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Initial Thoughts
The course is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and is easily accessible from route 30 or 283 with it being located off of 501. Overlook is a well maintained golf course that is not very long from tee to green, but can provide an enjoyable round of golf with the buddies. The lack of length can lead to a good scoring day for big hitters, especially since there are not many areas to get yourself in trouble.
Date Played
Saturday, April 28th, 2007
Value - 7.0
Monday through Friday the course rate is $23 to walk and $36 to ride with a twilight rate that starts after 1:00 at a rate of $18 to walk and 31 to ride. On the weekend current course rate are $28 walking and $41 to ride, with a twilight rate starting after 3:00 for $20 and $33 respectively. This rate is extremely fair considering the going course rates in the area. The nice thing about overlook is that they allow you to walk on the weekends where a lot of courses make you ride. I like to walk whenever I can and this course has a very walk able layout.
Pace of Play - 8.0
I played with two other gentlemen and we were all walking and we ended up finishing in just less than 4 hours. I couldnGÇÖt have asked for anything more out of a Saturday afternoon round. We could play at our own pace with only a foursome in front of us that was riding and a twosome behind us that rarely pushed our pace.
Course/Maintenance - 7.0
The course is very well maintained from tee to green. The greens were rolling very well and held many shots from the fairway. The one area this course does lack is some bite from the rough. There arenGÇÖt to many areas where you get into to big of trouble by missing the fairway. All in all though the course was in great shape.
Hospitality - 6.0
Everyone at the clubhouse was very nice and the starter was helpful getting us on our way very quickly. The one thing I will say is that the clubhouse is not very large therefore if you are looking to purchase anything at the course this might not be the place you want to go. They do have an indoor restaurant that is accessible between nines and as it is located directly across from the clubhouse.
Scenery - 4.5
Your not going to be blown away by the scenery at Overlook. ItGÇÖs a nice course but it just doesnGÇÖt wow you when you look at it. There are many other courses in the area that will provide you with better views.
Overall - 5.0 (not an average)
Some of you may be wondering how I can rate the course overall as a 5 when I had given such high scores up till this point. To be honest itGÇÖs a fair questionGǪ Though the course is in great shape and speed of play is fantastic, the course is lacking in some areas. With the layout not be long in length it can lead to an overly easy and predictable round. There arenGÇÖt a lot of areas to get into trouble with which can tend to let you hit the ball as far as possible and play from wherever it lies. If you are looking for a solid course that is a great value than Overlook is you place to play. YouGÇÖll never be truly challenged to hit great golf shots, but the course just may have enough to keep you on your toes. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a quick mid week or weekend round.

course details

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