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Initial Thoughts
We have re-reviewed Shawnee Inn & Resort. You can find the updated review HERE!!

The course was the 1st course ever designed by A. W. Tillinghast, and has hosted a few major events like the 1938 PGA Championship and the 1967 NCAA Championships. I must admit I was not overly impressed with the course. It had a simple layout, no real creative holes and were for the most part, very short. Shawnee is a 27 hole venue, but because the course had received some recent flooding only 18 were available.
Date Played
Saturday, October 7th, 2006
Value - 4.0
Monday through Friday the course rate is $50, with a twilight rate that starts after 1:30 at a rate of $30. On the weekend the current course rate is $70, with a twilight rate starting at 1:30 for $50. I have played many courses that are much nicer or just as nice for a better value. If you are looking to spend $70 to play on the weekend, I could send you to a a better course.
Pace of Play - 5.0
I give pace of play an even 5, because it is not fair to penalize them for the 3 hour front nine that we played. The group in front was so painfully, incredibly slow it hurt me physically just to watch. I would have liked a ranger to at least say something to them. We did however bypass them on the back nine and got around in 2 hours. All in all, minus the slow group not a bad pace of play.
Course/Maintenance - 5.0
Here's where it gets tricky. As mentioned earlier the course had received some flooding, so there was definite damage to the grounds. Overall the tee boxes and greens were in great shape, but the fairways and especially the rough was not good at all. There was also construction going on in which they were digging new trap placements along some fairways. They need to improve the grounds between the tee and green.
Hospitality - 6.5
They do have a very nice clubhouse stocked with golf merchandise as well as a restaurant called Charlie's Place on the premises. Next to the course gates is also a brand new Sam Sneads Tavern. Also, where all three nines meet there is a snack shack which offers all of your basic golfing food and beverage needs. The starter was very nice and helpful, but since no marshal even came close to speaking with the group in front of us they definitely lose points. This one group backed up the entire course.
Scenery - 7.5
The scenery surrounding the course is great. The course is located on an island, so there are very nice views of the Delaware River. There are great shots of the Pocono Mountains in the distance which leads to an enjoyable round especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colors.
Overall - 4.4 (not an average)
I feel bad doing it but the overall score is justified. I will have to play this course again next spring to see what course conditions are like without a flood. For the $70 it costs to play you can definitey find nicer courses around this area. Shawnee needs to put more money into maintenance and overall design to improve the course, which could be tough because how do you change a Tillinghast course? In this day and age though, the layout lacks creativity and leads to a predictable, short, easy course.

course details

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lgdivot says:
A. W. Tillinghast original design played in the 1938 PGA Championship was obliterated, except for holes on mainland side, including par three back to mainland (only 4 holes!)by redesign to 27 hole layout. Shawnee has a lot of brass in advertising this as still being a Tilly designed course.
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