as an authorized fitting center for Titleist, Cobra, Ping, and Cleveland clubs. They also host wedding reception at the clubhouse and have an outdoor pavilion.
Scenery - 7.0
Even though you drive through a college town in order to get to the course, once you are on the premises you are definitely away from civilization. With fews of the Conestoga river, it is a very peaceful round of golf. From what I have heard that may be changing somewhat with some plans of a housing development around the course. For the time being it is a very serene and peaceful round of golf.
Overall - 7.0 (not an average)
To sum it up, I really like playing this golf course. It has a nice mix of holes and you don't get to just stand on the tee and bomb away, you have to actually think your way through the round. You will be forced to use almost every club in your bag, and play precise golf. Add that to the friendly staff and quick pace of play and you have an extremely enjoyable experience. This is a course that I will continue to play for years to come.

course details

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Kickntrue says:
By Matt Bills, oobgolf contributer
chipotle mg says:
nice write up matt
HotBacon says:
As a Millersville Alum, I've played Crossgates quite a few times. I'd have to agree whole-heartedly on this review. You'll definitely have to plan a few of the holes right from the tee in order to score well, which (in my mind) is much nicer than ripping a driver off the tee and playing from the adjacent fairway. They've been talking about a housing development going in for about 8 years now, so hopefully the course won't be littered w/ houses anytime soon.
kenjab says:
Nice writeup. When I Mapquested the directions, it's only about an hour away from me. I'll have to check it out some time. I'm always a fan of golf at a value (although with gas prices now, I might have to factor that into the cost).
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