GRIP 460cc Beta Titanium Driver
By Kickntrue on 2/12/08

Ratings Key
10.0 - 9.5   Would Help Tiger
9.4 - 8.5     Awesome
8.4 - 7.5     Very good
7.4 - 6.5     Above Average
6.4 - 4.5     Solid
4.4 - 3.5     Below Average
3.4 - 2.5     Save Your Money
2.4 - 0.0     Pay NOT to own

Reviewed by Andrew Brown

When reviewing Golf Research In Play's (G.R.I.P.) latest driver I had a very specific purpose in mind. Could a discount company make clubs of equal quality and performance to that of more expense recognized brands? What intrigued me about G.R.I.P. is that while a lot of discount companies make look-a-like and clone clubs targeted to those who don't want to spend the money, G.R.I.P.'s idea is to build 100% unique products with the best technology available and to target the "middle of the road" golfer who deserves to have a nice set of clubs but doesn't want to break the bank of them.

I figured that was a good enough premise for me to try out the club. I am the target audience. I met the President of G.R.I.P. Rob Blumberg and received the club from him personally at a recent golf show I attended.

The club I'm reviewing is the 460cc Beta Titanium Driver. My particular club has a 10.5 degree face angle and a stiff Swing Science 200 series graphite shaft. For more information on the specs of this particular club feel free to visit

Look - 7.0
The first thing that strikes you about the G.R.I.P. Driver is it's distinct blue color which actually gets bolder as more and more light hits the bright metallic head. The grip also matches the blue of the clubhead and while the color scheme is a personal preference, I found it be a sharp looking club. I've seen some clubs that are colored that stand out in a bad way, but the G.R.I.P Driver looked quite cozy in my bag and on the tee.

The club has the "traditional" golf club head shape and stands nice and high off of the ground. It's a 460cc club without looking oversized and awkward like some of the newer clubs.

The only thing I didn't really like about the club is the center mark on the clubhead which takes a bit to get used to, but can quickly be ignored. I like that they use a center mark, but it is a squiggly line that initially looks a bit odd. I later found out it is supposed to resemble the flight of a ball with an arc, bounce and roll. I can appreciate the willingness to do something a little different and again, it's just a personal preference- and certainly not a reason not to get this club.

Experience - 7.5
I took the G.R.I.P driver with me on 4 separate occasions for this review; 3 times on the range and one trip around the course. First a quick story: I stood over the ball on the range for my first swing with this club. I had warmed up briefly with by hitting a couple balls with my pitching wedge and 5 iron but not a ton, so I was somewhere in the middle of warmed up and not. My friend Snyper was with me and was ready to get on my case. I usually tee the ball up lower and Snyper decides to use this time before my swing to tell me how he thinks the range tee is high and he is sure I'm going to sissy mark my new club on my first swing. As I started my swing I sort of laughed at the thought and got out of my rhythm. Needless to say that shot didn't go well (50 yards and straight up) and sure enough my first swing produced a nice ball scuff squarely on the head of my club. The second scuff came from beating him over the head with it as I chased him down the range.

Fortunately, things got better from there. I really liked hitting this club. As my range sessions became a little more steady and concentrated I started hitting solid shots over and over down the center of the range. I was quickly able to adjust my shots and hit both fades and draws though most ended up as nice draws from right to left down the range. The distance was nice and the club felt very forgiving letting me get away with shots that weren't hit squarely on the center of the clubface.

Rob told me I was the first person to review the G.R.I.P. 460cc Beta Titanium Driver with a new more advanced shaft. As previously mentioned, the club I used had a Stiff shaft and I thought it held up well to that name. I have an average to above average swing speed of 100 mph and I thought the shaft played well for me without having to adjust anything in my stance or swing to make it fly the way I wanted it to. Some previous reviews I've seen of this club mention that the shafts were maybe too flexible given their name, but I think Rob and G.R.I.P. have addressed this with the new shafts.

On the course, the club performed well. I teed off with it 6 times and hit two fairways. Of the other four drives three of them were hit well and off the fairway but playable. The other I pulled while trying to swing out of my shoes, so I guess I'll have to take the blame for that one. I took along my current driver (Nike NDS) as well to compare and at the end of the round I was reaching for the G.R.I.P. driver instead of my Nike.

Value - 9.0
The G.R.I.P. 460cc Beta Titanium Driver retails for $129.95 directly from the company. For that price- it's really tough to argue with the results and feel of this club. Remember, you are not buying a knockoff or cheaply made club. G.R.I.P. does their own R & D and makes their clubs with top materials and technology. To be completely fair, I have not had too much experience hitting $500 more recognizable brand drivers so it is hard to compare this club to those, but I have hit my share of less expensive and cheaply made drivers and I can say this club is in another league. It shouldn't even be viewed in the same category as those clubs. It's not at the high end of discount equipment, it's a premier club at a lower price point.

Overall - 7.8 (not an average)
I really liked what the G.R.I.P. driver had to offer. My overall rating should be viewed based on our rating key and not as a percentage of 76%. I need to leave room at the top of our scale for the club that comes along and give me 400 yard drives down the gut every time, but for now I'd have no issues "settling" for the G.R.I.P. 460cc Beta Titanium. I think this is a great club for someone conscious of cost and who considers themselves a recreational golfer. For the $129.95 price tag- I think I'd tell that person to buy it in an instant. If you fall into the category of a more hardcore golfer and you treat your equipment better than your first born you should still try it out and consider it in your search. It performance should match other clubs you are hitting but it could come down to a feel and look preference for you.


I'll be looking forward to what else G.R.I.P. has to offer in the future and should note that G.R.I.P. is not just a Driver company. They offer a full line of clubs including irons, wedges, hybrids and putters all built with the same quality and discount price point.

Look for future reviews on G.R.I.P. golf products as well as other equipment as 2008 unfolds.

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klangdon says:
My mission this season is to get my wife addicted to golf. GRIP might be a great way to get her quality clubs and not be too concerned about lost money if my mission fails.
chipotle mg says:
sorry to undercut your personal stock in grip golf. but ram makes a great driver for 29 dollars.
Kickntrue says:
chipotle- no favorites here. i reviewed it as i saw it. i'd be happy to check out the Ram club as well. if you'd like to share you extensive thoughts on the ram club, i'd be happy to post it on the site.
chipotle mg says:
did you get a free club??
klangdon says:
A few manufacturers are providing oobgolf with equipment for review. After doing objective reviews (negative or positve) we hope to start giving away equipment to users in creative ways.
Snyper says:
chipotle...Perhaps you should hit the club before you attempt to undercut the review. I've hit it and find it to be a very accurate assessment. Have you hit enough drivers to even know what a "great" driver is???
chipotle mg says:
snyper, i have not hit this grip club, and i would like to try it. this review is great, but i just want people to know that there is a 4x cheaper club that I think is also quality. once again, that review is great, no undercutting the review.
Snyper says:
i'm not sure why you would question whether the club was provided to oobgolf for free or make a comment like "undercut your personal stock in grip golf" if that was your sole intention. why not just a simple, "this driver sounds solid. here's another club everyone should know about..."?? that would seem ample enough to serve the purpose, don't you agree?
chipotle mg says:
yeah the first comment was saying if you are trying to sell this grip club then i am sorry but i know of a cheaper club that is also solid that i personally prefer. which might be offensive IF you indeed had a special interest in this market and were soliticing a golf club.

after he asked me if i would like to write a review, i was wondering if i would get a free club and worded it in a way to slant any special interests.

i know he just went to a few golf shows recently and i am surmising he made many "friends" who possibly are subsidizing him to advertise golf clubs.

btw i have used the ram club and i love it but i do not want to push it on anyone. i think andrew should write one on the ram club after he contacts ram and asks them if it would be ok. after all, andrew has more of a base to compare and contrast and if all the companies are giving him free clubs then he doesn't have any incentive to push one over the other.
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